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Bonded to: ore Zanelaw From: Honshu Drakhold Rainbow Glitz

Age: over 5000 Born in: probably Newgreen, it was a long time ago
Soul Name: lewm Known By: herself only, possibly old and deceased mates Found: when wandering the desert alone
Sex: female Mate Status/Sex Preference: currently single and looking, has Recognized in the distant past and very likely has scattered Desert, Plains, and even Sun Village descendants due to this, but she's never tried tracking her children down at all, and is looking forward instead of back
Children: see above
Parents/Relatives: parents were likely 2nd generation firstcomers to Abode, as her stature seems to indicate
Original Tribe: Rootless Ones, proto-desert/Sun Village group Arrived to Bald Mountain: 175 (early in the year)
Height: 5'7" Build: slender and tall but quite muscular and more 'lean' than wiry, she is not skinny
Hair Color, Length, Style: dark brown-red, wooly and kept reasonably long, styled by others on occasion, and in the above shown braids when she's feeling like keeping it pretty
Eye Color, Size, Shape: dark brown, almond shaped and high over sharp cheeks
Skin Tone: dusky charcoal brown, quite a bit deeper than most even in the Sun Village, though not as dark as a few here
Voice Quality: high and clear
Clothing -- Summer: when it's very hot she still likes to keep a smock or light dress on to keep the sun from baking her, and wears sandals
Clothing -- Winter: as above, she enjoys complicated styles that even the Humans would trade for, and has thin leather boots
Jewlery Worn, Made: rarely wears metal or gems, but sometimes creates nice flower crowns or necklaces of vines, or uses cast off wood pieces to make beads
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: no scars, somehow, but she is looking at the tattoos that a few have and recognizes their designs - she did wander quite a bit and may have encountered the same groups of humans that kept Squall captive - not that she would take the same designs that a human slave-holding tribe might, but it might inspire something new
Pets/Animals Kept: do bees count? They aren't pets but they do seem to like her
Notable Posessions: cuttings and seeds, sprouts of plant life from her travels
Holt Function: beekeeper and cultivator of plants for food and flowers
Strength: average
above average
above average (tall, decent build)
above average
Magic Power:
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 7/10, is able to clearly send her thoughts across reasonable distances, covering the entire Bald Mountain area in a broad manner, can be rather intense one on one for this reason
Magic Feeling 3/10, she has a good but close range to detect where elf magic has been used, generally plant shaping or strong thought sending
Plant Shape 9/10, she has been able to manipulate both living and dead plant matter ever since she was a very young child, and has a refined idea of what to do with this power. Able to attract bees and other pollinators such as bats and moths, she easily provided both fruit and honey when the bees decided to remain near their flower supplies. She will wander around an area, very widely in fact, and make sure that there are some kind of flowering plants in order to feed bees, with specific colors and patterns on their petals at times making certain their specific breeds don't start competing for the same areas. While dead wood or plants are slightly more difficult to work on, the things she can make with piles of cut reeds or dropped twigs are sturdy and useful. From simple weapons and traps to netting, hanging seats, hammocks, and sun hats, all of them will serve their uses for several hands of years before breaking down
Animal Bonding 1/10, it's entirely possible that her 'bonding' is able to attract and entertain bees, they have hardly ever stung her, and always respond well to her soothing voice to coax them into a new spot when they're swarming
Climate/Locations Preferred: open and breezy warm air, the kind you get over the plains or scrubland, rather than the harsher oppressive blasts of heat over the dunes; doesn't mind the mountains and their seasons, but she's always walking around and rarely up in the higher areas
General Likes: daytime, from early morning into dusk, generally speaking when the bees are up and about for their own day
General Dislikes: chill and murky weather, when it's very muggy and moist but not quite raining
Fears/Worries: fires spreading out of control, lightning storms and flash floods
Special Strange Info: she is quite old compared to many in this holt but not nearly as ancient as the Tall Elves; few of the inhabitants could come close to any of them
Basic Personality: steady and friendly but always on her way somewhere; not a busybody, just active physically. She doesn't fidget if she has to remain in one spot for a length of time, but she will begin to want to wander if she's kept from it too long - the longest she's ever spent in one holt or location has been about 40 years so we'll see how long she stays here?
How they feel about
: brutes for the most part but the traders in the plains, and many of the more civilized groups she truly enjoys being around and trading with; they made her dress after all
Elves -- herders: she's been a herder, following and then leading alternately, both of bees and food on the hoof
Elves -- magic users: she's in very good company here
Elves -- bond-riders: and now she's a rider too, what hasn't she done? along her journeys she knows there are mixed-blooded elf tribes and is absolutely fine with that, unlike that arrogant ancient Yasheel. Too bad she is also a plant shaper, Primrose feels that the woman's giving magic a bad name...
Trolls, etc: she has never been actively captured by trolls and for that she's thankful, given the tumultuous mind that Bundle offered her when she came near the Tunnel of Golden Light's exit
Bond Animal Info if any: see below; before now she's had tame zwoots (camel-like creatures), horses, goats, and even a strange now-extinct desert dwelling lizard as mounts, but none of them lived longer than their normal animal span - unlike some of the wolves she's met, and cats for that matter

