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Bowcrescent and Apogee



Bonded to: Banter

Age: young adult (born year 186) Sex: female
Soul Name: Known By:
Mate Status/Sex Preference: single/likes girls best
Children: none yet
Parents/Relatives: Father Bowcrescent, mother Apogee, half-sister Starbright
Height: 4'2" Build: muscular and very healthy, springy
Hair Color, Length, Style: very dark brown, fluffy, cut short like mom's, and cowlick over forehead like hers too
Eye Color, Size, Shape: golden brown, large
Skin Tone: rich tan
Voice Quality: a bit hissy, high
Clothing -- Summer: cloth bikini/shorts and a cloth vest, leather boots and arm wraps, headband
Clothing -- Winter: adds a green and grey cloth jacket instead of vest
Jewlery Worn, Made: none, doesn't like how they get in the way
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none, but probably will keep any small scars
Pets/Animals Kept: loves birds and dragons
Notable Posessions: that old glider her mother kept talking about? she made one like it...
Holt Function: scout, trains young for hunting
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 6/10, Magic Feeling 1/10, Deep Sense 8/10 (to detect powers, auras, etc)
Climate/Locations Preferred: the sky and mountains, spring when streams are flowing again
General Likes: flight, fun, teaching, bow and sling weapons
General Dislikes: too much responsibility, getting too close to prey
Fears/Worries: that with her new sister she might be forgotten - but that's silly, look how they let her raise Starbright!
Special Strange Info: very schemey, loves to plot and plan, is remarkably clever and can tell by looking at someone what their powers might be, even if they haven't manifested yet. Is extremely in tune with elfin magic as well as other creatures with psionic powers
Basic Personality: mostly happy, carefree, but dependable and knows her stuff
How they feel about
: doesn't like them quite so much as mother does, but they're still interesting
Elves -- herders: meh, I like hunting
Elves -- magic users: some are so subtle!
Elves -- bond-riders: the lifeblood of this holt
Trolls, etc: dunno, never met one

Banter Name: Banter
Gender: Male
Size/Shoulder/Length: large 14's / 60' l / 66' ws
Colors: body medium denim blue belly from chin to tail tip, and behind legs; mid body, face, limbs, wing arms, and tail side scales very deep indigo blue; back scales and face armor, leg armor dusty dark grey violet; wingsails vibrant purple and violet nebula with bright varied white stars; horns, claws, neck and back spines medium grey; eyes indigo; ^bright white markings
Features: Nightwing, full blooded, also ^teardrop shaped markings indicate strong Vortal presence
Powers: Winged Flight, quite massive but very strong in the air, and prefers the high clear night sky to take wing; obviously can carry half the Holt's inhabitants, but prefers only Soulbind and whatever gear or passenger she decides to bring somewhere; he can fly for hours and in difficult conditions without tiring, but is not remarkably fast either way, and does require not only takeoff and a clear landing spot, but he has a rather broad turn radius...
Teleportation, unusual at best in a Pyrrhan dragon, this one is somehow able to actively teleport. He's been learning from the others at both the Rookery and Bald Mountain, how to utilize this power to its full extent.
Communication; Verbal Speech, adept with speaking not only Draconic, but a version of the Elf tongue and a little bit of human-words (from numerous sources, he knows how to swear in all of them), with a rich and resonant voice, always sounds pretty happy about something; Telepathy, as a Nightwing he is gifted with mental speech and capable of linking minds with numerous people and dragons at once, within about 250 meters. Has a strong bond with Soulbind.
^Spirit-Sending, this dragon lives on a world where there are two moons! With a batch of highly telepathic elves and their varied dragons! Of course he can exploit his ability to move 'out of body'. He can, while his real form is curled up and carefully protected, 'dream out' of his body with only his mind. A few elves can do this, so he's been practicing with them. Also he is attempting to learn how to cast illusions of things into minds nearby, but he isn't very adept with it.
Fire Breath, with cool fire like his, he doesn't intend to do much fighting with anything, but he can keep a location nice and toasty! He can produce an actual flame but it often comes out as a fan or gout of heated gas that is capable of igniting only very dry tinder and maybe able to singe hair.
Parentage: Unknown pure Nightwings
Origin: Adopted from Maladys-Market with lines by Synthwave Terror on Deviantart, WoF by Tui Sutherland
Other Info: Among the only Pyrrhan dragons to be found on Abode, there will probably be more... eventually!