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Name Nuaqda (noo ak da)

Bonded to: Velo From: TrisHath

Age: a Youth (stats are for adult) Born in: Longdays/Summer
Soul Name: none yet Known By: no one Found: not yet
Sex: Male Mate Status/Sex Preference: not mated, young enough that this doesn't matter to him yet
Children: none yet, likely some in the future eventually
Parents/Relatives: Mother: Iueyek, caring; Father: Hyah, loving; Siblings: None
Original Tribe: Sun Village/Desert. Arrived to Bald Mountain:
Height: 4'3" Build: quite large for an elf, muscled but well padded
Hair Color, Length, Style: golden blond, in a single braid, long, down to the thighs
Eye Color, Size, Shape: aquamarine, high and somewhat small for an elf
Skin Tone: freckled dark
Voice Quality: high, though as he grows older it will get a little deeper and gruffer to match his build
Clothing -- Summer: goldenrod leather pants (when he has to wear pants), with a wide sash belt in sap green and bright aquamarine that can be used as a drape or skirt as well, doesn't wear shoes until in really hot or cold conditions, and then it's thick leather low boots
Clothing -- Winter: winter doesn't even occur to him until much later
Jewlery Worn, Made: has a bracelet and necklaces made from some of the polished stones he's shaped and collected
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none
Pets/Animals Kept: none
Notable Posessions: bracelets, shiny stones, a few arrowheads that he's worked on, and a halter that he uses for zwoot taming
Holt Function: tending zwoots, but later as the tribe splits up a bit he wanders off to learn to master his crystal shaping power and is discovered by Bald Mountain riders
Strength: Below Average
Very Low
Below Average
Above Average
Magic Power:
Below Average
Magic? How Powerful?
Rock/Crystal Shaping3/10, this is his only ability, he lacks sending as most Sun Villagers don't use it until much later. This power works best on pure crystal formations but he can also coax a little here and there from chipped stones, and can gently manipulate soft rocks with small bits of crystal to have a more solidly crystaline exterior by moving the bits to the surface
Climate/Locations Preferred: warm, but not hot! The desert was pretty oppressively hot, and he does enjoy the summers up at Bald Mountain
General Likes: He enjoys being around lots of people, and that's what this place has!
General Dislikes: being expected to till the soil, like parents - his powers may be geared toward the ground but not like that. That said, he's young and still has his own mind to make up and has yet to really discover anything beyond a childhood fuss
Fears/Worries: that his family will forget him, back at the Village, but he knows they could be visited now with all these dragons around
Special Strange Info: he kept his powers hidden for a while, but when the tribes began getting shaken up by happenings in far distant places, he let himself think maybe that's what he ought to be doing with himself
Basic Personality: as a young elf he has yet to truly grow into his own person, but now with a dragon friend this might become a more finely tuned and somewhat picky rock shaper type
How they feel about
: only the stories passed down lend themselves to how scary they are supposed to be, every single one of them he's ever met has been pretty nice!
Elves -- herders: he was a herder, by choice, so there's that!
Elves -- magic users: shhh, one of them!
Elves -- bond-riders: though he doesn't envy their heights, he knows now that there might be a dragon fit for anyone, including himself
Trolls, etc: they have some special secrets of how the rocks below your feet work, and that's something he wants to exploit
Bond Animal Info if any: Not bonded, though he is adept at tending Zwoots.

Skills: Manipulation/Bead Making: Extremely High
Rock Lore/Crystals: Above Average
Plant Lore/Farming: Above Average (ugh, there was no getting around this as a child)
Parry/Missiles!: Below Average (he seems somehow able to swat away small flying things, though not at any speed)
Doesn't hunt! Eew! he is among the elves who prefer their food properly cooked and prepared, thankfully there are such people here

History: born in a turbulent era, after the fall of Blue Mountain, and the rise of a variety of travel methods and other events. His father is a Desert dweller, not a Sun Villager, the tribes met formally and pretty quickly there were Recognitions and offspring in both.

He always seemed to know there was more to life than making a garden or throwing pots from the clay nearby, and he did enjoy doing that but more so in finding just the right tiny stone to drill a little hole through, string it upon a thread of Preserver silk, and decorate things with them.

Once he decided that he would wander a bit to try and figure out his direction in life he did actually wind up thoroughly lost in the scrubland. Though he had enough water and food as well as a way to protect himself in the form of thrown sand (he actually is pretty good at distraction techniques) he made the most of it. His true crystal shaping ability only really started up once he found his way home, and subsequently was 'searched' by this wandering dragon rider.

With very little need to ask permission from parents that hardly thought to ask him what he wanted from life, Nuaqda immediately agreed and found himself shivering at the top of this bare stone peak... Surrounded by elves and dragons and a lot of other things too. And he loved it.

It was hardly a season later when the miner daemon dragoness Hiasan brought home with her a lovely diamond and obsidian and silver baby... who insisted on following Nuaqda into the caverns, illuminating his way, picking up a variety of stones both large and small just to help. And help he did, because now Nuaqda has a 'shop' with beads, gems, shiny stones, and bracelets or adornments he's made himself!

Dragon Name: Velo
Gender: male
Size: long/small 3'2" s / 30' l / 17' ws
Build: muscular noodle
Physical Features: gem dragon /daemon mutt, "effervescent opal" with a long slender body, long and narrow wings with a variety of spars as well as full digits on wrists, four legs with large curved claws, and four added grasping limbs between them; long tail, with large plume of glowing fur, also fur from neck to tail on spine; head has armor and horns, as well as sensing tendrils; also Bioluminescence - a glowing comes from the long silken hair on their back and tail, and this is more than enough to see in the depths of the mountain's caverns
Colors: Diamond sparkling body, rich obsidian black wings, shiny silver glowing fur
Stats: Strength 4, Speed 2, Endurance 2, Agility 5, Health 3, Intelligence 2
Abilities: Limited flight - unable to truly take off or flap strongly enough to lift off, Velo relies on these long wings to cover himself or his partner in any dangerous rockslides or quakes as the dust and stones will bounce off them; he can glide for short distances along the rocky Bald Mountain peak, but prefers not to
Portal Creation -though he has not practiced this particularly, he is looking forward to trying to reach this 'Sun Village' and see what his friend's family life was like there, at some point
Telepathy - the ability to speak mind to mind, there are plenty of truly telepathic dragons and elves here, he does wish that his friend would open up his mind a little, he can be sent 'to' but not send his own thoughts, perhaps as he grows older Nuaqda will be able to do it himself but until then he can rely on Velo to relay information at a distance
Vibration sense -the small tendrils on his chin are able to pick up the dangerous signs of a rock slide, giving him time to prepare for it; also with this comes Strong hearing - almost as if his ears, tendrils, and the floof along his spine can pick up distant or very quiet sounds, and he can always hear things when there is wind to bring it to him
Magic - can vary in strength and type based on Elemental affinity, his is air, and he can easily 'sweep up' with a breeze or make sure that there is fresh air in the tunnels and caves under the peak
Velcro - using their six pick-like arms, they excel at digging, carrying, and clinging to things. Once latched on, they cannot be shaken off; also with this, Rock Picking - the ability to identify valuable minerals and stones, with sensitive ends those picking limbs know exactly what they're up to even if he's not looking at them
Parents: Hiasan and Nii
Origin: Rainbow Glitz clutch by Kin, hatched technically at TrisHath
Other Info: Hiasan brought back this dragonet after her time at the Warren, and he almost immediately latched on, somewhat physically, to Nuaqda, demanding he show off all the pretty glimmering stones. At the same time, here's Nuaqda with stars in his eyes from this glimmering dragon!