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Name Bauble

Bonded to: Qahrasa From: Checkerboard Ball 2021/2

Age: over 300 Born in: Whitecold
Soul Name: Sku Known By: herself, possibly deceased lovers Found: while protecting herself from Winnowill's attacks
Sex: Female Mate Status/Sex Preference: single currently, prefers males
Children: unknown yet
Parents/Relatives: deceased, unknown
Original Tribe: Blue Mountain, though possibly an offshoot tribe that didn't go into the icy north. Arrived to Bald Mountain: year 167
Height: 4'3" Build: sturdy, curvy
Hair Color, Length, Style: black with white stripes, fading from one to the other improbably but maybe that's magic? Satiny and heavy, straight, falling to hips or lower
Eye Color, Size, Shape: dark green, somewhat small, high, lidded heavily
Skin Tone: slightly tanned from travel, loves being outdoors but has a mostly light tone
Voice Quality: high and confident
Clothing -- Summer: as shown
Clothing -- Winter: generally adds leggings and a thick fur cloak, both in medium grey to white shades
Jewlery Worn, Made: has hair bands in white shaped stone that look like plants, having green stone inlay looking like 'leaves', a neck band similarly, and wrist bands with black and white stone; surprisingly none of these things weighs much, while they could be quite heavy - they're made of rock after all, but that's part of her magic
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none known, they heal pretty well if she has injuries. She would likely have gone for a tattoo at the Ball but maybe there's time for that later! She does like henna art and enjoys painting up sometimes for their acting and entertainment when the elves are stuck indoors from weather
Pets/Animals Kept: no pets, she hints that she had been on the short list for 'stealing one of those big eggs' - meaning it's entirely possible that her group of Blue Mountain elves had left with a little less friendly contact...
Notable Posessions: any stone she touches can become notable, she's happy to have been able to help shape some of the interiors of Bald Mountain! After all she knew that Blue Mountain was being progressively made into something 'else' (she never found out exactly what until it collapsed and some survivors met up here) so perhaps that was an idea that rested in the back of her mind until helping out
Holt Function: Rock and Gem shaper, interior mountain cavern and tunnel maker, anything glittery and shiny
Strength: below average
above average
extremely high
above average
average, not a first-generation or even third or fourth generation Blue Mountain elf that's for sure
above average
above average
Magic Power:
very high
Lots of it! How Powerful? Sending 8/10, Magic Feeling 5/10, Mind Shield (self) 4/10, Levitation 7/10, Rock Shaping 9/10, Gem Shape 6/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: high altitude rugged land, places with varied stones and formations
General Likes: open air, breezy but not stormy weather, clear crisp nights so you can see the stars
General Dislikes: having lost her home twice - maybe she was alive when her family left Blue Mountain, she knows a lot about the place, but now there's nothing more to return to, even the hills where she lived near the Human encampments were destroyed
Fears/Worries: that Winnowill will come for her, she knew so much, so many soul names and so many ways to hurt people, she may have driven out her group because some of them resisted her whims
Special Strange Info: though she overtly seems like a bit of a ditz and easily distracted, she is always looking out for others, and watching - wary - for any hint that the black haired usurper of Blue Mountain might return. She hates that there were rumors that she herself is related to Winnowill, but only by people who see 'long black hair' and think of it. There are, she's pointed out, plenty of elves with long black hair out there, on the plains, in the desert, even up in the icy north! why single her out for that kind of insult?
Basic Personality: Always looking for something shiny to touch, or something useful to make, she's at her best when someone has her doing work, shaping or planning rooms, and Bauble enjoys giving people gifts whether they're a whole new suite to live in, or a simple earring charm
How they feel about
: she feels so badly for those that lost their lives thanks to Winnowill's horrible treatment and the fall of the mountain
Elves -- herders: huh, well, hunting is way more fun but if they won't run it's time to eat
Elves -- magic users: feels in her element with them of course
Elves -- bond-riders: she could have swiped that egg, she might have been able to save one of the giant hawks... now they're almost extinct
Trolls, etc: has only heard of rumors, and then on arrival to Bald Mountain, a little more - but there are a couple here? They're very interesting and have such amazing work to show! She can't shape metal but they sure can!
Bond Animal Info if any: not until Qahrasa

