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Bonded to: Hwasal and Aj

Age: 330 Sex: Female
Soul Name: tsont Known By: none but herself
Mate Status/Sex Preference: unmated, vaguely bisexual but mostly straight
Children: would like to become a parent! Eventually Recognized and has children Eclipse with Awlvon, Starcap with White-Eyes)
Parents/Relatives: deceased (Wingfoot and Shadowwood)
Height: 4'1" Build: strong, muscular, even
Hair Color, Length, Style: white-blond, short, straight and thick
Eye Color, Size, Shape: silver-blue, large, almond shaped
Skin Tone: very fair
Voice Quality: soft, but low for a female
Clothing -- Summer: soft shirt, leather leggings, soft boots, arm bracers
Clothing -- Winter: long leather shirt, leggings, high boots, bearfur cloak
Jewlery Worn, Made: arm bracers for archery, two-moons metal earrings (two in each ear)
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: has several scars from hunting
Pets/Animals Kept: none
Notable Posessions: expert bower and fletcher, bone shaped weapons and tools
Holt Function: weaponsmith, archer
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 8/10, Magic Feeling 1/10, Bone Shaping 6/10. Her bone shaping - used to create everything from weapons and tools to trinkets and accessories for other elves. She does this almost compulsively, but not obsessively. If she finds a bone while wandering through the forest, she'll pick it up and make it into something useful by the time she's home. Also has strong sending, but no other powers.
Climate/Locations Preferred: Mountainous, snowy and rugged terrain, likes fall and winter best
General Likes: fresh water, a good vantage point to hunt from, peace and quiet to work in. Loves long walks alone, more of a loner than social. Prefers raw meat but hates to get bloody from it.
General Dislikes: she's not good up close with large dangerous animals, due to a hunt that killed her mother in the distant past. She would rather be far away from them, than close. She's not really *afraid* to hunt, but she's definitely an archer at heart. She does fear that her power will hurt someone if it goes out of control, but this is extremely unlikely as it's something she practices all the time.
Fears/Worries: getting too close to anything, to be of any use.
Special Strange Info: See below
Basic Personality: a loner, distant as her weaponry allows her to be. She's not overtly interested in pairing up with anyone at the moment, but she like all elves would enjoy parenthood. She doubts that she'll ever find a lifemate, prefering to take a lover here and there. She's more likely to take a male lover than female, but she's open to suggestion and if a partner appears to enjoy her company they will continue to meet. As a worker, she's intense and singleminded about a specific project. However when she's just fiddling around with something, she just lets her power do what it's going to do. Others might find her aloof, or even annoyingly stand-offish.
How they feel about
: concerned, but not worried that they're dangerous
Elves -- herders: they're easy to talk to and all but she'd rather be alone
Elves -- magic users: they're so rare, worth protecting
Elves -- bond-riders: could be one of them, some day
Trolls, etc: would like to learn to trade for goods, metal tips on things would be better than mere bone
Bond Animal Info if any: none yet

Skills: crafting weapons, tracking, and climbing are her main skills. She's quite good at gutting and cleaning killed animals, and can estimate the uses for almost anything just by looking at it's build. She is able to recommend good locations for smashing weapons on large animals during hunts, by pointing out weaknesses - or creating them - and exploiting the power she has.

History: Born to Wingfoot and Shadowwood (both deceased) in mid winter. Named for her pale colors resemblance to the moons which shone brightly that night, Moontwin has never wanted to change her name. As a child, brought along on a hunt with her mother Wingfoot, a bear killed her mother and gravely injured her wolf-friend, leaving Moontwin to grieve with her father. A number of decades later, her father Shadowwood was killed in an accident under a fallen tree. Moontwin has never bonded a wolf, though that magic does run in her family. She discovered her bone shaping ability a few years after her father's death, but before she was even considered a young adult. Since that time, she has practiced intensely and never let up. Nothing spectacular has ever happened to Moontwin other than her parents deaths and her powers appearance. She hopes that this will remain constant.

