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Starward (star's ward)

Bonded to: . From:

Age: technically 'new' Born in: a lab, very recently...
Soul Name: vahh Known By: T'hörel, Melissa, any Vortigese speaker Found: given to the original, now new again
Sex: male Mate Status/Sex Preference: straight, Recognized to T'hörel and will become her lifemate more than likely
Children: Aura, daughter with T'hörel
Parents/Relatives: is a clone of Keenan Lane, so 'a lot'
Original Tribe: n/a. Arrived to Bald Mountain: 300ish
Height: 5'9" Build: slender and lithe, not overly muscled
Hair Color, Length, Style: black with charcoal tone, a speckling of silver along temples; straight and long, kept in a tail to his mid-back, prominent widows peak; also has a nicely cut and permanently-short goatee, doesn't need to 'shave' and won't grow any larger/bushier
Eye Color, Size, Shape: turquoise with aqua speckles, glowing; while larger than human styled his eyes are definitely not as large as most other elves
Skin Tone: light but not creamy, slightly yellowed
Voice Quality: eerie and resonant, tends to hesitate or linger with odd syllables here and there; can speak pretty much any language but always has the same intonation
Clothing -- Summer: as above, doesn't really vary; mulberry violet leggings of heavy cloth, and a similar half-sleeved shirt, under grey leather tunic; high leather and fur grey and brown boots
Clothing -- Winter: adds a full length leather coat, fur-lined if it's very cold, in a dark grey
Jewlery Worn, Made: doesn't choose to wear any
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none, none likely either
Pets/Animals Kept: none, he does have a fondness for cats, though
Notable Posessions: got a body on, that's something special
Holt Function: protector from some unusual dangers, long-range detection of such dangers, also tends children if there are more than a couple
Strength: below average, not designed for fighting or sparring
above average, deft fingers, though nothing particularly special
surprisingly high, though not in a truly athletic manner, he's more flexible than he looks and often winds up in places that even other elves have trouble reaching
immortal, regenerative, so quite high
high for an elf, though not broadly built he's taller than most
extremely high, with the memories of a billion years and widely dimension-hopping original intact at least for relevant needs
above average, not nearly as 'old' looking as his prime, with an elfin refinement to somewhat craggy origins
average, doesn't particularly require charm to get by, but occasionally throws people with a joke or hint that make them remember he's still a bit impish
Magic Power:
extremely high, made of it
Magic? How Powerful?
Sending 16/10 - with a massive range and an extremely strong mind, must exercise quite a bit of restraint when communicating at close range with other telepaths; however he is also apt to just listen in on thoughts scattered around up to 10 miles even if they're deeply hidden
Astral Projection 4/10 - he can and does join T'hörel on her mental journeys but hesitates a bit because he unlike her was not 'born' into a body, and may lose it if he wanders too long away from it. This power can extend his normal sending range to up to 200 miles casually with the same effect as above, and up to 1000 miles for detection and simple communication at the widest range
Empathy (manipulation) 7/10 - even as a human his incarnations are far more attuned to the mood and emotional state of those around him than he cares to admit. Reacting to them is not obvious. He can then nudge moods of one to a dozen elves as a group, gently, to keep them from arguing or to let someone else have a little time in the spotlight; this can also act as a form of hypnotic suggestion, implanting ideas or triggers that will rest until needed
Temporal Pocket 9/10 - while Preservers can hold a spirit and body in place with their silk cocoons, Starward can do so by making a wrap of timespace, effectively placing a living thing 'on hold' for the duration. This pocket can also be large, as his teleportation effect, but the larger the area or more creatures held, the shorter it can be held up. Usually it would be a quick, temporary effect for a few minutes, but he could in theory hold on to a single being for decades uninterrupted; alternately he can use this on himself to slip between spaces in what appears to be an instant, aiding his teleportation immensely
Magic Feeling 10/10 - easily detects the presence of magic that is in use, and long-term lingering magical shaping; can pinpoint who has shaped what item even up to hundreds of years later; and has the ability to slightly manipulate the residual energy if it's 'gone bad', so he can clean up those pockets of elfin power that would otherwise fester and result in monstrosities or unnatural dangers arising
Teleportation 13/10 - like his prime, Starward is always in the right place at the right time and that's because he can literally move between spacetime points. He can bring along whatever is needed, up to and including whole mountains; can move up to 2000 miles easily as long as he knows the area is clear on arrival, but also if he knows a specific spot it doesn't matter the actual distance; can pick and choose small items to swap around, almost as though using telekinesis - it is not, but effectively can 'hold' items in mid-air
Climate/Locations Preferred: enjoys complex interiors and extensive cavern systems on Abode, doesn't seem affected by any amount of heat, cold, humidity, or other effects beyond an inconvenience of low-visibility or 'why aren't you shivering' queries
General Likes: observing and tucking away information, instructing and fostering children
General Dislikes: overt violence, getting questioned about his origins
Fears/Worries: that one or another of those important enemies might actually make it to Abode, particularly while there are no other spirit high-ones to aid in its defense. With the Palace ship on whatever journey it's been taken on, he also worries that whoever wrested control over it, or whatever happened to it, might come back in force (will they last 10 thousand years? Because that's how long it will be gone...)
Special Strange Info: recognition between Keenan Lane as a human, and T'hörel the elf would not have worked properly - he is the result of needing to create a real body with which to properly consummate this partnership
Basic Personality: mysterious, as his Vortigese name implies, but also lightly impish and enjoys making people do double-takes or think twice about a pun
How they feel about
: Keenan isn't one of the locals, he knows there are multiple worlds and dimensions full of them, so these are just a slightly-different version from them; a bit violent...
Elves -- herders: do they also make cheese? well then, that's good; oh say, does fishing count? Because there are crawfish and shrimp down there that would go very well with that cheese sauce
Elves -- magic users: *simply waves hand*
Elves -- bond-riders: with as many versions of Keenan having their own dragon now he knows that it's only a matter of time, right? Otherwise doesn't really 'need' one
Trolls, etc: would be happy to manipulate them into making things, but that would definitely get T'hörel angry with him, so he will stick with observing and making sure that the more dangerous ones don't make it this far south. Also ... Preservers. He'd be apt to send the louder ones into tense situations just to distract the people arguing, but then they'd also be loud around him...
Bond Animal Info if any: none yet, there's time.