Hunt/Thrown Knife: average
Combat/Unusual Items (throws chaff or sand, shaped from simple rocks on hand): above average
Aerial Navigation: extremely high
Underground Navigation: very high
Artistry/Shaped Stones: extremely high
Engineering/Structural: high
Ride Dragon: average

History: Part of a very small 'tribe' of perhaps two couples and their children that left Blue Mountain about 260 or 270 years before it fell. They had spent quite a bit of time outside already, dealing with the local human tribes, scouting places for the bird riders to hunt or find goods... or humans to hunt or steal. It may have been a combination of aspects of this life that soured them from returning. Winnowill used them as much as she did the humans, and though she clearly had her favorite human slaves in her quarters, those she didn't want around were put to death - something that was quite disagreeable to this group. Though they didn't go very far, remaining near enough to Blue Mountain to actually see it on the horizon at all times, they never got closer than that unless it was dire. They would listen in to the humans songs, drums, chants, all of them meaningful, and sometimes it meant one of them was being taken up to the mountain. An 'honor' ... until it wasn't.

Bauble knew she had the talent to work on the mountain, but when she attempted to return to the place, Winnowill herself invaded her mind and attempted to wrest control over her powers. To make her into yet another 'door' or 'brace', and that was hardly what she had in mind! She was artistic! Clever with gems and different colors of stone! Moving a slab for a single person to walk through once in a while? Oh that was absolutely not her way. On her way out, however, she did spot something of interest.

As a youth, she and the others had set about a plan to... liberate one of the big bird eggs in their nests outside the mountain. This did not go well, leaving one of them maimed from the bird's talon, and another traumatized from falling from its nest. They did not return close to the place after that. But they did habit the human camps, doing a short trade circuit, and keeping up with their varied and evolving customs. This, they did for many hands of years.

They'd lost one to a boar's tusks, and while the rest remained with the local humans a few days travel away from Blue Mountain, Bauble continued east and a bit north, following the wind. Where would she go? Where the wind called her. A place bare of trees and having a good cap of snow by this time in the year: Bald Mountain it was called, and it was already far more interesting than Blue Mountain had ever been! They welcomed her, eagerly citing her as 'a good addition to the rock shapers', and she was put to good use right away. This work they did, it was amazing, and it was for a much better 'cause' than Winnowill's.

She knew that her family and friends were not close to the disaster when Blue Mountain was shaken free of the ground, when it lifted up as Winnowill commanded the fliers (she was also a glider, she could just feel Winnowill aching to use her powers for her own gain) and break away - until it was crashed down and obliterated. What would she have done with it? It wasn't the Palace of the High Ones, no - that she would find later, to everyone's dismay. But she saw that event from the air, the massive plume of dust obscuring the sun for days. She was too far away to just go back, and she new that her own little tribe would remain with the humans safely.

Perhaps, as she eyed the dragons that this tribe of disparate elves rode, she might find them, and their human group, when she rode!


It wasn't 'if', it was when! And though it wouldn't be 'soon', soon enough there was talk of something quite strange. Not even four hands of years later, as one elf, who had apparently brought quite a few of these together, was visiting a place so far distant you couldn't even see its star in the clearest night sky. It was another world, with people and villages with tall structures, carts without burden beasts to drag them, and a school filled with students of all manner of breeds.

One of her fellow teachers nudged Ainea to find a couple elves worthy of coming to an event, and she learned she would be among them! This place they went was very strange, and it was probably best that she didn't ask too many questions: even though that tall human-looking spirit in a suit seemed to be able to speak their language, she wouldn't have understood it all. A city under the sea? A city? Something so foreign to her, not just as an elf but as an elf that had wandered the wilderness and hunted game with her bare hands... so completely different than home. But not unwelcome, it had music and dancing that she joined in on the dance floor, magic and stage acts that she decided she wanted to emulate when they got back home either way! What clever things, humans! To tell stories not just with words around a camp fire, but by dressing up and pretending, with music to aid the mood, and lights that made it look like day and night might pass right there in front of them.

