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Age: born in 303 / RY 15? Born in: Newgreen
Soul Name: ?? Known By: T'hörel and Starward Found: not found yet, actually, and given Keenan's breed it's likely a color frequency or burst of energy and not a word
Sex: female Mate Status/Sex Preference: single, bi
Children: none yet
Parents/Relatives: Mother T'hörel, father Starward
Original Tribe: n/a. Arrived to Bald Mountain: (born here)
Height: 5'7" Build: more slender than either parent but mainly due to less physical exertion
Hair Color, Length, Style: black with slightly faded silver ends, thick and full, less curly than mother's though still slightly wavy, with modest widow's peak; often tied back in a big tail as shown, if down it goes to waist
Eye Color, Size, Shape: large high set eyes of a brilliant aqua mixed with pale red-violet, which is echoed in her aura's visible coloration
Skin Tone: light yellowish tan, tans well into a bronze color
Voice Quality: strong and resonant, but not deep
Clothing -- Summer: thick cloth long-sleeved tunic as above in rusty red-brown trimmed in blue-violet, and sandals
Clothing -- Winter: as shown above with leggings that have embroidered floral designs, and a star-shape clasp holding a soft suede indigo and rust cloak
Jewlery Worn, Made: none currently
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: none, though she thinks that the tattoos of some tribemates are pretty cool
Pets/Animals Kept: none at this time, preservers and flitters seem to enjoy hanging out with her
Notable Posessions: none currently, has a collection of shiny stones and crystals, which may eventually be set into items or the den walls
Holt Function: unknown yet, likely a diplomatic type since she has a lot of connections among offworld groups
Strength: average, can keep up with others in a team, but is neither weak nor particularly amazing
above average, enjoys fiddling with small items
very high, balletic in movements, quite graceful
immortal thanks to regenerative abilities, doesn't really get sick, but has been injured from normal kid-type activities heals fast enough
above average, is a head taller than most locally-born elves, but her proportions are quite petite so even next to a shorter one she still looks 'small'
very high, clever and sharp witted, enjoys word play, physical puzzles, and philosophy equally well
high, has a bearing that is elegant, and always looks 'together'
high, she takes the impish aspects of her father, and the level-headedness of her mother and fuses them together
Magic Power:
extremely high, as the offspring of a pure Convocation entity and an ancient mentalist, she can hardly be anything less than extreme
Magic? How Powerful?
Sending 13/10 - communicates quickly and easily to virtually anyone within 150 miles, so she does like to stand at the top of Bald Mountain's summit (if you can call it that) and make sure that everyone is doing all right, did you need help over there at the lake, were your traps sprung over by the marsh, oh new humans spotted to the east we'll look at that...
Astral Projection 3/10 - even though this is an extremely important power she tends to shy away from it, mainly due to the protective warnings from Starward. Slipping away from the body too long might mean losing the connection to your living form, after all, and she loves living too much to do that! Her sending range increases to over 500 miles and she can drift in spirit-form about 100 miles away from her protected body, so as long as there is a way to make sure her form is safe she can become a true beacon if needed for those lost in the area
Empathy (Deep Sensing) 8/10 - without the manipulative uses that her sire brings, Aura's power is more like her mother's in that she can use it to determine quite a lot about a group, people individually, their powers and abilities, their woes and worries. While doing this she is in a bit of a trance, but also exudes a serene sense and beautifully colored aqua-violet aura around those she's sensing. In conjunction with her healing ability this can blanket a hunting party with a revived sense of life, healing scrapes and wounds but also relieving any traumatic moments, calming them down so they don't panic, reducing the overall stress of any group or person
Mind Heal 9/10 - specifically the psyche of elves, she has been attempting to work with trolls and humans to lesser but still present effect (5, 3). Aura can dim traumas or root out causes of stress, but then also instill confidence, spark interest in things, none to the point of outright creating that interest or life, but what existed once or had been considered and discarded, working over memories that were simply too old or dim to be of use. Given the Mother Moon tribe's experiences, this may come in much more handy as they have to adjust to living in a strange new era as well as among humans and some trolls, causing quite a bit of friction
