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Bonded to: Kiforth From: Mystic's Bernese

Age: 112 Born in: early Newgreen
Soul Name: none Known By: none Found: n/a
Sex: male Mate Status/Sex Preference: unmated, wants a more steady mate, straight
Children: several deceased from Go-Back era
Parents/Relatives: all deceased, doesn't actually know who his parents are, it was a rough time for the Go-Backs
Original Tribe: Go-Backs, pure Arrived to Bald Mountain: 200
Height: 4'1" Build: muscular and even
Hair Color, Length, Style: dark brown, mid-back, kept in braids and loose in back
Eye Color, Size, Shape: medium brown, small, high set
Skin Tone: light but not pale
Voice Quality: gritty, as serious as he looks, though he is learning how to unclench
Clothing -- Summer: he'll lose everything but the pants probably
Clothing -- Winter: as shown, warm long sleeved brown leather shirt with stiff leather tunic, softer cream leather pants, fur boots
Jewlery Worn, Made: none
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: has several scars on arms and back from fights with Trolls
Pets/Animals Kept: has had a few elk under his care, and enjoys working with them even with dragons around
Notable Posessions: long dual bladed axe taken from Trolls, and the embellished belt also taken from an enemy
Holt Function: elk breeder?
Strength: high
above average
below average
Magic Power:
below average
Magic? How Powerful?
Sending 6/10, Magic Feeling 1/10 while all Go-Backs are able to send adequately, he prefers to speak, however he can still send up to 3 miles to ping others at his range limit, and tends to do so in order to make sure everyone's where they should be
Animal Empathy 6/10, Animal Healing 3/10 he is able to soothe and calm panicky animals, not just elk but virtually anything non-elf, though not on elves or other humanoids; his healing ability can aid in recovery time for sprinting and long-haul travel, easing muscle pain or damage, and generally making them feel rested even if they haven't slept in a day; this power does work on dragons
Climate/Locations Preferred: frozen pine forests, places with some cover
General Likes: maintaining the herd safety, training elk
General Dislikes: being covered in gore from battle, the smell of Troll caves
Fears/Worries: that dragons will just eat the whole new herd of elk, though he knows they are much better at figuring out what animals to take
Special Strange Info: his magic blended in with the Go-Backs skill sets, and was never noticed nor talked about, so he feels like it's just 'the thing they all did', but now he knows better and seems rather proud of having his magical ability
Basic Personality: calm but protective, he's not jumpy but he is seemingly always prepared for a fight - somewhat thanks to being around elk, who are big but flighty prey animals
How they feel about
: so far they've been pretty decent people, he likes trading with them and has gotten very nice tethers and bridles from them for the elk and even his dragon
Elves -- herders: if they were out on the snow plains any longer, that's definitely what he'd be...
Elves -- magic users: whoops, I'm a magic user!
Elves -- bond-riders: this is still new to him, he knows that the Wolfriders who came through the lodge were part-wolf, but he's definitely not part-dragon?
Trolls, etc: he prefers to remain distant from those who are in the Holt, but knows that there are many Trolls who fear their own northern kin as much as any elf does
Bond Animal Info if any: he tends the herd of elk, and keeps track of their breeding, though they aren't bonded to him like his dragon is

Skills: Ranged (thrown javelin): Extremely High
Hunting (javelin): Very High
Attack/Medium-range Melee (long poled axe): Above Average
Tracking/Difficult Weather and Terrain (snow): Very High
Stealth/Snow: High
Animal Lore/Herds: Very High
Animal Health: Very High
Elk Training: High
Gambling/Gaming: Average

History: His people had wandered the great ice plains for as long as they had stories, and had actually only just settled in the mountains when he was born. He's noticed a lot of folk seem to think that the Go-Backs were there, and named such, much longer than they actually had been. But that was likely due to them having refused to allow mere Recognition to dominate their breeding cycles - many more generations of their people had passed than, say, the Wolfriders or other such elves, in the same amount of time. Thousands of turns of the seasons meant that the Go-Backs had plenty of cubs, deaths, and fights; stories to tell around their camp fires that sometimes seemed legendary. It was only after Khavi became chief that they moved into those mountains, and only just after that, when Parn was born. He slept closer to the elk pens early in his life, and lost his parents to a quick and dirty fight with a hunting party of Trolls - didn't even hear about it until someone mentioned it in passing. How casually cruel the elves could be, he didn't understand the words but he definitely understood that concept. They claimed they 'had' to be, to survive. And in a way they weren't wrong, but... It never sat well with Parn.

