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Awlvon and Moontwin



Bonded to: sponsored below, will also bond elsewhere

Age: young adult (born year 172) Sex: female
Soul Name: Known By:
Mate Status/Sex Preference: single/mostly hetero
Children: none yet
Parents/Relatives: Father Awlvon, mother Moontwin, half-brother Touch, half-brother Starcap
Height: 5'3" Build: even, tall, slender
Hair Color, Length, Style: black, straight and cut sharply
Eye Color, Size, Shape: metallic violet, almond
Skin Tone: fair to light
Voice Quality: smooth, on the deep side for a female, hardly ever speaks though
Clothing -- Summer: long-sleeved leather vest, dark blue cloth pants, high leather boots, heavy belt, leather arm bracers
Clothing -- Winter: may add cloak in black
Jewlery Worn, Made: earrings along long ears...
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none
Pets/Animals Kept: none
Notable Posessions: well-shaped bow from mother
Holt Function: huntress, weapon and leather shaper, occasional healer/flesh shaper
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 9/10, Magic Feeling 3/10, Healing 7/10, Flesh (leather) and Bone Shape 8/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: under a strong slab of rock, with a good view of the surroundings, any place where she can store things she's made or working on
General Likes: power, strength, a bit of spite toward Yasheel, sending
General Dislikes: talking too much, giving without getting
Fears/Worries: she used to be afraid of Yasheel but now she's just pitiful
Special Strange Info: would love to continue shaping elves and humans together... sounds crazy, but they're more similar than different, right?
Basic Personality: a bit snippy, demanding, quite unlike her mother she is more direct about being left to work, but she also prefers to have some people around close by
How they feel about
: they're one finger away from being an elf!
Elves -- herders: it's like leather and tools only... walking!
Elves -- magic users: yes, yes we are.
Elves -- bond-riders: oh yes, some day there will definitely be a dragon in my future.
Trolls, etc: even they would fall to my shaping


Winter was a fine time for Eclipse. She could work on more heavy furs for the holt, and there were plenty of weapons that needed fixing. If they were made from bone, she could do that with ease. But she also liked the solitude of winter more than the busy warmth of summer, because even she had things that didn't need to be seen by the rest of the holt.

Things... well, things like those half-shaped animals that she was working on. She could make a wing now, but she had to be sure to either change it back or kill and eat the squirrels she experimented on. There was no sense in letting anyone know about these things, really - she knew that some in the holt would disapprove. Her father thankfully was not among those, but even his word only went so far.

It was while she was out in her winter work den, this time only cleaning off a bearfur that had been brought down from the north, that she heard something in the clearing not too far away. Her keen ears were enhanced by her own shaping, her mother's faint wolf-blood allowed certain interesting changes which she made more useful.

Carefully, quietly, she slid from her treestump seat, out into the snowy woods. The canopy over her den was thickly braided and shaped branches, it was nice and warm under the tree, though snow crept in under certain gaps. A light snowfall appeared in the wind, and with it, a strange scent.

As delicate as a doe, she trod over the newfallen snow. Step by step, taking her time, as this was not a familiar scent at all. Also her mind tingled: there was magic here, too. The very distant wolf-blood in her said to be wary. But the strong starsong called her over to this clearing. What she saw there made her amazed.

She heard her brother's mind, **Sister, do you sense it?** He bespoke, and her lips twisted into a smile.

**It? There are two, brother. Come closer, you have to see them!** Her mind was tinged with excitement, and she knew that he could have easily stolen the image right from her eyes if he wished. But he didn't, instead he flew down - gifted as he was with a full firstcomer's compliment of powers - and landed quietly beside her.

Telomir's eyes grew wide, at the sight of the two dragons sitting on the rocky, snow covered ground. The darker one had created a warm, softly glowing light - like a lantern or a large candle. Eclipse could sense it from where she was, it was strong magic indeed. Telomir must have felt it from much farther away, he was much better at that than she was.

**Do you think they're friendly?** He asked, mentally.

"Of course we are," said the one, a brighter color than his very dark companion. That startled both elves, but made the darker dragon chuffle with a laugh.

"Come on, come on, we know you're there." She said, moving her head around and causing the odd glow to move with her. She was smaller than her pale friend, by far, but also seemed to be more active. When the pair of elfin siblings moved out from their hiding place, both dragons also stood taller and welcomed them.

They were small for dragons, at least according to some of those which had been at Bald Mountain all of Telomir and Eclipse's lives. The dark female was quite a bit smaller than the male, and it was hardly any surprise that they gravitated toward their own gender for a pair to be made.

"I am Blackfire. Would you care to show me around?" The dark female asked of Eclipse, who bubbled over in a moment of uncharacteristic happiness. Her half-brother had a similar if more sedate moment himself.

"We'll have to introduce you properly," Telomir said, "up in the aerie. I'll fly on ahead, if you have things to finish?" He asked of his sister, and Eclipse nodded.

"I do, nothing much. Let's go, Blackfire. I can't wait to show you off!" They went into the woods, so that Eclipse could gather her goods and seal up the tree workshop, while Telomir and Earthstar soared into the air.

Retroactively SPONSORED only, as this is not a good match for her or her sibling (plus there's literally no record of them now)
Dragon: Blackfire
Species: Spellweaver
Gender: Female
Size: Small 5'2 shoulder
Magic: High ability
Colors: Black Copper, gold eyes
Code: XX RR Hh BB MM ss
Sire: copper Redwing
Dam: copper Redmoon