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Bonded to: Raysaw sorta

Age: 1200 Sex: Female
Soul Name: ? Known By: if even she knows it'd be a surprise *
Mate Status/Sex Preference: gregarious, aggressively sexual, doesn't matter with who *Recognizes Crystalstorm - who gave her a soul name in doing
Children: had a couple out of recognition whelps back at the GoBack lodge, probably dead by now *Daughter Scatterstone born in 171, Son Obsidian born in 217
Parents/Relatives: deceased
Height: 4'5" Build: very burly and muscular, not fatty
Hair Color, Length, Style: greyish blond, long to waist but cut into thick mohawk on head, very fluffy
Eye Color, Size, Shape: grey green, more slate colored than green
Skin Tone: fair to tan
Voice Quality: loud, not subtle, raucuous laugh
Clothing -- Summer: summer? as little as possible, it's so hot here!
Clothing -- Winter: mostly armored, also has leather leggings and shirt with vest in grey-blue
Jewlery Worn, Made: large stone shaped earrings
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: many, would you like to hear how she got this one? or that one?
Pets/Animals Kept: none
Notable Posessions: armor and weaponry, and a tiny fragment of the Palace
Holt Function: armorsmith and stone shaper
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 7/10, Magic Feeling 2/10, Stone Shape 8/10, Crystal/Gem Shape 5/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: cold weather please! Likes the peak and when it's snowing, caverns and torchlit caves
General Likes: the feel of a weapon in her hands, a good loud song, hard work
General Dislikes: all this warm weather, weaklings who rely upon others for everything, trolls
Fears/Worries: that she might be too hard for this holt, and be kicked out of it
Special Strange Info: she's a baby factory like many GoBacks. She doesn't require Recognition to produce a child, and in fact doesn't have a soul name so it'd be kind of hard to truly Recognize her, anyway. But she does love her children, misses those she'd lost, and misses the GoBack lodge and its ways. But she won't bother with heading out to quest for the palace any longer - this is her home and she will defend it to the death.
Basic Personality: very social, even though she's a bit stand-offish to those who disdain her work or feel it unnecessary. She isn't afraid to ask questions or butt into conversations. She and Rasp are very similar in that regard and have a very strong love-hate relationship because of it.
How they feel about
: hah, they can't do anything right
Elves -- herders: as long as there are wild deer to hunt keeping the little things for snacks and milk is good
Elves -- magic users: *puffs up with pride* yes, yes I am
Elves -- bond-riders: what fun that is! can't wait to ride her own dragon
Trolls, etc: sure we stole their ideas. But they have to do the work all the hard way - elves don't have to pollute the air and water to get their metals and gems!
Bond Animal Info if any: none yet

Skills: as an armorsmith Jade is quite adept. She uses gemstone and ores, pulling the stone away from the ore instead of the other way around since she is not a metal shaper. She knows how to balance a sword, spear or bolt for the hunt or to engage an enemy. And, she's quite good at fighting.

History: Having come a long way from the GoBacks lair in the polar regions of the world, Jade is one of the survivors of Rayek's destruction of their Lodge. After the Palace was taken they had little else to do but wander. She wandered with some others for a while but eventually they split up and she headed this direction to meet up with the other travellers, and finally to head to Bald Mountain.

"That's mine," the grey colored dragon hissed over the small deer he'd brought down, and two other locals scampered away. Jade looked at this tall, long dragon with pride. That was tempered a bit by the way he kept ignoring her when she tried introducing him to the rest of the elves and dragons at Bald Mountain.

"They know, they know," Jade said, "but ... how about you say hi, instead of getting all bothered?"

"Because they will probably take my meal. I earned it, didn't I?"

"You did, Raysaw," Jade said, almost hesitating to pat his shoulder. His head was far enough away chomping down on the deer meat that she figured he wouldn't just snap at her. "Sharing's nice, it's hard to say who has what around here sometimes..."

"Well that's nice for elves. But I like my meat to stay my own." He munched harder, breaking bones with the effort, and driving his point home by gulping the carcass down his throat in one smooth motion.

With this dragon here, having appeared fully adult and in a bit of a tizzy, Jade fostered him a bit up in her chilly aerie. It would likely be a while, if at all, before she'd be able to try riding him. She wasn't at all sure that he would keep her on his back. All the other dragons were pretty well enamored of their riders and very protective for them. This one, she wasn't so sure. He tolerated her near him, but she didn't get the feeling that he was anything other than brutally solitary.

But, to each his own. Jade felt that if Raysaw wanted to roost with her, that was fine, too. He had actually offered to help move big stones up to the aerie for her to work on - claiming that the sparkling gems within and scattered around the edges of some of them looked rather like his own shiny star-dappled extremities.

He kept himself fastidiously clean, now that he'd finished his meal he flew off to the lake to dive in and splash about. Jade thought he looked so much like a sparrow in a dustbath that way... So she kept that thought to herself lest she burst out laughing!

She also wondered whether any of the other dragons would find him attractive enough to mate. He was a stony grey color but those little sparkles were in fact rather unique in their holt's dragons. Maybe that pretty black sharp-looking dragoness that Farfire rode! Black and grey, sparkling?

"I can sense what you are thinking," Raysaw said from the ledge of the aerie, "I did not think you'd be setting me up quite so quickly. It bears thinking on," he announced. His long-horned head looked around and finally spotted the small black flying above the nearby forest. "She is ... interesting. Shivay is also dark.... and that shiny snow-sparkled one... she is also pretty. But they are not going to be interested in me, not yet. I will prepare."

With that the dragon flew off. Jade wondered what he had in mind now...

Name: Raysaw (Darkling Dawn Generations)
Gender: Male
Color: Grey
Abilities: Psionics, Fire Breath, Vocal Speech, Light Breath, Voice Boosting
Personality: Mean-tempered and arrogant, he's difficult to get along with. He's intelligent, but also selfish and a loner.
Bond: None (Jade, sort of - more sponsorship because he's rather standoffish about his relationship with anyone)