While life and nature could be cruel on the surface, animals picked off the weak, the elderly, the sick, in a herd. That made the rest stronger for it. Were his parents weak? Sick? Neither - they had been good trackers and hunters themselves. It made the whole tribe weaker by not having good prey trackers, it put them all more at risk. Disappointed in the tribe for such shallow thinking, Parn bided his time. He fought with the Trolls and it felt good - it was still in his blood after all. But it wasn't where his heart beat strongest. He even fought in the biggest battle - the one within view of the Palace itself! He was young, scared, he'd taken trophies from other battles in the caves and out in the snow, but not here. It didn't feel right.

At one point the tribe began fracturing, even before the yellow-eyed betrayer Rayek sent everyone scattering. He'd never heard of this until arriving at Bald Mountain, actually! Some Go-Backs packed up and ... well, 'went'. Wherever. He and some others including ones which were wolf-blooded, or had the darkly tan skin of the Plains elves, made their way out from the Go-Back lodge for good. There were two hands of them at first, whittled down by bad luck, bad weather, and Trolls. Always Trolls. And they were not alone on their wandering, a fact realized when there was a freak lightning storm that... brought Eshuu to this group from his own harried and beaten party.

Teyfu, Eshuu, himself, Jit, Ahec, and Gaor - they moved around after losing Oyd and Teln to that nasty white-bear. It could have taken the elk but apparently it was out for elf blood, and that was terrifying enough to just get on the elk and run. They ran much farther, into the day and through a night, thanks to Parn's magical encouragement.

Finally, they met up with the trio of unusual others - Aoku, Meysh, and their scarred, blind but capable daughter Tabea. (And of course it was Ahec that was so baffled 'how do they have a daughter' he sputtered, dim enough in the head that he just could not understand 'adopted'...) Eventually as they moved more and more south, it was again Ahec who convinced Gaor that they should investigate a nearby Troll cavern entrance. Neither of them were proficient enough with sending to be able to communicate outwardly from that depth, and... that was probably for the best.

For the first time in his life, Parn actually thought perhaps, their cruelty befitted their end.

It was not very long after, that they picked up a strange mental ping. Curious! And even more so when they realized it was an elf that had... well, dragons? With her? And was she related to the trio? Kinda-sorta? Things moved very quickly after that, with the group moving down to this place they called a Holt, Bald Mountain by name. What a grand place that was! Even if the mountain was pretty small particularly when most of this group had seen the great Frozen Mountains all their lives? But still it was busy with life - and the elk seemed to like it here. They had possibly been kept up north after migration, hands and hands before, as the local herds seemed to be apt to move both farther north and deeply south with the weather and seasons.

So Parn and the others were then shuffled off, it was a confusing place - not-place - he couldn't pin down what exactly this Den thing was. From there, a new snowy place - they all felt much more comfortable there than inside the Den, frankly. And even more so when these lovely furry dragons, somewhat like Nivoan that had come with Ainea was, started choosing among them for their life-long bonds!

Kiforth Name: Kiforth
Gender: Male
Size: small 7'7" s / 45' l / 90' ws
Build: muscular, not bulky
Physical Features: though typical of most pernese types with split tail, neck crest, and headknobs, has a thick coat of fur with only face bare
Colors: body and wingsails rich royal blue with stronger bright blue and blue-tinted white accents; bright blue-white crest; rainbow eyes
Stats: Strength 2, Speed 5, Endurance 3, Agility 5, Health 4, Intelligence 4
Abilities: Winged Flight, Kiforth is definitely a short-range, high-agility flier. He's good with herding elk from overhead or under the trees, since he's reasonably small he can run with his wings tucked down to pursue prey or nudge yearlings into the right spots; he can lift his rider and perhaps some gear, but prefers only Parn and the pretty riding gear he's been trading for; he's not going to win any lifting contests, that's for sure
Teleportation, he is very zippy between as well as in the air, and if needed he can reach distances up to two-days-walk about three times before resting; mainly he uses his teleportation to to search ahead for any stray elk, and he seems to know just exactly where he last moved, unerringly able to arrive repeatedly at the same location
Telepathy, he has a keen connection to his rider and the elves, and is good with dragons who are within about 1-day walk distance (up to around 90-100 miles) though after that he tends to want someone else filtering communication; his mental voice is quiet but seemingly happy
Telekinesis, he cannot control this power but adds a little to a group effort
Assisted Firebreath, he can use this but has yet to try out chewing on that 'troll forge by-product' offered by some for this purpose; is not too keen on it
Parents: unknown, unrelated
Origin: Mystic ink and color, Phe shades
Other Info: Kiforth is a quintessential 'herd dog' of a dragon, kind and easy to be around, and attentive to the elk herd such that even they are comfortable around him