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Bonded to: Nilasardi (Winter Gather shifter)

Age: 36 Sex: Female
Soul Name: unknown Known By: no one including herself, she knows she has one, just hasn't appeared yet
Mate Status/Sex Preference: Single, gregarious
Children: none yet (Sandstorm with Obsidian)
Parents/Relatives: Mother Nyshal (Glider/Blue Mountain survivor) Father Surf (Shore Elf/Seaelves)
Height: 5'7" Build: lean, tall, slender
Hair Color, Length, Style: short, wild cut, bright golden metallic
Eye Color, Size, Shape: sky blue, even, intense
Skin Tone: dark brown (surfer tan +)
Voice Quality: bright, loud, laughs a lot
Clothing -- Summer: swim gear at most
Clothing -- Winter: as seen, silken blue dress with white fur trim
Jewlery Worn, Made: none but she will adore having plenty of bangles and bracelets
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none
Pets/Animals Kept: none
Notable Posessions: none
Holt Function: Scout, transport flier, weather senser
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 8/10 with a long range, Magic Feeling 5/10, Flight 9/10, Weather Sense 8/10, Weather Shape 2/10, SelfHealing (unknown, ignores any weather/extremes 1/10)
Climate/Locations Preferred: anywhere above the ground, doesn't mind either chill frost or burning heat (seems to ignore all extremes), bright daylight
General Likes: Flying in the clouds, dragons (they're so cool!), music and dancing, parties, huge thunderstorms
General Dislikes: being in enclosed areas, being told to come in out of the storm, no ocean nearby
Fears/Worries: she's almost entirely fearless. She knows that Blue Mountain collapsed and her mother escaped with her life, and something about that event might have triggered her own weak fear of enclosures
Special Strange Info: As the daughter of a surfer and a glider, she's never stopped moving; she takes to the air more than water, but loves to surf and swim in deep, hard currents and tides
Stats: Strength - Average; Dexterity - Above Average; Agility - Extremely High; Health - Average *except never has issues with weather; Intelligence -High; Appearance - Extremely High; Charisma - High; Magic Power - Extremely High
Basic Personality: Fun loving, curious, hardy, will try almost anything once or twice, if she enjoys it she'll make sure all her friends do it too
How they feel about
: Blue Mountain ones worshipped mother, why would any others do different?
Elves -- herders: that's a really good idea, but it takes the fun out of hunting
Elves -- magic users: .... you mean there aren't magic elves?
Elves -- bond-riders: dolphin riders, eagle riders, wolf riders... and now dragon riders? The dragons are the best!
Trolls, etc: they sound icky, but no one's all bad, right?
Bond Animal Info if any: None yet


She reminded everyone who'd come from Twin Peaks of Apogee, when she was just a tribesmate. The free spirit and fearless nature, openly pursuing mad things like diving headlong into half-frozen waters, flying into the centers of storms, and indeed - wandering the world in search of something more for her soul.

That was how she wound up here, at least, at Bald Mountain which was inland far enough to make her miss the wide open Ocean. She'd passed the remnants of Blue Mountain, her mother's home of some ten thousand years. Her shore-folk family would miss her, but then there was always something distant about a girl who could fly into the hardest winds and laugh from a thousand heights up.

Skyborne was always her name. She had never needed another: it was always obvious that she was part of the wild winds and open skies. And it was also clearly true that she was at least on one side of her lineage, only about four or five generations removed from the High Ones who came from the stars themselves. How was that for 'sky born'?

Had she been more vain or arrogant, she might have remained near the ruins of Blue Mountain when she passed them. The Humans there wanted so badly to have a god around. The one that they dragged away, limp and useless, maybe he'd become something more. But she was alive, she was part of the reason that elves were worshipped at all. Her flight, her command over gravity. Plus, she was dark-skinned. Humans were lighter than she! Her mother's fair color hardly showed on her, only her golden hair.

Skyborne didn't linger at Blue Mountain because she felt there was more out there, something to find. Something to keep. It was hardly unusual for a girl her age in human terms to go wandering around the world alone. But for such a youngling of a Glider? Her mother was horrified, but then had to recall: she herself had left Blue Mountain more than half a century before it fell. After such a long, boring life.

So she bid her daughter good travels. It was very likely that Skyborne would have siblings, her mother and father were very much in love, and very much swayed by the power of Recognition.

