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Name Payi

Bonded to: . From:

Age: a Youth, 20*@ arrival, Born in: Hotdays/Late Summer
Soul Name: Soul Name: yropyi Known By: no one but her Found: as a youth
Sex: female Mate Status/Sex Preference: unmated, marginally prefers females
Children: none
Parents/Relatives: Mother: Bhhe, Father: Lyoc, both deceased - much longer ago than she realizes*
Original Tribe: Ice Gliders Arrived to Bald Mountain: 174
Height: 5' Build: lean from travel
Hair Color, Length, Style: auburn red in a single tail, shoulder length
Eye Color, Size, Shape: dark brown, large, expressive
Skin Tone: darkly tan
Voice Quality: high, with a surprisingly large vocabulary for such a young elf thanks to her memory
Clothing -- Summer: doesn't accept that there is anything other than cold. nope. nothing at all other than the eternal cold of the Frozen Mountains...
Clothing -- Winter: long nicely kept cloak of fur in slate over fine cloth lead pants, with a sky blue long-sleeved shirt, floppy cocoa boots, along with a fur trimmed hat.
Jewlery Worn, Made: none, but she thinks they look nice
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: has some scars thanks to years of survival, but nothing dramatic
Pets/Animals Kept: none right now, but oh they're adorable! things you don't eat?
Notable Posessions: only the memories of hundreds of elf minds
Holt Function: possibly a recordskeeper when she's older and more experienced, but for now, just searching for a dragon and wondering how to fit in
Strength: Average
Very High
smoothly built and toned
Very High
Above Average
Magic Power:
Very High
Magic? How Powerful?
Sending: 9/10, Magic Feeling 6/10, Healing/Mind Heal 7/10, Unique power (Magical Memory) 9/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: built for the cold, and hardly ever out of it
General Likes: the colder the better, including chill fresh streams and ponds
General Dislikes: being alone, unlike Ainea who adapted to it, she prefers to be surrounded by the folk of a tribe - any tribe
Fears/Worries: She is afraid of Catterpillars, for some reason*
Special Strange Info: * that reason is she was wrapped in preserver silk. Curious about the bug-like creatures as a young child, and finding a bunch of bug-cocoons stuck under leaves and branches, she wandered too far from their camp. Her parents could not locate her, but were being pursued by humans and could not wait or search. In the intervening centuries (yes centuries) the ice and snow crept southward and overtook her location. It would be nearly two thousand years before she was awakened with a strange vision. Her soul name came to her in that time, but also a large number of elf spirits. They conveyed information, knowledge beyond anything her limited lifetime could have given. With that knowledge, she knew there was a location she should move to, but she was still a child - and had a lot of growing to do before she was able to find Bald Mountain.
Basic Personality: filled with wonder and curiosity still, but also a strange wisdom, she fluctuates between states easily, learns fast, and forms opinions only after long thought
How they feel about
: she only remembers their presence as scary large hulking shadows with grasping hands and sharp bone-pointed spears, but the few hanging out at Bald Mountain are far from that kind of savagery
Elves -- herders: follow the deer, that's what her mother always said
Elves -- magic users: maybe it'd be fun to learn how to do more flashy magic, but the subtle things she can do are very important indeed
Elves -- bond-riders: she could reach anywhere, in moments, what could be better than that?
Trolls, etc: they're big and strong, and they have such talent with stone or gems, amazing!
Bond Animal Info if any: does not have a bonded animal, but she knows how to ride deer from wandering the wastes
Ride Deer: Extremely High

Skills: Tracking/Animals Only: Extremely High
Manipulation/Ivory Whittling: Very High
Elfin Lore/Ancient Elfin Culture: Average
Elfin Lore/Local History and Culture: Very High
Hunting - Trapping: Very High
Ranged - Javelin: Average

History: As a very young child born unexpectedly to a wandering group of elves, Payi was a pleasant surprise. But there was the problem that the group was muddling through difficult terrain, and through Human territory at that. Not the humans that Winnowill was beginning to manipulate and ply with her wiles to serve the Blue Mountain elves, no - these others were tribal and savage, almost unhinged at the mere thought of elves existing. So they had to keep moving, they ran from shelter to shelter, and in one spot there was at least a little time to relax. That spot proved to be the last place that her family saw her - until, well. Later.

