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Udli and Dragonfire



Bonded to:(?)

Age: young adult (born year 297) Sex: female
Soul Name: Known By:
Mate Status/Sex Preference: single/straight
Children: none yet
Parents/Relatives: Father Udli, mother Dragonfire (out of recognition), Grandparents Cinder and Shrike, uncle Blazeblade (living, dragonriders)
Height: 4'0" Build: sleek and well-muscled, chesty
Hair Color, Length, Style: deep red-brown, straight and long, held back by headband
Eye Color, Size, Shape: orange, medium
Skin Tone: medium to tanned
Voice Quality: strong, sharp, sure
Clothing -- Summer: spandex outfit in orange and yellow, with metal/plastic boots and belt, gloves with metal guards, harness, and shoulder pads in metal
Clothing -- Winter: lol winter.
Jewlery Worn, Made: she wears her uniform like it's a prized jewel.
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none known
Pets/Animals Kept: they'd have to be flying or really like fire
Notable Posessions: Crescent City Hero ID card
Holt Function: superhero! Well, on Twoarth.
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 6/10, Magic Feeling 2/10, Firestart/Shape 9/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: cities, human habitations, total weirdo
General Likes: making friends, leading groups
General Dislikes: people who can't deal with her size, very cold things
Fears/Worries: a hero has to be fearless!
Special Strange Info: Attends Carramba High School and later graduates to become a hero for the city, and no, she can't actually seem to distinguish between "human" and "furry human" and in fact a lot of other creatures escape her notice - they're citizens or criminals to her!
Basic Personality: fire blaster, nuff said
How they feel about
: they're just like everyone else on Twoarth - oh wait you mean the furless ones?
Elves -- herders: ... don't you just shop at the market?
Elves -- magic users: yes! way more fun than no magic!
Elves -- bond-riders: I attended classes, I need to find a bond friend!
Trolls, etc: if they keep to themselves, they're just like any other citizen, right?