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Shumma, male Sun Villager

Bonded to:(?) from

Age: 750 born in Hotdays (late summer) Sex: male
Soul Name: (none) Known By: none
Mate Status/Sex Preference: mostly homosexual, had several male lovers (Yeli and Qa - Qa was captured by Humans and is presumed dead, Yeli went after him and died in the process) but is open to pretty much anything
Children: none
Parents/Relatives:Mother: Mohrne, infatuated Father: Fyoo, in hiding Siblings: none
Height: 4'4" Build: padded, average build
Hair Color, Length, Style: strawberry, to thighs, often wears a shawl or braids hair
Eye Color, Size, Shape: rich brown
Skin Tone: dark, has freckles/moles
Voice Quality: rich, friendly and warm
Clothing -- Summer: simple, natural colored leather robe/smock with bead accents, bronze boots
Clothing -- Winter: no idea what Winter really is until he reaches the mountains...
Jewlery Worn, Made: silver torc with shaped gems at ends, around neck
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none
Pets/Animals Kept: Quite adept at tending Zwoots and other large herd animals such as no-humps and stripehides
Notable Posessions: Several shaped crystals, which he uses as medical equipment for surgery, acupuncture and sealing wounds
Holt Function: Healer (accupuncturist, chiropractic arts), animal tamer
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 1/10, Magic Feeling 1/10, CrystalShape 4/10
Climate/Locations Preferred: Breezy open and sunny areas, hills (rather than either flatland or mountains), cool caverns
General Likes: helping people, watching animals
General Dislikes: ground-quakes and instabilities, being cheated, violent encounters
Fears/Worries: he doesn't want to get too close to anyone, because he's already lost his two lovers. But here where the Humans are friendly and far more smart than in the desert, he already knows the ones he's encountered were different.
Special Strange Info: knowing that he would hardly find such a thing, Shumma has set out to locate a safe place without Humans. He's found Bald Mountain to be great for him, though he's not sure what to do - bring Dragons to the Sun Village?
Stats: Strength - Average; Dexterity - High; Agility - Very High; Health - Above Average; Intelligence - Very High; Appearance -Below Average; Charisma - Average; Magic Power - Low
Skills:Riding: Extremely High
Healing Lore/Chiropractic: Above Average
Healing Lore/Accupuncture: Very High
Mechanical Lore/Medical Tools: Below Average
Hunting: Dagger: Below Average
Basic Personality: Easygoing and extremely calm, friendly and warm, these are things which allow him to help both elfin and animal companions relax. It's almost impossible to get angry with him, and he's humble enough that any compliments are warmly exchanged.
How they feel about
: knows better than to think they're all bad, but those who are are really bad.
Elves -- herders: it's a hard skill to master, but he's got it in spades
Elves -- magic users: a rare sun villager with magic, but he respects and reveres those who have stronger talents
Elves -- bond-riders: never had a bond, though pets and mounts train him up. he's looking forward to having a true bond.
Trolls, etc: can they be any worse than the murderous humans that took his lovers? From what he's heard, they are!
Bond Animal Info if any: No bonds but learned to tame zwoots, the large camel-like creatures in the desert. He prefers smaller, more easily ridden mounts - such as no-humps (horses) and stripehides. In general he can take an angry, wild beast and have it relaxed and accepting in a few hours.

Had lived in the Sun Village, and set out on his own, and met up with a dark skinned elf named Wellspring, then another named Dusk who tsked her tongue at them for standing out like they did... They came to Bald Mountain long after the other Dune Tribe did, but Wellspring remembered them!