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Kolgar and Jade



Sponsoring: Pearl M MoonsLight

Age: 37 born year: 163 Sex: Male
Soul Name: nyrsh Known By: himself
Mate Status/Sex Preference: single/hetero
Children: none yet
Parents/Relatives: Father Kolgar, Mother Jade (living, dragonriders)
Height: 5'4" Build: strong but slender
Hair Color, Length, Style: red-brown, short and spikey
Eye Color, Size, Shape: blue-green, average, close set
Skin Tone: tanned
Voice Quality: high, airy for such a big guy
Clothing -- Summer: lt grey armor (full) made by mother and father
Clothing -- Winter: add cloth cloak
Jewlery Worn, Made: none
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none
Pets/Animals Kept: none
Notable Posessions: armor!
Holt Function: guardian and metalshaper
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 8/10, Magic Feeling 5/10, Rock Shape 9/10, Crystal Shape 7/10, Metal Shape 8/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: caverns, solid ground, structures, cool days
General Likes: shiny things, light metal, technology
General Dislikes: flying (by levitation not dragonback), drizzle, hot and sticky days
Fears/Worries: that he isn't nearly as good at his trade as his parents
Special Strange Info: Whip and Hammersmith like this kid
Basic Personality: inquisitive, learns much from watching, but asks questions frequently
How they feel about
: they are starting to be more advanced, worth watching
Elves -- herders: takes the fun out of prey
Elves -- magic users: it's nice, but hands-on is also good
Elves -- bond-riders: loves to watch dragons
Trolls, etc: definitely wants to meet one to get trade secrets!

"Moons Light?" Granite asked, gently. The small creature didn't open his eyes, but did give off a purring rumble in acknowledgement. "I kind of need that tool you're laying on..." Ahh, that did it, eliciting a bit more of a grumble and a huff. Granite gave his own chuckling huff, "well I need it if you want to see me make that arm band Kohl wanted!"

That perked Moonslight right up again. While he was still young - and still fairly small - Granite knew that he'd still be able to prowl most of the inner halls of the Holt and mountain itself when he was grown. Not the smallest of the dragons that had befriended those here at Bald Mountain, but certainly not so small that he'd be thought of as a pet or even just a guard-type. No, Moonslight was very actively interested in the wellbeing of the mountain itself, and seemed quite knowledgeable about every new path or tunnel practically the moment it was opened up.


Dragon Name: Moons Light
Gender: Male
Size: small 7'4" s / 20' l / 21' ws
Build: hunky and muscular
Physical Features: Skala x Wher hybrid; Headknobs + Spiked eyeridges, Short fur, Gemstones on body, forked tail, small wings, front paws + rear hooves
Colors: Pearl, a mid-rank; with iridescent fur in pale silvery grey; gems and crest of light sapphire-amethyst shades; muted rainbow wingsails; blue eyes, light claws/hooves
Stats: Strength 5, Speed 2, Endurance 4, Agility 3, Health 4, Intelligence 2
Abilities: Telepathy and Verbal Speech - preferring to speak in a low, wolf-gruff sounding voice, he hardly actually says words, he lets his postures and mood show what he's thinking; he can think quite clearly but not much beyond the moment is that important, does make a very good guard type because he blurts out anything that surprises or interests him to his sponsor or whoever else is nearby quite loudly
Teleportation and Genrehop - what better power to get around, when you're... well, when you're as lazy as this silver lump is? He's always under foot, somehow, even if you go from the deeper forge area up to the aerie, he's literally always right where you want to sit or walk or pick something up
Gliding Wings (only) - pfffffhahahaha yeah nah, that's for dragons
Earth Manipulation - do you want the ground soft for mining, do you want a stone smooth? he's your wher! takes special note of smooth veins of silver and growths of crystals around it, as he's quite vain he likes to hang out around things that 'look like him' (Moonslight, they were here long before you...)
Parents: Dam: Cohrah Dehnlahlee (jkat) Sire: Dunask (nomi)
Origin: nomi's Rainbow Glitz Skala-Wher clutch at Dawn Watch
Other Info: Moonslight isn't all as lazy as one might think, because he is actually found frequently down in the newly carved or shaped caverns, making sure that they won't collapse and oh yeah this metal is gorgeous please use it? The metals almost literally drip off the stone walls when he's around


