Bald Mountain Holt is part of the Kshau Protectorate


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Arrived to Bald Mountain Holt in 196


Moonsight, a Wolfrider

Bonded to: Crystal Rain Caiya

Age:Young Adult (more than 30, less than 50?), born in Deathsleep season Sex: Female
Soul Name: Oqoo Known By: no one else When Found: a few years ago Doing What? While escaping a dangerous animal
Mate Status/Sex Preference: was lovemated to multiple partners, unknown whether they're alive now; eventually will Recognize Anvil
Children: son Strike (born 322)
Parents/Relatives: Mother: Ire Side, presumed dead;  Father: Offering, loving; Siblings: Brother: Pansy, younger, defensive;  Brother: Bully, older, infatuated - all of these may or may not be around but she is not looking for them now
Height: average (under 4') Build: curvy, pleasantly strong
Skin Tone: Freckled light creamy
Hair Color, Length, Style
: tan, wavy, simple style, to waist
Eye Color, Size, Shape: goldenrod, small
Voice Quality: still a little louder than a typical Wolfrider
Clothing -- Summer: often only the brown bikini top and a short tan skirt
Clothing -- Winter: shown above
Jewlery Worn, Made: several metal bracelets
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: any scars have been healed
Pets/Animals Kept:
Notable Posessions:
Holt Function: net maker, trap maker
Magic? below average ability How Powerful? Sending 8/10, Magic Feeling 3/10
Strength: High
Dexterity: High
Agility: High
Health: Very High
Size: curvy, sexy build (Leetah-type)
Intelligence: High
Appearance: Above Average
Charisma: Below Average
Climate/Locations Preferred:

General Likes:
General Dislikes:
Special Strange Info: She has no sense of direction.
Basic Personality:
How they feel about
Elves -- herders:
Elves -- magic users:
Elves -- bond-riders:
Trolls, etc: nope. nope nope.
Bond Animal Info if any: (had a wolf-friend Butter Finder, dead)

Weaving/Nets Only: Extremely High
Riding: High
Mineral Lore/Dirt: Average
Artistry/Scuplture: Below Average
Hunting: Very High using Blowdart
Hunting: Average using Bolt (with atlatl)

History: see Weeds and Captives for story

Dragon Name: Caiya
Gender: Female
Size: small, 6'2" s/ 30' l / 40' ws
Build: sleek and long, with strong, evenly built legs and a very long thick tail used for balance
Physical Features: Lantessama Winter/Pernese mutt; furry skin with added fluff on eartips, head and neck, ankles, and tail tuft; four legs with paws having retractable claws; two leathery sailed wings with single strong visible finger along flight edge; boxy head with large external ears, neck floof; big tail with hefty amount of fur on the end used as both a rudder and counterbalance while climbing
Colors: crystal rain, white and blue; body shiny crystal-like white with heavy silvery undertones; wingsails are darker blue with very shiny appearance, reflective in streaks of silvery blue; floof pale periwinkle blue; eyes dark blue
Stats: Strength 4, Speed 3, Endurance 4, Agility 6, Health 2, Intelligence 3
Abilities: Winged Flight, a powerhouse of short distance and heavy lifting, Caiya will barrel through a place like the wind, and alight on a thick branch in one smooth movement - wrapping her thick tail around a trunk of a tree or a large enough outcrop, she's known to dangle from a branch and take flight just like a bat ... not with any rider of course! She's very strong for her size and can pester much larger dragons in the Holt, picking up stuff they might drop and making sure it gets where it's going
Teleportation, confident in her ability to move, but has learned from having fallen more than once, that sometimes you just have to not fall on the ground; she can teleport in mid-fall or while flying, and often enough will simply teleport herself straight upwards by hundreds of elf-heights, giving herself plenty of time to right her flight path and regain her bearings
Telepathy, a shining beacon of light in the dark, Caiya's mind is as clear as the moons on a cloudless night, and her mental voice is like crystal chimes ringing in succession; she can commune with her bond at quite a distance, but prefers not to be too far just in case! However she can speak with any other telepathic mind, be it dragon or elf, within about 200 miles
Assisted Firebreath, it would probably be too much to ask that Moonsight ever dig for 'firestone', she's capable of chewing coal or other such substances and mixing it with glands in her throat, but will likely never do this. It may pass on to offspring.
Parents: Spring Green-Rain Rowanath and Winter Blue Kenya
Origin: Darkling Dawn birthday present from Kitsu, 2022
Other Info: Unlike her rider, Caiya knows exactly where she is, at almost all times, and clearly wants to make sure that her bond doesn't go wandering off the wrong way or into dangers! She didn't have to pair up, that is also a feature of her lines, which may show up in future generations