What would Skyborne do with a mate? As she flew across the golden Autumn-turned landscape she wondered. Where would she find a male worthy of her line? Would he be tall and elegant like a Glider? Sturdy and handsome like the Sea elves where her father was from? Or ... She'd heard tales of other elves of course, those that came shortly before the fall of Blue Mountain. Riders of great beasts, shaggy wolves which the Humans feared.

Of course, Humans feared just about everything. But she had nothing to fear from them, she could fly! She wondered often if there were elves so distant that they didn't know about the Palace, the High Ones histories... They'd all scattered or so her mother had taught her. Her father's tribe told of distant lands, how they knew of elves that lived in the cold icy wastes, on the coast where they occasionally met to trade. Those elves were not the more distant guardians of the Palace, the Go-backs, either.

Who were they? It only made Skyborne wonder more about who she might find.

Would she Recognize the first new male she saw? Like her aunt had? Or would she fit into a tribe and slowly learn the secrets of the males, picking and choosing?

Or, she giggled as she passed over a loud waterfall, would he spring upon her with a wolf or a big cat, and discover that she's the right one for him?

Her imagination took her even farther than her magic did, day by day. Skyborne finally flew over a place which had large caverns clearly visible in the hillsides - and there were great bird-like creatures roosting in them! Flying from them in fact! But they were no eagles, not like the Blue Mountain birds that the Chosen Eight flew. These had leathery wings, most of them anyway. Skyborne watched for a moment, and then sped downwards to greet whoever she saw!


"They were talking about Ainea's folk," Squall said, another flier and one which Skyborne quite liked immediately. Though Squall was a little touchy about loosening up and talking, they shared so much otherwise - their powers were similar, and Squall had dark skin too. "Ainea showed us the first of our dragons, mine and Apogee's, brought others to the places they bonded. Would you like to meet her? She'll be coming down soon during Winter."

"She travels very far, all the time?" Skyborne asked. "Well I can see that would be fun, but it's so distant!"

"It's on dragon-back," Squall said, as they flew down into the high meeting Aerie. "It's different. Most of them can move through time and space as easily as you or I fly through the air. Like the Palace, really."

That intrigued Skyborne. However, her first encounter with Ainea brought her mind straight back to reality - this girl really was from the Ice-Gliders. They weren't closely related to the Blue Mountain folk, but it was certain that at some point one or more had left the safety of the mountain and drifted northward. Along the coast there were apparently dozens of encampments and villages, none remaining in one place for long, always packing up and making sure that they could survive a storm or two.

Ainea had left their company in favor of a more secure, solitary existence. Her traded goods were marvelously crafted, leathers and furs and shaped crystals. But her stories!

The places that she'd been on her white dragon's back! She had two dragons, actually, a brilliant white female, and a more shimmering grey male. All the dragons here were marvelously different. Ainea sent to her that she'd love to help find a dragon for Skyborne, but there was something else in the meantime.

Something not quite what anyone expected.


"And you're sure you want to come with me, even if you will be a little warm in the summer?" Skyborne said, and the blue-colored snowflake-winged dragoness nodded.

Yes, I would. Besides, I can make sure that they have some ice when they least expect it!

Skyborne laughed at that, how wonderful it would be to truly bond a dragon, but this friendship she encountered, a sponsorship Ainea called it, was on a different level. After all... Nilasardi could shapeshift.

Like the ancient elves, the High Ones who had no shape - the ones that offered their bodies to Abode to help their kin survive. But Nilasardi didn't slop around with shapes. She had a four-footed form and a two-footed one. Wouldn't it be grand coming back to Bald Mountain with her?

And it was grand - because... there was a male shifter-dragon there as well. A handsome, if shy, lad.

Maybe they'd be attracted to one another. Skyborne certainly hoped so, she'd learned from Ainea that all it really took was one new child to start off another - her own was concieved at a party for someone else's!

So ... maybe Skyborne would find a dragon and a mate, soon.


Name: Nilasardi (blue winter)

Gender: Female

Species: Ice Elemental (Holic)

Size: 4'9" shoulder four footed, 5'7" shifted (dollwizard modified by me)

Abilities: Ice elemental, metal elemental, air elemental, single-shape shifting (to elfin-mix), telepathy