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Name: Naek

Bonded to: . From: Lantessama Reindeer Festival 2022

Age: 55 Born in: Deathsleep/Winter
Soul Name: none yet Known By: no one, not even her Found: haven't found one, do I really need one? GoBacks don't need them?
Sex: female Mate Status/Sex Preference: not permanently mated, and will pretty much roll in the furs with just about anyone, however she does have two children by a now-deceased elf named Otodar
Children: Chsidar, female, 12, captured by Trolls; Auidar, female, 8 at arrival to Bald Mountain, always near now (not made yet for character page)
Parents/Relatives: Mother: Chaelen, dead; Father: Lhroc, in hiding; Siblings: Sister: Chtli, older, presumed dead
Original Tribe: GoBacks. Arrived to Bald Mountain: 189
Height: 4'9" (tall for a goback) Build: lean, slender, long-limbed
Hair Color, Length, Style: brown-red, naturally straight, to mid-back
Eye Color, Size, Shape: jade green, striking, almond shaped
Skin Tone: ruddy with several noticable scars on their left face and shoulder
Voice Quality: somewhat shrill
Clothing -- Summer: there is no such thing as 'summer' for a Go-Back, so she'll ditch anything that's not needed
Clothing -- Winter: long old-looking cloak of coarse fur in peach over hard leather sky blue pants, with a almond long-sleeved shirt, floppy holly boots, and a thick neck scarf.
Jewlery Worn, Made: none, though as she's getting used to the more relaxed and safe environment at Bald Mountain, she is thinking about ear piercings to go along with the nicks in her one ear...
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: as above, numerous scars from a variety of sources, not just fights with Trolls but hunting, sparring, and fire-shaping incidents
Pets/Animals Kept: none, virtually anything smaller than herself might be considered food or prey to anything else including her
Notable Posessions: a satchel containing healing salves and gear
Holt Function: additional healing, keeping warm while in the field, maybe will be a patrol healer?
Strength: Very High
Very High
Above Average (tall but not burly)
Magic Power:
Below Average
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 5/10, Magic Sense 3/10, her abilities to communicate and sense other elves is decent enough, and she has a strong localized telepathy that allows her to home in on injured elves even if they must remain silent (hiding from Trolls or hunting animals); she can sense strong magic in use, and if something has been shaped (recently, within 8 years) she can tell that it has been manipulated by elf magic
Fire Starting 4/10, a good skill to have, which she's passed off as just a knack for lighting fires with green or wet branches, she actually can work with fire quite well, and this skill has saved her life as well as given her a fair few scars in learning how to use it properly. She knows there is a risk of magic 'going bad' here on this World of Two Moons, so she is careful where and when she uses it, and in what mood because she feels that if she's afraid or angry that magic will go very bad indeed
Healing 3/10, this is enough to keep an injured elf alive, soothe burns or scrapes, and generally manage small wounds to heal up quickly. It is definitely enough to have attracted attention from the GoBacks leaders, they don't want that sort of thing around - which she believes is foolish and has led to them dying too often; here at Bald Mountain she's been encouraged to learn more how to use it with her physical and herbal skills, and is quite happy with what she can do. She doesn't mind not being able to heal deep injuries or broken bones beyond a thin rib or finger - other healers are here for the big stuff, but she can keep someone from dying as long as she concentrates
Climate/Locations Preferred: chill and cold, but not necessarily thick blizzards, she prefers crisp air, bright stars at night
General Likes: watching plumes of breath in the cold air, helping elves survive
General Dislikes: She hates canyons; after having been out on patrol and then coming back to the Lodge to find herself completely cut off from it (thanks to the events leading to the Palace's long vanishing)
Fears/Worries: she wants to find her other child, but knows that it's very, very likely that Chsidar is dead to the Trolls; she is very grateful that her still-living child is with her now
Special Strange Info: she seems to be a bit of a throwback to earlier Elf populations, in that she is quite powerful, as well as tall and lean like they are
Basic Personality: once more private and withdrawn, though only to protect herself from the wrath of the tribe's anti-magic stance, Naek is truly coming into her own and wants to learn as much as she can about healing and managing her powers, and become something more than 'just' another elf in the crowd
How they feel about
: the couple here are okay? apparently they used to be farther north and into the area where the Palace sat but that was a long, long time ago
Elves -- herders: useful! easier to keep alive if they're all in one place
Elves -- magic users: sensibly, this should have been a priority in her tribe but at least they're okay with it here!
Elves -- bond-riders: this is awesome, truly awesome
Trolls, etc: resentment and fear, because well, they took her family, most of the tribe, and the Palace itself was their battleground... yes, there are a couple here that she knows were also servants or not from their northern blood, and she's trying, really is, to not just snap at them or hide from them
Bond Animal Info if any: Not bonded, a female elk, large, big enough for more than one elf to ride, with a good number of points on its antlers - this deer will have passed away over the journey to Bald Mountain, sadly, but she still served well as a patrol mount
Skill: Ride Deer: Very High

Skills: Perception/Smell: Extremely High
Herbalism: Above Average
Manipulation/Healing-physical: Above Average
Animal Communication/Deer-Hoofstock: Below Average
Hunting - Long Knife: High
Ranged - Bow: Extremely High
Against Trolls - hand-held shield of sinew and leather: Average

History: Having to keep her magic hidden was quite hard for most of her life, Naek practiced with those who could bandage and nurse to health those warriors in the tribe who managed to come home from battle. She never made any attempt to fight actively, and was always of more use as a shield-helper and emergency runner. Very good at hunting from deer-back however, she provided the tribe with meat and supplies, delivering quick meals or warnings to her tribemates in the field. But she kept herself warm while on those days-long journeys around the mountains, skirting Troll caves and traps, she had the time to develop her fire-creation skill. With just enough perception of older magic to know if there was truly dangerous 'bad magic pools' in any of these spots she rested at, if there was any hint that it might turn on her she would just go without. She tolerates the deep cold reasonably well, as that fire magic is within her anyway.

