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Bonded to: (sponsored by) Taweny and Hebaka From: Chavan Giveaway / Spectral Wilds

Age: unknown, not as young as he looks by a long shot Born in: unknown
Soul Name: thwt Known By: only himself and perhaps Primrose? Found: unknown, likely after capture by Trolls
Sex: male Mate Status/Sex Preference: unmated but as he opens up he might find partners, is likely to be overprotective of any children he might sire
Children: none right now
Parents/Relatives: unknown early Gliders
Original Tribe: Gliders? Arrived to Bald Mountain: 175 early
Height: 5'5" Build: extremely slight and skinny, bony, but he will be gaining muscle and fat slowly as he learns how to eat socially
Hair Color, Length, Style: dark red, almost crimson; now very voluminous but a bit uncontrolled; very long, past his butt at this point, and it's grown quite a lot since being rescued
Eye Color, Size, Shape: blood red, quite striking; usually under afraid brows, very slightly crosseyed
Skin Tone: extremely pale from perhaps centuries away from the sun, and slightly burnt from being in the sun; he will not regain much in the way of color in his skin even if he gently tries to ease back outside and will continue to burn and peel
Voice Quality: high and wispy, airy, hardly loud enough to hear from across a room
Clothing -- Summer: the red tunic shown, it has loose 3/4 length broad sleeves, and a cloth belt
Clothing -- Winter: adds the thin black cloth leggings and large heavy wool black cloak, thin shoes
Jewlery Worn, Made: has collected numerous small gems and creates beads with them, though he also tends to give those away instead of keeping them
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: somehow he hasn't gotten terribly damaged from the time with the Trolls, but has no other markings
Pets/Animals Kept: none, he was kept
Notable Posessions: none, he made it out alive and with the woolen cloak
Holt Function: gem crafter
Strength: low
above average
average (up from below avg)
low, growing to average
average (height; very low build)
Magic Power:
very high
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 2/10 - he used to be very good with this and remembers a time he could still detect distant minds while being dragged around underground; now he has a lot of damage needing to be healed before he can actively communicate this way; may increase to around 5/10
Magic Feeling 6/10 - has always been good with detecting where elf magic has been used, and in a way has used this to communicate with other elf prisoners of the Trolls, by leaving a distinct 'signature' on stones or archways
Rock Shaping 9/10 - a very strong ability that has been honed over half a life of toil, if you hand him any stone he'll easily be able to tell you what kind it is, where it was formed under what circumstances, how pure it is, and would you like a goblet or a mace head made from it? It's almost hard for him to not be shaping stones all around himself. Speaking of that, he used exactly that idea to escape from the southernmost Troll tunnels, and wandered for who knows how long between the walls of those tunnels until he found the
Gem/Crystal Shaping 7/10 - he has a specifically tuned ability to coax crystal formations away from their bed of stone, and can cleanse impurities out if they're going to fracture, but also can cause a hard stone to flow like sap into a new shape within a few minutes
Climate/Locations Preferred: indoors, preferably below ground, as he used to be good with heights or open air as a Glider but he's terrified of those now
General Likes: having other elves around - but not necessarily too close up, he's very sensitive; even after all he's been through he still loves stone, rock, gems, and artistry
General Dislikes: burning heat, as from a forge; trolls in general, though he does know that there were troll slaves along side the elves so he knows they aren't all bad!
Fears/Worries: that any of those horrible northern Trolls will attack this new home; also that he will no longer be able to connect with any elves or have magic in general
Special Strange Info: he doesn't truly remember any specific people from Blue Mountain, nor even if he had relationships there
Basic Personality: at his arrival to Bald Mountain he was literally a shell of a person, but now he is finally starting to reawaken and has realized consciously that he doesn't have to be any specific 'person' now - he can exist for himself. Well, and the dragons, and his new friends! 'baffled' and 'bewildered' come to mind
How they feel about
: oh they used, he does recall that they were slaves there at Blue Mountain. Servants, perhaps, but definitely not equals. There are a couple here, and they are definitely of equal to any elf around
Elves -- herders: Primrose has told of the groups that she encountered on her own wandering, and some of those have also wound up here
Elves -- magic users: it's a shame that trolls and humans don't also have proper magic like elves, perhaps they wouldn't have to harm each other if they did
Elves -- bond-riders: he's not sure about 'riding' any of his new friends, but he knows that back with the Gliders they rode the eagles!
Trolls, etc: he is abjectly and completely terrified of the northern Trolls, but easily tells the difference between them and their war-spoiled slaves, and those living around the desert; appreciates their abilities to work metals, he can't do that
Bond Animal Info if any: well he can't say that he is bonded to two amazing dragons, more that they picked him up as a side project...

Skills: all the rock information and shaping you could possibly want. Also stealth, somehow, maybe it's the fear of being found that he can use to his advantage and simply hide almost in plain sight

History: (See Primrose for some of it, I haven't written his personal story beyond what's obvious here) Was rescued by Primrose and kept safe, until these dragon friends showed up out of the blue and helped them get their bearings. They knew there was something...