Moontwin had set out on her own several moons back, her home holt had become rather crowded with folks wandering here and there or bringing new things into their fold. Not that she wasn't willing to try new things, but some of the people... They were just too loud, annoying, nosey.

She came from the lush valleys below some towering high-land peaks, and followed a river southward. She could hunt the way she liked to: with her bow, at a distance. She had keen sight, she could tell when a predator was near, and she didn't take their kills. Rabbits and small prey were her meals for hands of days, broken up by a few fish that she managed to shoot.

Moontwin did not mind walking alone, in fact she rather liked it. She had a collection going of shaped bone pieces, heads for her arrows mostly, shaped from the remains of her kills. She could somewhat keep count of the time she'd been traveling, but basically even that was not very important to her. She had felt a pulling, a longing to leave, and she followed her instincts.

She knew that some people in her holt would feel it perfectly fine that she was gone. She'd been replaced by a metal worker and even a troll - and the troll didn't much care for sharing secrets even with another weaponsmith. So the archer set off, walking because she had no bond beast to ride.

There had been so many different bond animals in her tribe - cats, wolves, deer, bear, even one strange wanderer who claimed to be from the 'ocean' and had what he named a 'dolphin' bond. Whatever that was, it was a strange looking not-a-fish thing, he sent images of it to people but they had no real way to compare it to anything they'd ever known. This deep in the woods, this far from the ocean, the sea was hard to conceive of too! But Moontwin believed him when he said that the world was much bigger than they realized.

Now she was out walking in it.

Eventually she saw elves on the plain, surrounded by the high hills, though they were headed upward and she around. They met up, realized they were all heading approximately in the same direction and decided to team up. Moontwin enjoyed her new status as the primary hunter for the trio, and they were free with their thanks.

It was nice to be appreciated again, Moontwin decided.

As they traveled along, others joined their small group. Rather abruptly, Moontwin recalled, because Shrike and Cinder were running quickly out of the woods on a big wolf, away from a storming scoop-horn! Not even the bravest single elf should try killing one of those monsterous deer, and it was a good thing that the wolf could even run away as quickly as it did, because one sweep of those scoop shaped horns would probably have swept both elves off their feet!

So their trio became a hand and one. Two, really, since Archive's mate Dreamwhisper the seer was pregnant. Moontwin's heart swelled for them, that was such an honor to bear a child in this world - this harsh world. It was pretty clear that Shrike and Cinder were suitably paired off too, but Shrike confided during a long night hunt that she was afraid that a child might do something to her.

It was plain that she was terrified, but maybe if they got where they were going, she'd be more relaxed. Moontwin expressed how she longed to become a parent some day, but for the moment it would be nice to have a tribe and holt again, just... not the one she was in.

And certainly not the one that Archive and Dreamwhisper had come from! They all agreed that if this mean Three-Lock ever came for his tribe mates, he'd get a chest full of arrows...

Moontwin wasn't much of a spiritual elf, but there was something about this boy elf that showed up with his handsome rescuer - Bowcrescent and Kid had been traveling from human lands and caught up to the small group. It was nice for Moontwin to be relied upon for her weaponsmithing skills, now, because Bowcrescent's bow required fixing now and then, like any weapon.

Eventually as they neared a year worth of travel, their largish group (which by then included three near high-ones and a stone shaper) saw what they were really headed toward all along. Bald Mountain, a low, mostly bare set of hills which were framed by different kinds of terrain depending on where you looked. And things that flew in the sky. Dragons.


Dreamwhisper explained what they were, and Kid confirmed it. These creatures were the bond friends and protectors of this holt, this dragon riding holt. They could claim as much land as they wished, able to patrol it on their dragons' backs! Some of them breathed fire, or acid, or even did unusual magic like shapeshifting! That art had all but been lost, though the odd firstcomers-children they traveled with confirmed that it still existed.