She was on one of those longer patrols when Rayek split her tribe apart, a dreadful event - but at least she and her deer managed to find shelter, and not too long after, her daughter. Still alive; frightened, but silent and clever. Auidar clearly knows her mother's powers run in herself too, perhaps it was that fire-shaping or even healing ability that drew the child to hide in one of Naek's shelters.

They did not look for others, it was not clear whether Trolls would be shaken up from this event too (they would) so finding more elves lost in this mad time would be suicide. What they did, was listen to their hearts. Travel south, look for others after finding safety... And they did.

For a season, nearly three full moons, they rode their steady mount into the spring, and for the first time saw another elf in the sky.

Not a glider, but... a rider. She'd heard of those bird-riders from older GoBacks, but this was no bird. This was something else entirely.

A dragon, not even something the Trolls or Humans would have known about! It wasn't long before Naek and her daughter were settling in, still a bit jumpy. But she knew there were other GoBacks, they had their own stories to tell of their escapes or wanderings.

It was their first winter here in Bald Mountain when Naek was told she ought to 'stand' for something. At first she didn't understand, but then was brought into the Aerie where they had sparkling crystals set into the cave's walls, a beautiful spot with strange meaning: they were stars! Patterns of them, apparently. But they were not Abode's stars, these, Apogee and her mate Squall told her, were stars over other worlds. They would help guide dragons to and from these other worlds. Unlike some GoBacks who had trouble with this whole concept, that there were other planets with their own populations... She had paid attention to the telepathic vision that was shared in her youth and marveled at it ever since. And now she'd be able to go to one of those worlds?!

And... Come back with something like those dragons that others rode? She could hardly wait! Lantessama was a place that several of the local Bald Mountain elves had befriended dragons at, they seemed to have a good relationship with this place. Magical dragons, of varied appearances, some large, many small, oh how this place would suit her perfectly! Even better, there were deer dragons? She missed her mount, but was informed that if it was a dragon-deer, it wouldn't merely be 'just' an animal. Prepared for a new experience, Naek resolved to learn as much as she could about these deer dragons when she arrived, she would not disrespect a creature that had its own mind and will. But she did know how to ride, maybe that would encourage just the right one to her side!

Her daughter was being tended with some of the younger members of this odd collected tribe, and this time Naek was unafraid to leave her - she'd be back, there would be time to live as a family!

** from hatching **

Snow, the sounds of bells and the smells of roasting meat might make many people happy and content, but Naek wasn't most people. There was an emptiness in her heart, something she hoped she would one day fix but until then, she tried to fill the whole the disappearance of her daughter had caused by stuffing it with knowledge. Feeling a little bit out of place in this winter wonderland, Naek decided to take a stroll by the sea. Sure it was away from the sands and sure she should be there, but she needed some space. Putting some distance between herself and the sands warmed her a bit. It also lessened the volume of chattering and bugling. In fact she could now distinctly make out the thumping of rushing feet behind her.
Looking behind her, Naek saw two reindeer dragons in pursuit. One was a wingless red with golden fur, the other was blue with purple fur and feathers. Both had the elongated antlers and they bore some resemblance as they were half-sisters. And both seemed to be intent to come to her.  
"Shouldn't you be looking for your bond?" Naek asked.
"I'm pretty sure I found her." Tximinia, the red dragoness said.
"We can make a party anywhere with our dazzling personalities." Shek'reba, the blue dragoness added.

Tximinia Name: TXIMINIA 'fireplace' in Baskan
Gender: Female
Size: s/l/ws
Physical Features:
Stats: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility, Health, Intelligence
Origin: Lantessama Reindeer Festival 2022
Other Info:

clutch info:
Parent URLS: I'haeryok x Cedany
Species: 50% Reindeer Dragon, 50% Icedeer Dragon
Size Range: 6-8 feet at the shoulder

Description:  A brightly coloured red and gold reindeer dragoness with a furry main and furry wrists. Tximinia lacks wings and only has one tail. She does have her mother's long antlers and she enjoys wearing some jingly bells. 
Personality: Tximinia is warm and inviting, she almost naturally makes her environment more cosy. Using her warmth magic she perpetually augments her body temperature to be the perfect blend of snuggly warm for her bond (whomever they may be). 
Powers telepathy, cause cheer, light magic, winter magic, warmth magic
Bond Naek
Shek'reba Name: SHEK'REBA 'gathering' in Georgian
Gender: Female
Size: s/l/ws 6-10 feet at the shoulder
Physical Features:
Stats: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility, Health, Intelligence
Origin: Lantessama Reindeer Festival 2022
Other Info:

I'HAERYOK x DONNER clutch info: Parent URLS: I'haeryok x Donner
Species: Reindeer Dragon
Size Range:

Description:  A blue and purple reindeer dragoness with long antlers and a single tail. She has very minimal markings on her body, a lush mane of purple fur and her violet draconic wings are topped with purple feathers. Shek'reba has a silver bell attached to her neck and gold one dangling from her antlers. 
Personality: Cheerful (how can she not be with these powers) and always in tune, Shek'reba is a true team player. She tries to keep everyone happy but ends up sometimes forgetting about herself. 
Powers telepathy, smoke magic, cheer magic, cause cheer, carolling
Bond Naek