Skills: weaving, plant based items of all types are hers to create and she's always making something. Whether it's with grass stems and lengths of dried bark, or creating living hammocks with vines and leaves, it's all clever and pretty at the same time
navigation, on foot she's been traveling for nearly all of her five thousand year life, and she has made the effort to know the plants and landmarks; knowing that they change over time is also important, but the roots of an ancient tree can tell her that a towering camphor tree was felled a hundred years ago, or that a new ring of growth has overtaken a once-clear outcropping
survival, she can subsist on fruits and veggies and honey indefinitely, but does know how to use those traps and nets, and easily snares small prey like rabbits or squirrels. While it's not much for more than just herself, she doesn't care to gorge on anything big anyway. Also she knows how to hide and protect herself from larger animals and humans
language and culture, she has studied humans and other elf tribes and can see just how important it is that elves now start making friends with those humans around them. If they're apt to attack, find better humans. Primrose can trade and barter with most human tribes, knowing how to leave 'gifts' in places along with a drawing or inscribed piece of wood with an image of perhaps a dress or a bunch of arrows, wait for them to be replaced with something else, and go along her way without even talking. But she does enjoy chatting with the friendly tribes
herbalism and health care, though she's not a medical expert, and not a healer, she does know that honey will keep a wound from festering, and can make both bandages and splits or crutches for injured people. She literally dragged Bundle in a travois she made, and put effort into locating and culturing herbs that could soothe not only his burnt skin but his frantic mind

History: Primrose was not always named that, but she's kept it for a thousand years at least, and seems likely to continue. Her family drifted from the depths of the woodland far to the north, lands which have now been taken by snow, glaciers, or humans and trolls. They left when there were still glaciers, she was born during a melt, and has never really stopped moving around even though her family settled among desert and scrub dwellers shortly after her birth. She followed the bees, almost able to hear them singing directions to her. Hives were always good to find, she reasoned, because that meant a somewhat steady supply of flowering plants, and plants mean water! Out in the dunes, very hard to find, but she rarely ventured too far into the loose hot sands.

She had mates, children, other names, along the way. But now she had discovered the entrance to a cave system - sensing deep below and into the ground that there were plants being harvested by heavy hands, not elfin hands and not human ones. Drawn to this area by a scattered, haunted elf mind, she found Bundle - unnamed, she named him thus - huddled just outside trying to force himself to step into the sun for the first time in who knew how long.

They followed the great wall of stone, not really wanting to climb it, and then two small furry dragons appeared as if from nowhere. They aided in getting the pair of elves moving northward, and at about half way to the Bald Mountain Holt, a third dragon joined them. Or more accurately, a drak! He'd arrived a bit before them actually, and was at the Mountain for a short period before realizing 'hey my bond is near'... Portaling to them, and bringing the foursome back to the Holt, they've been establishing themselves ever since.

Primrose and Primrose and Zanelaw fit right in almost immediately, but poor Bundle... He was ill-suited to being anywhere but under tons of rock and in the darkness for so long, that he's still a bit shy to go look at the night sky or high-ones forbid the open day.

There is more than enough to do and see here with this new group of elves, that Primrose will probably want to settle here quite some time. But when she does start getting the urge to wander... She has a quick and easy way right back home again!

Dragon Name: Zanelaw ty Nelaaw Honshu
Gender: Male
Size: medium 9' s /40' l / 45' and 40' ws
Physical Features: heavily furry drak; non-scaled/full body furred, with a thicker mane and tail, less on wing fingers/feet and face; external ears, rainbow backswept upturned horns
Colors: Ore Opal (silver body with
Abilities: Winged Flight, quite like Primrose's bees, Zanelaw flies in a bee-line or in a bumbling flutter depending on the need of the moment; he can easily carry whoever is in need of a ride, though he does prefer to have them holding on to his mane and neck, rather than interfering with his shoulders
Teleportation - Portal Based, as a drak he is able to produce a portal that opens long enough for him to go through either in flight or on the ground, though that's much harder so he does tend to be in motion and flying. He projects an image in his mind of the spot needed to reach, and if he is familiar with an area he is there in a flash; can alight on the top of Bald Mountain itself, down by the lake, or any number of other specific locations that Primrose has in her mind clearly enough
Verbal Speech and Telepathy, speaks with a much clearer and less-accented sound than some draks, and has learned elfin easily; normally however he does speak telepathically, which differs from true Icarian draks considerably; his range with this is not very long, but he can be picked up easily by his rider
Breath Weapon - Fire / Acid, he does not use fire breath unless he's really in a corner, mostly out of deference for the locals - Primrose's inner fear of losing entire forests is quite real, and he understands this implicitly. He therefore chooses to use the heavy acid spray common to his dam's kind; he spews a bunch of it in an area and makes a point of showing off that it is eating the plants and whatever else is stuck in it, and that generally speaking will stop a human attack, and scare animals away with its smell. This substance eventually dissolves, it's not nearly as strong as a true Icarian drak's
Parents: Dam: Fire Opal Icarian Drak Kaurynel (Mystic) + Sire: Rainbow Black Drak Mutt D'phaliaaw Ty Miashaw Alamyr (Name Ends: -awel for females, -elaw for males)
Origin: Honshu Drakhold, Rainbow Glitz Opal Drak giveaway by Nomi 3.2023
Other Info: A true Ore in terms of his personality and steady behavior, Zanelaw prefers to defend rather than attack, and enjoys his time with the elves as much as with the dragons and other draks of the Holt. He will protect Primrose as she wanders, even if she doesn't really want to ride him as a 'knight'