And once they were properly introduced to the other elves in this once-small holt, Apogee the chieftess announced they ought to break out and find their own dragons. It was pretty strange to Moontwin, because the way they did so was ... to fly to some place that was not on their planet.

If wondering what the ocean was, for a forest dweller who'd lived all her years in a valley surrounded by high peaks? Wondering what a planet was, turned into quite an adventure.

She was told that if someone needed anything in trade, she was ideal to make things - that was true. But there were so many weird and wonderful things to trade for! When she got to the place she'd been drawn to, Mindspace, there were a multitude of gadgets, weapons, clothing, items she had no names for! She chose to trade off some nicely made rings and arrowheads, for a pretty and sturdy pottery drinking cup that had a gorgeous glaze in indigo with two white splotches on it - the maker of it claimed it wasn't all that great, the splotches weren't supposed to be there. But Moontwin said, "this is my namesake! It looks like two moons, where I lived, you could see just this in the sky," she held the cup up and sighed.

After a few days wandering around where the markets and gathering places were, she was asked to come to a particular location - which she is not now really able to recall clearly. Someone, a shaman, perhaps a powerful magic user like an elf, though she cannot recall that person well either (someone did something to her memory - but that's okay, she reasons there is nothing wrong with keeping their secrets!) brought out a small creature which glowed brightly and seemed very happy to see her.

"I am Hwasal, would you like me to come back home with you? I would like it," she said. Moontwin was astounded, here was a lovely little creature which spoke in her language?

"I am speaking whatever you need to hear, I think," Hwasal said, her narrow head tilting and making her ears flop to the side. Moontwin giggled, and hugged the dragon.

"Of course you can come home with me, I think Bald Mountain would love you! You'll be able to light your own way in the caverns!"

Hwasal (arrow)

Gender: Female
Colours: Whitish silver/blue/black
Abilities: Wind Manipulation, Mild conversions (objects into objects with similar properties: dirty water to drinkable water, things of that nature), Healing
Size: Small (5.7' at shoulder)

It was a strange dream that Moontwin kept having, sometimes it would wake her in the dead of night, while other times she recalled it mid-day. It involved a very pretty if abstract picture - hovering around her, sometimes enveloping her, which was very queer indeed because it was as a ribbon, hardly present in three dimensions at all.

By this time, others in the little wandering group had found their own dragons, the Holt was always bustling with them. Hunting parties (which Moontwin enjoyed traveling with here, because of the stories that her newfound tribemates could tell while they searched for prey) and crafting, and dragons always patroling in the skies.

She approached the chieftess first, Apogee was busy sewing up a heavy leather object, something that looked like it had seen much better days - but Moontwin didn't ask what it was. It could be a tent, it was big enough.

"I've had this dream, this image in my mind won't go away, and I was wondering... has anyone else said anything about having it?" Moontwin asked. "And did you need help with that? It looks very heavy."

"Please," Apogee said, grunting while she moved the wide tan-colored hide around. She and Moontwin got it settled over a bit of a wooden brace, and Apogee continued to spot places which needed sewing up. "What kind of dreams? I know back where I used to live, some of the magic users had dreams that predicted disasters... Not early enough, unfortunately."

"Oh... no, no it's not that kind of dream at all, I don't think. It's more like, just a picture. I'm not really good at seeing magic, even though I can shape bones," she added. "I just wonder if others were seeing things."

"I don't think so, no one's said anything. But maybe you should ask Kid or Dreamwhisper." Apogee said. "I'd say talk to the tall one, but ... she won't like anything you ask her to see in your mind, you know," Apogee tilted her head, rolled her eyes and said, "you know how she is about..."