It did feel like day and night were going by, actually, by the time she finished watching the many routines, the show and the music, and then - then, a pair of dragons brought their brood out that just captivated her. Sure, there had been quite a few of them over the course of the evening, and though she didn't understand it at first, she realized that the big round stone above the room's main wall was telling time, moving toward a 'midnight' hour that would signal - something. She didn't know what.

But these dragons were what she wanted to watch now, both the bigger ones, and their smaller checkerboard-winged ones! (She didn't know what a 'checker board' was either, but she'd learn later!) One of them had stuck around the edge of their entry point, almost looking like he was hemming and hawing about going back to that side. Where all the big dragons were? Well that was an option. But this side was also an option, and he nosed first behind the bar, up along the balconies, and over by the weird windows looking out into fantastic worlds and even deep space alike.

Finally though, with his big wings stretched as far out as they could go, he tried flapping up to the balcony again, and almost would have made it, but for the other people in the way. So Bauble caught him, with her magic. A fine sight he would be, even as a little one he was able to lift off, he sure was built for the sky! Just like her! Well, she also loved the soft stone and interesting gems underground. And he knew that, his mind sought hers, and they made a pair bond.

She knew that's what it was, she was after all part of a tribe that would gently and magically attach their minds to their birds. This was something so much better, though. Because Qahrasa was smart, not like a simple animal at all! Not like the Gobacks and their elk, or even, really, the wolf-riders with their wolves having just a drop of elf blood in them.

Your world has two moons! That's twice the moonlight to dance under!

Dragon Name: Qahrasa (kahh RAW saw, Moonshield is the clan's name for this event and clutch, taken by full Pieces. The Knockoffs receive -RASA as their name component; Qahrasa's offspring may opt to take this name should he sire clutches)
Gender: Male
Size: 4' s / 23' l / 26' ws
Build: big wings and long tail, built for agility in the air
Physical Features: Drakkari / Dragonstake mutt, high bodied and long legs, four legs and two wings, with claws on legs only; conical face with small horn on nose, and fanned head fins, otherwise smooth until the tip of very long narrow tail in a small spade; hide that is very shiny, pupiled eyes
Colors: White Pawn 3, body shiny faintly sparkly and brightly white; wingsails have large checkerboard squares; head fins and tail spade small checks; horn and claws bright white; eyes golden yellow
Stats: Strength 2, Speed 3, Endurance 3, Agility 4, Health 2, Intelligence 3
Abilities: Winged Flight (6) small and light, speedy, and extremely adept with difficult terrain, Qahrasa loves to fly low over the canopy or up the side of Bald Mountain racing with his friends; since he's a full dragon but also quite small, he tries to keep up with the Big ones, he can out pace them but not outlast them
Teleports: Moonlinked (6) this power allows Qahrasa to teleport virtually anywhere the two moons of Abode can shine, boosted by his family line's raw magic based on moon power; normal distances might be up to 100 miles in Local (4) ability, and Nexus travel (2) can reach a few known destinations such as Aerie Island (Rookery, an island above Rapture), Carramba High (thanks to Ainea), and that odd place that the Ball showed off, known as The Stage - he almost followed it, sensing that it was important, but instead chose a person to bond
Telepathy (5) a strong mental sense and connection to his bond, as well as others nearby; Empathy (4) catches a mood easily, and keeps up on gossip but never lets it hurt people as he's aware of how this works; Verbal Speech (2) he speaks the elfin language, but also a little bit of the human tongues that he was exposed to as a hatchling
Though he technically has Firebreath, he has not practiced this nor the 'moon freeze' breath his Piece counterparts can use
Moon Magic and Shared Magic are carried, as in actual spellcasting or effects, but he cannot perform these, since he's not a full sized Moonshield, it's a surprise he manages Moonlink
Parents: Donor Clutch Rakki and Sasazik
Origin: Checkerboard Ball 2021/2
Other Info: above