Skills: Starward has been imprinted with specific skills but still needs to physically perform them to get better at individual ones
Animal Lore, Elf History, Troll Lore. Plant Lore - hardly any yet, all the information he generally has about creatures or people on Abode comes from his mate's memories, and he does shamelessly co-opt those, but has little practical experience dealing with any of the living things here
Communication, Language Lore, Human Lore - while 'human' in his case is far more 'Earth' human and not Abodean, they definitely still intrigue him enough that he will gravitate to their tribes and watch, learn their culture as much as elfin or trolls; he is easily able to speak in any language and might surprise humans expecting him to be unable to understand them
Healing Lore - has a marginal amount of ability with helping bind wounds or assist with the healing that T'hörel or others do. Mainly he will help boost the power use, but could also handle handing tools or bandages, since he can instantly summon items as long as they exist
Mechanical Lore - quite good with machines, tools, devices, traps and such, though he doesn't design them he can understand how any given trap, tool, or item works
Manipulation - if told where to put a rope and how to tie it, he'll adequately do so, otherwise not stellar for manipulation of a physical sort, more the vortal kind...
Mineral Lore - very strong in this regard, with a particular fondness for crystals, rather than ores
World Exploration - remarkably good at moving around, and since he can teleport he can reach virtually anywhere, including improbable locations that the below skills might not
Climb, Jump, Ride, Swim - as above: he cheats. He does walk a lot and enjoys this activity, and can ride appropriately sized animals or dragons pretty well, though prefers his own method of transporation; you're unlikely to see him 'jump', but he does enjoy swimming in calm pools or underground grottos
Dodge, Perception, Stealth, Throw, Weapon Use - these skills, while not completely foreign to him, are also used via cheat code, he can indeed dodge arrows by teleporting, cloud the minds of virtually any intelligent being into simply not seeing him, and can detect living things in a large enough radius that nothing will likely sneak up on him; he doesn't tend to use weapons, but he certainly can aim a dagger or javelin to spear a quick fish or rabbit

History: See T'hörel's page; his history is a mixture of Keenan's with a little hint and help from T'hörel thrown in, so short that he doesn't really have a 'history' of his own yet. His body and his daughter are effectively the same age in that regard.

What would Starward do if not for the group of elves here to watch? He has little in the way of true wanderlust, this is his place, these people are his chosen family. Like his prime residing on the Rookery and other such realms, Starward is a ward - acting as a shield, early warning system, and protector of the life on this world. He doesn't really need to fully integrate into the population to do that, and actually kind of likes it when people are taken a little by surprise at his appearance, level of power, or snarky remarks. The exception there is that he adores and respects children of any breed. Troll, Human, Elf, doesn't matter to him - he treats them as people first, and new ones at that. He will endeavor to answer complex questions posed by young children, and loves their minds expanding to digest the new information... and ask more questions! His 'kind', the Convocation, tended toward 'asking the correct question will give you a marginally appropriate answer' - but he will share what he knows with a child, what might require an adult a good session of 20-questions otherwise.


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Stats: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility, Health, Intelligence
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