"Oh, about half bloods," Moontwin groaned, she was a wolf-rider descendant, somewhere in her faraway ancestry was Timmain the shapeshifter and her half-wolf son Timmorn... True... Was the blood that strong and that offensive? Well, everyone knew that the elves in this Holt that did have some kind of mortal ancestry creeped the tall elfess out a bit. But she did have the piece of the Palace, the vehicle that the High Ones used to arrive to this world, and that made her magic stronger - it made everyone's stronger when they were near it.

"I think I'll talk to Dreamwhisper," Moontwin laughed. "After all if someone named Dream can't figure out what my dream means, I think she'll have to change her name!"


She headed down toward the new mother's home. Archive and she had had a beautiful blond-haired boy just less than a turn of the seasons before, after they'd arrived to Bald Mountain. Hush was his name, he was bound to be a very powerful elf, indeed. Moontwin cleared her throat and Dreamwhisper smiled to see her traveling companion.

"Come in, would you like some water? Or look - Archive found some berries, they're delicious!" Dreamwhisper was always so pleasant and giving, it was impossible to turn her down, too, so Moontwin helped herself to a cup of water from their den's constantly dripping 'streamlet' and a few of the black-colored berries.

"I have something to ask, I have had these weird dreams lately," Moontwin said, and described them again for the other elf. As Dreamwhisper put Hush down into his warm basket to sleep, she pondered aloud.

"An image, please show it to me, perhaps if I see it it might spark something."

Moontwin opened her mind and thought back, the last time she'd had the dream was only the night before, it was very clear. An image, elegant, but not so burdened with detail that it became confusing. In fact it was quite clearly of a creature.

".... Archive?" Called Dreamwhisper, "come here a moment, you should see this..." She shared with her mate, this image. Moontwin was now left to wonder what he thought of it all.

"It's magical," he said, simply, "I have never seen anything like it, but it is magical. Not elf magic. Magic the kind that we have from the dragons. Otherworld magic."

"You can sense that now too?" Dreamwhisper said, "ooh you'll have to teach Hush!"

The tall, burly elf chuckled, and nodded. "In time, in time. But I think you should go back to the chieftess, it's other worldly - that always means dragons."

"... But I have a dragon friend!" Moontwin said, "Hwasal is my friend!" Who was currently asleep - she spent very little time awake during the day, prefering to slink around and glow in the dark.

"Well, others have multiple bonds, perhaps you're meant for another as well?" Archive said. Then he got a strange look, his dragon Ath was speaking to him mentally. "Or... well, why would you ... okay okay," he chuckled again. "Ath insists that it's not Apogee you should talk to, it's Squall, and he wants to take you somewhere with her."

"Oh! Well now we're getting somewhere!" Moontwin said. She went outside, and sure enough in moments the silver-marked blue dragon that bonded Archive landed nearby their cavern entrance. They flew up to Moontwin's den, where she gently roused Hwasal and explained to her what was going on. Since she wasn't big enough to ride, she simply nodded and shooed them away. She was always somewhat cranky in the day!

They sought out Squall, who was as usual up in the air with Apogee's dragon. Her own was a water-dragon, residing directly below in the lake. Ath circled and Moontwin sent **I need to ask a favor of you!**

They came back down, barely to the edge of the cliffside peak where the top of the Aerie rested. A bit windy, but Moontwin wasn't afraid. She sent instead of speaking, the wind was a bit strong. Explaining the situation yet again, and how Archive said Ath wanted to take them both somewhere.

And bring your ... thing, that sharp thing you have. He bespoke to Squall.

"My... my needles? My tattoo needles?" Squall said, looking a little wary, but she flew down into her part of the mountain and shortly retrieved her gear. Moontwin was almost always ready to travel, at least a few days, so off they went. Ath had a good idea of where he wanted to take them, and they wound up on yet another world not their own.

It turned out to be the Ojee Adoption Center's Dragonry, and almost immediately Moontwin understood why that image was so familiar and comforting even as it was so very strange to her in her dreams: it was everywhere here. ... It looked like someone had carved it into a doorframe, over one of the entrances to a wide cavern. They all, including Ath, entered there and waited for attention.

