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Wellspring, female Desert Elf

Bonded to:(?) from

Age: 483, born in Deathsleep (winter) Sex: female
Soul Name: Juum Known By: none
Mate Status/Sex Preference: straight, single, has been mostly unmated almost all her life
Children: none
Parents/Relatives:Mother: Tip, dead Father: Arena, loving Siblings: Sister Fastcloud, ran away; Brother Palisade, dead
Height: 4'0" Build: long legged, high compact body
Hair Color, Length, Style: brick red, extremely long (to ankles), simple and usually loose or in a tail
Eye Color, Size, Shape: yellow
Skin Tone: dark tan
Voice Quality: subtle, a little wavery at times, not quite deadpan but to strangers she's often not giving strong signals
Clothing -- Summer: yellow sleeveless dress, tan leggings, yellow tunic, surprisingly lightweight cloth shoes
Clothing -- Winter: adds gloves, sometimes changes shoes to boots
Jewlery Worn, Made: none, only makes functional pottery bits
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none
Pets/Animals Kept: good with canines, occasional Coyote bond
Notable Posessions: travel pack with ointments, many skins for carrying water, occasionally has collections of stones for grinding and making glazes; though she doesn't always have one, she's adept at playing a dulcimer (with or without hammers)
Holt Function: Water-finder, potter
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 5/10, Magic Feeling 3/10, Water Sense/Locate 8/10, WaterShape (purify, etc) 5/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: Shady areas, oasis, fresh running water streams, open ended caverns
General Likes: making pottery, refreshing people with water, music
General Dislikes: having to leave items behind, wobbly rocks, poisoned water
Fears/Worries: though she's at home underground as well as in open lands, any rocks that look like they're teetering will send her into a light catatonia. A healer could help her, if they ever see this happening.
Special Strange Info: her soul name came at a time when she was suffering a severe mental breakdown. Her mother and brother had both been killed in a rockslide, and her sister vanished around the same time - suspitions arose that she caused the rockslide, and Wellspring believes it to be true, though why her sister would have purposefully caused their deaths is beyond anyone's ken.
Stats: Strength - High; Dexterity -Very High; Agility - High; Health - Average; Intelligence - High; Appearance -Below Average; Charisma - Very High; Magic Power - Low
Skills:Manipulation/Pottery: Extremely High
Swimming/Diving: Below Average
Mineral Lore/gems-stones: Average
Animal Lore/Large Creatures: Below Average
Long Spear: Very High
Dart (with atlatl): High
Basic Personality: busy, but consistant. She is quiet most of the time, but knows that her magic allows her a bit of luxury as well as a high status. Finding water in the desert, even with magic, isn't easy - and sometimes the water isn't even fit to drink. She makes every attempt to purify things before handing them off.
How they feel about
: they hardly come to the true desert, but they're everywhere else... it's a good thing we know how to trade.
Elves -- herders: goats and sheep are awesome, they keep everyone fed and clothed.
Elves -- magic users: she enjoys a position of power, but knows perfectly well there may come others with a better one.
Elves -- bond-riders: they're good to have around, but those Humans have 'dogs' that are better trained than some bond-beasts...
Trolls, etc: they're smelly, horrible things, swipe their metals and leave no footprints- they're not worth the trouble.
Bond Animal Info if any: a male coyote named Frisk, aged and about on his last legs but he's still playful if gimpy.

** She is among the Dune Tribe, split off from main after events leading to the others finding Bald Mountain; had wandered with her troupe until finding these others in the plains and scrubland