Payi had toddled around, learning how to run and climb, but she was still too young to realize the dangers of the world. Shining cocoons dangled from leaves in one part of this wood, with creeping catterpillars and ... other bugs, spinning them. Eating leaves or whatever-it-was they chewed. She'd never seen a butterfly, and it would be several thousand years before she did. The Preserver that 'caught' her decidedly saved her life, since shortly after she discovered this strange place, humans ran her group off and would have found her if she'd returned to their encampment nearby.

Asleep for so long, both sheltered from danger outside, and open to the magical drift of elf minds, it was actually quite a while before Payi realized she was asleep at all. There were such clear visions, the seasons as they changed, the deer and squirrels and birds everywhere? They filled her mind as well as the faintly heard sounds in her muffled ears. An elf came to her, frequently, not one she knew - and thankfully not that 'Winnowill' that was known to be able to send her thoughts out or catch stray minds within her own. Had Winnowill ever known about her, she might have been captured by elves instead of humans.

No, this elf was old, and had wandered far north. Maybe he was the same one who gently touched her family's minds, leading them away from Blue Mountain. In time, that mind was joined by others, strangers from south and north, east and west. The cold crept down to where this sheltered and now cocoon-filled glade rested. Froze it all over, but the silken Preserver wrappings kept everything inside them alive and warm. Even after the trees snapped and died from the ice, the cocoons rested under a pile of branches and hollow trees, as Payi learned the history of her people from minds of those who perished along their journey.

They were all heading somewhere, those minds. But she would not want to visit that 'palace' thing just yet. True, she felt its call, but it wasn't for her. Not yet anyway. After all, those minds told her that they'd fled it. Why would they want to go back to it now?

She didn't age inside that cocoon. She was still a mere child when she was finally roused - a sapling had grown tenuously over the long-frozen pile of tumbled branches, but was not suited to the climate as it had become so cold. It fell, and ripped her silken wrap just enough to expose her face. She woke and climbed out... to a new, white-covered and extremely chill world.

But she liked the cold! And she could still feel the minds, there were more distantly, but almost at all times there was at least one or two lingering around her. From them she gathered ideas: you can open that small wrap and that's your first hunted meal! She did still have a small stone knife, it was sharp but too large for her child hands, and she would grow into it. But it worked just fine on a groggy squirrel popped out from that shell.

She learned survival skills, though there was always a slightly bittersweet feeling from any of the elder elfin minds that touched hers - if they were better at it, they wouldn't be dead, now would they? Payi preferred the sharp end of a stick to keep a little distance between her and whatever creature she hunted - and the wood found among the cocoons was good for that, almost as hard as the stone underfoot. There were no humans here now, they had, according to one elf spirit, sensibly moved south away from the encroaching ice wall.

One day she finally saw that ice wall. Through squinting eyes, hidden under half-stiff and uncured hide clothing, she saw a glacier for what it was: inexorable and insurmountable.

She didn't need to mount that glacier to get where she needed to be, though. For one night, it was another strange elf mind that was speeding toward the Palace to the north that gave her a brief and joyous glimpse at ... another mountain, but not Blue Mountain. Bald they called it, it was bare of most big trees, and it was south east by a bit. Difficult to reach for a child. But she would only be a child a few turns of these very cold seasons. In that time Payi continued to hunt and develop marginal skills - fire making, stitching together rudimentary clothing from the skins and furs of creatures she hunted. She did become pretty decent at tracking prey, and once she discovered a spare antler from a passing deer herd, she enjoyed carving their cast-off defenses into things useful for herself!