Oddly enough, Ath continued to be their mediator, and from somewhere off in another chamber someone came around with what appeared to be a small bottle containing a dark substance.

Ink. For a tattoo. He handed this to Squall, and explained to her what she'd need to do... Moontwin heard this all and was still a bit confounded.

"You mean... I have to get a tattoo? Like that?" She indicated the ones that Squall had on her arms, ankles and neck - but Squall shook her head.

"Not like mine," she said. "They are a rite of passage that I endured, you should never have to endure that." A few moments later, Moontwin realized that the black, white and blue tattoos of clouds, lightning and rain were covering scars from ropes: Squall had been a prisoner of Humans for a long while as a child.

They headed back to Abode, back to Bald Mountain. "We can do this in the comfort of your own den," Squall said, looking at the ink, "this should be interesting... You'll show me this image, it is pretty clear already but while I'm doing the tattoo you should keep it in your mind, as strong as you can. After all, whatever this ink will do, it's got to work between worlds..."


So Moontwin endured a painful rite, Squall dipped the hollow, slender needles she had into this mysterious ink from another world. One pinprick by another, she laid out the design as she saw it in Moontwin's mind, on her muscular arm, just over the bicep on the round part of her shoulder. "It's a face, it's actually very pretty." Squall said. It wasn't all bad, this painful tattoo process. It took a long time, though. Well into the night they worked, and Hwasal looked on providing a bit of light.

Though the ink was richly black, blacker than pitch, it almost seemed to seep into Moontwin's pale skin and vanish. But it remained fresh, and after a day or so healed up nicely (or so Squall said, as she was the only tattoo artist in the Holt) though it itched fiercely. Moontwin practiced not thinking about it, and over the course of an eight or so, all but forgot it was there.

When the two moons became full at the same time, however, a little more than two months later, the black ink had turned blood red. A bit panicked, but soothed by the mere presence of the lovely artwork, Moontwin figured "it's magic," and left it at that.

Not too much later, perhaps another of Mother Moon being full, she was startled to discover a weird mist coming from her arm. The tattoo changed a little, became dull. But that was because there was a little dragonet, forming in the mist in the air!

"Flap! Flap!" Moontwin said, but it was too late: the little fluffy creature had no clue what she meant, and dumped itself onto the straw-covered floor of Moontwin's den room. It made a little yipe noise, and then looked up to her with gleaming eyes.

"... You - you're ... you're the tattoo!" Moontwin said, excited. Though he didn't speak, he nodded and then curled up warmly next to her. Hwasal swept down into the den, and had to sniff out every little bit of the tattoo-dragon for herself. Satisfied, she sat down to watch, and finally fell asleep curled around Moontwin's other side.


Neither Hwasal nor Aj were big, but that was just fine for Moontwin. They sped through the forest because they were quite agile, once Aj learned to flap on exiting his Tattoo 'paradise' realm. Between them and the little Lians, Bald Mountain Holt was growing a bigger population of little dragons to balance out the huge ones which even Humans would have a hard time riding!

Hwasal enjoyed this dragon's company the most though, because Aj glowed too. Aj was curious, but a bit shy. Especially around the big dragons, but less so if the other elves were around. He was endlessly polite, somewhat the opposite there of Hwasal at least in the daytime! Though he could not do any further magic, Aj aided Hwasal when she needed some help with her healing powers - especially when Moontwin had fallen down a sharp rock face and nearly broken her ankle.

Aj knew it immediately, Hwasal slightly later, because while Hwasal and Moontwin were close and friends, Aj resided within Moontwin and relied upon her for his very life!

In a few years... there might be some kitlings between these two. In a few years... there would be a child for Moontwin as well!

Name: Aj
Gender: male
Height as adult: 4'5"
Type: Emerald Jeweltone
Gene code: @@ JGJB
Personality: Up to you!
Abilities: telepathy, Paradise
ID: TD004