Bonded to: Copperspark

Age: 16 Born year: 184 Sex: Male
Soul Name: vnayr Known By: himself
Mate Status/Sex Preference: single/hetero
Children: none yet
Parents/Relatives: Father Kolgar, Mother Jade (living, dragonriders)
Height: 5'9" Build: strongly muscular, pretty burly
Hair Color, Length, Style: red-brown, swept back and bushy, shoulder length if it'd stay down
Eye Color, Size, Shape: grey green, small and narrow
Skin Tone: medium-tan
Voice Quality: gruff, scratchy
Clothing -- Summer: medium grey armor crafted by mother and father
Clothing -- Winter: nothing more needed
Jewlery Worn, Made: none
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none
Pets/Animals Kept: none
Notable Posessions: armor and tools
Holt Function: armorer, weaponsmith and guardian
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 8/10, Magic Feeling 8/10, Rock Shaping 9/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: hot armory and forges, clear cold days and nights
General Likes: stars on a clear night, a cool breeze in the forge, friends and drinking
General Dislikes: exhaustion, burns, not having enough enemies to fight
Fears/Worries: will their holt be invaded? only a matter of time
Special Strange Info: he's a little paranoid for such a young guy
Basic Personality: slightly angry, pent up, quick to anger
How they feel about
: feh, they're nowhere near as good as elves
Elves -- herders: prefer my meat on the hoof thanks
Elves -- magic users: no use in pretending they're not important
Elves -- bond-riders: can't wait to become one
Trolls, etc: from what Jade says, they're much better armorsmiths and weaponmakers than even she is!


Dragon Name: Copperspark
Gender: Male
Size: small 8'6" s /35' l / 38' ws
Build: hefty, stronger keel and forelimbs than hind
Physical Features: ice-wing-ish? Not an icewing however many traits he might seem to have in common; leathery hide, four legs with short clawed paws; two leather wings with 4 internal fingers and a strong wrist thumb all clawed; boxy head with external ears, and a strong crystaline-bone crest on back of head and neck; long thick tail with bone/crystal spikes
Colors: body high contrast dark brown-copper with very deep belly and lighter shade above, scattered with glowing aquamarine dots concentrated heavily on neck, tail, and particularly neck's crest; wingsails mottled more darkly copper with soot, and only arm area and on dorsal portion are there glowing dots; similarly glowing aquamarine eyes
Stats: Strength 6, Speed 2, Endurance 6, Agility 2, Health 4, Intelligence 3
Abilities: Winged Flight good for short distance flights or glides down from the top of the Mountain only, he's far too heavy in body and limb (and tail) to get good lift with just flapping, but once he gets going, or if there are other dragons who can either aid with wind gusts or warm air, telekinetics, or whatever else is going on, he can definitely keep up with the group
Burrowing^ an ability brought on by the crystal and metal power he holds, he can seamlessly move through solid stone, dirt, gravel, sand, and ores almost as though becoming part of the surrounding dirt and emerging on the other side; he cannot do this with Rook riding him
Telepathy and Verbal Speech he has a gruff voice that is still smooth and heavy, and his mental voice also sounds like molten copper
Crystal and Metal Control ^ supremely able to manipulate the ores and deposits of crystals in an area, Copperspark is responsible for making sure that nothing falls and rooms don't collapse, mostly by lining the walls with durable piping and even thin but strong sheets of metals, crystal supports that will not chip or shatter even under incredible loads, and arches of pure shaped diamond. He is absolutely consumed by the desire to see both safety and beauty, and his shaping power is at least as strong as Kolgar's and affects a broader radius due to his sheer size, plus he isn't an elf: he can shape metals just as quickly and easily as plain stone (in fact, much better, he concentrates his efforts on crystal and ore)
Parents: Unknown
Origin: adopted from and colored by Revenade, with MetaphysicalMonsters base, on Deviantart
Other Info: Seemingly unique among the dragons of Bald Mountain, at least for the time being, Copperspark spends most of his time underground, but truly enjoys going out for hunts (he absolutely can and does want to take down a mammoth, and he certainly would eat most of it...)