But she wanted to talk, to shout, to laugh, to sing ... with others. She knew there were other elves. She had glimpses of their histories and their lives, all of them as they passed by her on their way toward the elusive and still-distant Palace where the souls of elves would go. There were such a variety of those elves, she wondered how many had lived and died already? Thousands, certainly, and she'd learned to count that high too, in the time she grew and traveled.

Payi was one of the few wandering elves who knew where to look and found Bald Mountain all on her own. It was still 'new' according to spirits' chatter - but it had been established nearly two hundred years before! There was a thriving community! They were eager to see who she was, what she was about... And to get her into some 'proper' clothing for once, because when she arrived she was a shambling lump of stiff and stinky hides...


She finally got the chance to talk to elves with her mouth instead of her mind! They told her of their own adventures, some even confirming what the dead minds had mentioned - a few years before now, there was a massive number of spirits that shot from Blue Mountain. Many of them hardly realized they were dead, some few knew secrets about the place, about their 'leader', and about her plans.

There would be nothing they could do about those plans, once they went into action. But the elves of Bald Mountain Holt were safe and secure because of the dragons they rode. Payi's only regret was that more humans didn't have the same magic that elves did - what would it have been like to one of them, seeing these amazing creatures? While there were a couple of them here and a 'friendly' tribe nearby, Payi was still baffled at their lack of magic. In many ways, she was still a child, so young as to be all but waved off by a few of the eldest in this tribe.

But plenty more enjoyed her questions, her unusual skills, and her open mind. Possibly for that reason she was chosen to head off to this place, Lantessama by name, when she was a little more grown. It had been four-hands of turns (15 or so years) since her arrival, and Payi was still flitting around the holt looking for things to learn and share. Other elves had arrived in the meantime, and one (or more) of them would be accompanying her. They had deer dragons, and that was apparently something all of the elves were curious about! Plus, they were in the middle of a winter festival! She missed the very cold and snowy climate, and always stuck herself into the highest and chillest of the aeries. You don't sit in the middle of a glacier for two thousand years, she explained, without gaining an appreciation for the cold!

So maybe there would be a dragon in her future, and then she'd be able to figure out what to do with herself, only flying!



Name: KETSURO 'condensation' in Japanese
Gender: Male
Size: s/l/ws 6-8 feet at the shoulder
Physical Features: 50% Reindeer Dragon, 50% Icedeer Dragon
Stats: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility, Health, Intelligence
Parents: I'haeryok x Cedany
Origin: Lantessama Reindeer Festival
Other Info: ** from hatching ** Payi couldn't decide where to look first. There were lights and stalls with food and drinks, there was snow and so many people milling about. But above all there was the magical fog that made everything cold and magical. Minds that felt alien brushed along, acknowledging but never stopping as all of them knew they were not meant to form that connection. But one of them would eventually. So Payi searched and ran from one point to the next, watching, smiling, searching. And then there was one mind who took a real interest in her. A stuffy grey coloured-mind with a thirst for knowledge and a love of history. And Payi could quench that thirst even if she hadn't fully been conscious during the long days that she'd been cocooned. 
"Want to come with me?" she asked, "But only if you can do winter magic." a girl had to keep an eye on her own agenda after all.
A chilling breath surrounded her and snow fell quite locally as the grey transparent icedeer drew closer in real life. There was little that could hurt him as he could basically cure himself from just about anything that could hurt him. And he wanted the elf's knowledge, yearned to seek out more with her. 
"Is this enough to suit your needs?" Ketsuro asked.
And delightedly, Payi nodded her agreement.  

Description:  A fragile-looking smoky-grey icedeer. Ketsuro inherited his father's fragility trait but can use his winter magic and frosty breath to make himself more solid than his fragile siblings. Because of this he also has wings. He can withstand heat to some extent but not for continuous stretches of time (without good climate control). 
Personality: Sensitive and wistful, Ketsuro is an entity who lives more in the past than in the present. He loves history and would he have had teleportation as a power he'd been long gone to some bygone era. 
Powers fragility, telepathy, winter magic, cause cheer, frosty breath
Bond Payi