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Dusk, female Plains elf

Bonded to:(?) from

Age: 300-ish, born in Hotdays (late summer) Sex: female
Soul Name: ikasbu Known By: none
Mate Status/Sex Preference: straight, unmated
Children: none
Parents/Relatives:Mother: Sprout, caring Father: Leadstone, caring Siblings: Sister - Russet, missing; Brother - Tether, on a quest
Height: 3'10" Build: stocky, well-rounded
Hair Color, Length, Style: Streaked black, to jawline, wavy
Eye Color, Size, Shape: cerulean blue
Skin Tone: dark tan
Voice Quality: husky, smooth
Clothing -- Summer: blue suede pants, long-sleeved silken lilac shirt, scarf in lilac, tall boots, leg straps
Clothing -- Winter: basically doesn't change from that unless it's extremely cold, adds a long fur cloak.
Jewlery Worn, Made: leather bands and beaded objects, scarves are her favored accessory
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: small scars from hunting and travel
Pets/Animals Kept: no normal pets, her bond jackal would eat them. However she does have a preserver named Orchid, who assists in creating silken threads for her weavings.
Notable Posessions: A tiny piece of crystal which fell presumably from the Palace, perhaps it came through time since the thing didn't really come near where she found it. With it, her sensing power allows her to fly a little, but without it she cannot fly. Also, she has a set of chimes and tambourines that she enjoys playing during gathers.
Holt Function: Silk weaver, trader, scout for trading parties
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 6/10, Magic Feeling 2/10, Levitation/Air Sense 3/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: windy flatlands, sunset and early morning
General Likes: warm summer rains, a well-earned meal, trading with anyone who has quality goods
General Dislikes: territorial people or animals, being chased by anything larger than a zwoot
Fears/Worries: her first encounter with a dragon left her breathless and terrified, but after understanding it wasn't hunting her, merely following, she's gotten better at being around them
Special Strange Info: Dusk really enjoys watching Humans craft things.
Stats: Strength - Extremely High; Dexterity - Very High; Agility - Very High; Health - High; Intelligence - Extremely High; Appearance -Extremely High; Charisma - Extremely High; Magic Power - Average
Skills:Weaving/Clothing Only: Extremely High
Communication/Human: Above Average
World Lore: Above Average
Music/Tambourine-chimes: Average
Trading: Very High
Longbow: High
Basic Personality: Dedicated and steady, but used to doing something at almost all times. Not nervous but fidgety if there's nothing in her hands. Talks with her hands - which is why she enjoys communicating with the traders, since they often use a complicated sign language.
How they feel about
: even since she's been around, the Humans have gotten better at making things elves like!
Elves -- herders: well it's better than starving, but it's way more fun to hunt
Elves -- magic users: just don't let the Humans see too much of it, because they get a bit greedy...
Elves -- bond-riders: it'd be more enjoyable with a bond beast that didn't constantly get picked on...
Trolls, etc: has traded with a couple, doesn't think they're all that bad, but from the stories she's heard, she got lucky!
Bond Animal Info if any: is bonded to a jackal named Splitclaw, a surly male whose place in his pack is fairly low.

As a plains elf she spotted other wanderers who stuck out, and gathered them to her. Then she, Wellspring, and Shumma went on their own journey northward to Bald Mountain!