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Name: Teyfu

Bonded to: brown M Kevdayth

Age: young adult (around 30), born in Chilldays/Late Autumn
Soul Name: (none) Known By: none
: female Mate Status/Sex Preference: anyone will do
Children: none yet
Parents/Relatives: Mother: Daabda, hardly attached any more; Father: Niyr, dead; Siblings: Sister: Taoumen, younger, captured by Trolls; all current family members living many days flight north into the mountains, though she's thought about trying to find her mother's family on the plains
Original Tribe: Go-backs after Palace vanishes, Plains-elf blooded Arrived to Bald Mountain: 200
: 4'3" Build: sturdy, well padded
Hair Color, Length, Style: brick red, naturally straight, to their high back
Eye Color, Size, Shape: fire, almond shaped, high, often delightfully devious
Skin Tone: ruddy, has Plains elf in her line which is considerably darker than most Go-Back skin
Voice Quality: husky, full
Clothing -- Summer: simple leather tunic in umber, soft shoes
Clothing -- Winter: coarse leather pants of ruby, a long-sleeved heavy fur and thick leather umber shirt, and soft shoes, and chest straps
Jewlery Worn, Made: none
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: several noticable scars on their right foot and their neck
Pets/Animals Kept: a male, smallish elk with a good number of points on its antlers; this elk brought her to the Holt, but now seems to be integrating himself into the local herd
Notable Posessions: has few possessions, the Go-Backs aren't known for holding on to things
Holt Function: She enjoys scouting and watching for enemies
Strength: Very High
Very High
Very High
Above Average
Above Average
Magic Power:
Below Average
Magic? How Powerful?
Sending 5/10, Magic Feeling 2/10, Fire Starting 8/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: really prefers the snow, cold winds, ice
General Likes: a clear cold morning, roast boar
General Dislikes: deep water, having no obvious escape route
Fears/Worries: that their holt will be invaded by Trolls on her watch
Special Strange Info: she was definitely looked at as an outcast due to her fire starting ability, but it still proved useful enough that she wasn't made to leave
Basic Personality: not really sullen but she's had to learn to be callous particularly about insults and magic use
How they feel about...
: huh, well they make decent items, not bad hunters
Elves -- herders: easy food is easy food
Elves -- magic users: culturally she's supposed to stay away from them, but obviously she can't, since she is one
Elves -- bond-riders: now this is living!
Trolls, etc: again culturally there's a massive amount of hatred and fear, but she has met a few, mainly escaped slaves, who have indicated that the mountain Trolls the Go-Backs fight are exceptionally bad even to their own kind
Skills: Attack/Martial Arts: Extremely High
Attack/Medium Range Melee (Javelin (held)): Above Average
Hunting - Axe: Extremely High
Ranged - Lasso: Very High
Against Trolls - metal, heavy shield: Above Average
Running: Below Average
Ride: Average
Verbal Communication/Insults and Taunts: Above Average

History: her family remained in the mountains long enough to realize that there was more to life than scrabbling around, met up with Plains elves on their northernmost wanderings... her mother's family went back south, but for whatever reason she decided to head toward the harsh troll-claimed lands once more. So she was born to strife, even with the loose treaty between Picknose's tribe and the elves, there were still a massive amount of Mountain trolls residing deeper into the mountain range, and were never going to let their hard-won loot or land go.

Trained from childhood to enjoy the snow, thrill to hunt, and evade Troll weapons and traps, she was suddenly shunned a bit when her fire starting began to appear. A tribe filled with non-magical elves, and everyone knew it was her mother's line that carried so much of it...

Teyfu saw her young sister captured, and when she was a little older watched her father die to their cruelty. She headed away, just grabbed an elk and galloped southward along the great ice wall until she realized it wasn't ice under his hooves any more. In the rougher and slightly safer terrain Teyfu met another half-Go-Back, Eshuu, and after that traveled with him, locating more of the Go-Backs scattered and unusual children along the way. They'd also encountered a small trio of silent but powerful 'Ice Gliders', eagerly welcomed into their fold since they could shape the very ice they walked on!

They had been a group not quite a full turn of the seasons, when Ainea spotted this group and brought them to Bald Mountain; Teyfu had hardly gotten used to the place when they told her she'd be an excellent rider. Well she knew that, the elk was skittish at best, and she'd remained on his back through avalanches and pitfalls, longtooth-hunts, and even a troll attack.

There was a strange, specific batch of dragons, hatching up in mountains quite a bit like her old home. A huge number of them, in fact, and even though Teyfu had to learn a lot of new words ("human, dragon, threadfall") she felt the minds of the dragonets in their eggs drawing her close. One hatched to reveal a lovely dark brown wing, then a white and tan face! Had she a soul name, the dragon might have known it from hatching, just as she knew his name: Kevdayth. Together they learned to feed, fly, hunt, and play in the snowy skies! Soon enough the group was summoned back to Bald Mountain, and they would comprise a uniquely suited northern wing! Maybe they'd even visit Ainea up in the very far ice more regularly than their digs in Bald Mountain itself!

Kevdayth Name: Kevdayth
Gender: male
Size: medium-small (for a pernese) 9'6" s / 55' l / 70' ws
Build: stocky pernese, large wings
Physical Features: though typical of most pernese types with split tail, neck crest, and headknobs, he has a thick coat of fur with only his face bare
Colors: rich brown with tan and white accents patterned as a bernese
Stats: Strength 3, Speed 1, Endurance 5, Agility 4, Health 3, Intelligence 3
Abilities: Winged Flight - large and strong wings, and since they're covered in a nice plush fur he doesn't need to worry too much about losing heat; very well suited to long patrols
Teleportation - exceptionally good with medium length teleports, up to 10 miles at a jaunt. While he's capable of doing the quick betweening of a Thread fighter, there are few threats that he can't just flap away from, even when the Trolls are on the move. His longer distance teleport requires a good clear image from Teyfu, thankfully those are in plentiful supply
Telekinesis - unusually for a single dragon, Kevdayth is capable of minor localized telekinesis that keeps his eyes clear of wind and grit, snow, or rain; he cannot lift heavy things with it, but if others are combining their efforts he aids greatly
Telepathy - quite strong with his rider, but since she's telepathic already that makes sense; he can connect with the other dragons of the Holt easily though his longer distance connectivity is a bit weak, so he does rely more on his rider for that
Assisted Firebreath - with a rider who can literally create flames of her own, he conserves his own use of the coal and phosphor stones in the area. Since they're mainly scout riders this isn't much of an issue; he has a keen nose for the stuff, however, and when the Trolls uncover new veins of any useful ore or stones he'll alert Teyfu to have collectors go get it
Parents: none known
Origin: Mystic art with Phe shading
Other Info: Very well suited to the highest altitudes and chilliest winds, Kevdayth loves to soar for hours and keeps watch along the mountains