Dragon Name: Taweny Iuty-Kems
Gender: female, bearer
Size: tiny 3'4" s /22' l / 10'5" ws
Colors: Fawn-Brown
Abilities: Winged Flight - quick in the air for short periods, Taweny likes to roost on ledges or in treetops and spring on prey or friend alike depending on her mood; rarely carries anything, but when she does it's held close to her body and with care
Telepathy - the scent of fallen leaves and autumn come with this dragon's mind, and she tends to speak with a rustling like brittle leaves
Telekinesis - she concentrates on lifting and holding items close to herself while moving around, all but tucking them into her curly mane, but never allowing anything to fall even if she's scooting around quickly; she can lift more than two-elves worth of weight, which is quite a bit more than expected for such a tiny little thing! She can only lift them when very near, but if she brushes up against something and wants to keep it, it just sticks... (yes, she's a little katamari)
Gem Shaping - doesn't do a lot of this, frankly, but she will eagerly locate crystals and gems, and carry them in bulk into the mountain for Bundle or other elves to work on, can unerringly spot where best to look for them, as well
Parents: unknown, unrelated
Other Info: Carefree, Helpful, Independent; Taweny enjoys 'found' things, and was the one who 'found' Bundle (though he was definitely already with Primrose on their way northward) and decided that he needed their help. She'll eagerly move from roost to roost but will always enjoy coming back to the main Bald Mountain aerie when there are celebrations or new arrivals. Sometimes she's brought new arrivals their gear, what if they had that pack they lost when the zwoots stampeeded? Well as long as she knows where to look and maybe has some other dragon teleport her to that locale overall, she'll find it! bring it back! Sure!
Name: Hebaka Tjen-Atho
Gender: male, sires
Size: tiny 3'9" s / 26' l / 12' ws
Colors: pink black
Abilities: Winged Flight - a durable flier for one with small wings, uses his telekinetic power to lift where there is little wind, and to keep himself aloft longer than expected even if he has to carry items or elves
Telepathy - mind feels like a stiff wind, the kind that blows constantly like a canyon would funnel it; he is very intelligent, and understands quite a bit about the worlds he's been through, and it shows in his comprehension of the Elves' condition here on Abode
Telekinesis - strong but broadly spaced, with little in the way of detailed motion, used to keep aloft or to buffet something, he can use this to erect a brief 'shield' between himself and small items, like falling debris or a thrown spear, though this comes at the cost of being unable to keep lifting, so he would do that on the ground instead
Gem Shaping - he likes large, heavy crystal formations best, and can create durable items such as pillars, archways, or even smashing weapons that the elves can use. Assesses the strength of any given crystal before deciding to 'fix it up' or discard it for other uses, and he has been the one to shape a few of the dragon's den inner-mountain openings after their arrival to Bald Mountain; so if you've seen a glittering ruby arch, or a semi-circle shape of emerald in a wall fit for a dragon to perch on, he's likely the one who did it!
Parents: unknown, unrelated
Other Info: Decisive, Kindly, Optimistic; they came to Abode at his direction, somehow, and instantly saw that Taweny was right: there was someone who desperately needed care that was both gentle and distant. Between the two of them they helped Primrose get Bundle to the mountain, and helped shape up a den for him that he could grow into carefully. He knew that Bundle would grow - slowly though, and he wants to make sure that even if they're not always around he feels appreciated and loved.

Dragon information for both:
Origin: Chavan Giveaway by Ktrenal 5.15.23
Chavan dragons originate from the Chavan Mountains in the Spectral Wilds. They are fairly small, but long and low-slung, generally only 3-5’ feet at the shoulder and 20-35’ long. Covered with thick, curly fur, Chavan dragons have marbled, cloudy markings. Bright colours are most common, but pastels, light, and dark colours are not unusual, and there are no ranking differences between the colours.
With their exceptional telekinetic ability, combined with the ability to create and enchant gemstones, Chavan dragons often specialise in the making of jewellery and charms, but it’s not uncommon for one to pursue a career in smithing, toolmaking, or – in contrast – take a more shamanistic role. While not necessarily highly social, Chavan dragons value a sense of belonging in their community, and seek to contribute however they can, though this doesn’t guarantee benevolent intent: Chavan dragons have as diverse personalities as any other sentient being.
Chavan dragons are mammalian, and therefore reproduce in litters of 5-10 pups, which are raised by both parents until they’re old enough to be fostered or sponsored by a neighbouring family or community. Their names are 2-4 syllables long, followed by a hyphenated surname consisting of the first four letters of the father’s name, followed by the first four letters of the mother’s name. The genders listed here are their biological sex; Chavan dragons may take any gender identity they like. All progens and unrelated.
They don't naturally bond, but sponsoring is part of their culture, so sponsors would be the norm. Adults would be able to be candidates to bond a dragon that naturally bonds.