Healing 8/10 - more conventionally able to exert her will over the flesh of those around her, she tends to work on surface and more superficial wounds and light injuries rather than deep harm or broken bones, though she certainly can do those things too. She feels that it's equally important to keep the mind alert and sound, and there are other healers of gut wounds and such out there... Weirdly though she can completely rid a body of any parasite, grime, invasive bacteria, virus, knowing that there is 'good' and 'bad' to any of them she hardly likes it when a hunting group comes home covered in sludge, leeches, fleas, and snot from whatever-they-killed... she likes being clean and likes it when others are too
Flesh and Aura Shaping 4/10 - like her mother, she is able to manipulate the skin and surface of a creature, be it insect, furry, fish, biped, or bird. This is something she wants to work on with the tattoo inkers of the area, and because she's like this, she loves it when the sea-elves need their fins refreshed or the performing groups during a howl have their hair done up in all manner of shapes and colors. She knows there are healers that would scoff at the use of magic power like this but pffff see if they ever get a hairdo from her... She can also 'add color' to their aura, this effect only lasts about a day or so, but those howls have certainly become much more bright and magically charged since her discovery that this is a thing! Notably the recipient of this new aura may experience a slight amount of 'extra' tingle, elfin magical colors may have a more deep meaning than just a flashy pattern on a bird wing, so it's possible that at some point she might be able to actively insert abilities, even if temporary, to people who have the available magical energy - making a plant shaper able to manipulate stone, or a healer to fly... it would be temporary though, even if she develops it strongly enough to make a difference
Magic Feeling 11/10 - her surroundings are all lit up brightly, she sees not just the leaves and soil and stone and animals, her eyes see in many ways and sending intimately to her can show another elf just exactly why they call her Aura. Her own glow aside, she senses the living things as pinpricks or blobs or shapes of color, their essence - their Vortessence according to Keenan. She has had to take lessons from Melissa actually because this is how she sees the world too, sorting out the vibrant from the dim, following long-dry paths where a river used to flow just because the remnant energy of an elf tribe remained there long enough to create a vine bridge over it, sensing the individual powers and levels of ability among people, even the network of thoughts that flow between tribemates on a daily basis. It's a very busy place, she's learned how to filter it out, so that the new doesn't always overtake the old afterimages, but it can be equated to her having 'screen burn-in' where people den or where activities such as rockshaping or healing are done regularly as they become reinforced time after time. Note that this is how the world looks to her when she's in or out of her body... Normally it's seen this way as a projection to other elves that can do that power
Teleportation 2/10 - in emergency situations this power can kick in, she's suddenly found herself jumped back a few feet from the edge of a cliff that she didn't notice before, or even back to her home den in Bald Mountain as she realized she's surrounded by hungry longtooth cats. She becomes exhausted with a longer distance, but can still jump up to 50 meters away with concentration fairly easily. She cannot take others on these jaunts but can hold about an elf's worth of gear
Animal / Dragon Bonding 7/10 - the bonds that will be created with her may be more intense than some, but she can both cause and dissolve them gently enough that there will be less or no trauma. Some of the Mother Moon elves, once more, will be in need of this - their wolf pack didn't all manage to come along, and the local wolves aren't elf-blooded like theirs were. She has a modest sense of what animals or specific types of creature would be best for a person, in tandem with then seeking out that creature using her longer distance sending and perception, and can nudge the animal out of hiding, or spot the area where the elf should head for it anyway
Climate/Locations Preferred: Enjoys the chill air of a nice crisp Leaffall day, and breezes on a Hotdays afternoon; she tends to be up during the day
General Likes: being clean, having happy minds around herself, fashion and color and fun and laughter
General Dislikes: people refusing her care even if they need it, being flown over deep waters (the lake doesn't count)
Fears/Worries: Though many people don't remember - thanks to her sire's influence over their memories - her origin is quite unique and somewhat troubling in ways that a few of the elders spoke of. Only a handful of those elders and important people in the holt know that her 'father' is actually a replacement body, but few others remember seeing the human man that had been here who Recognized T'hörel. She is rather weird in that way, and ridiculously powerful even if she's young and very energetic otherwise, so some of the Wolfrider tribe are a bit sus of her overall
Special Strange Info: her entire existence obviously is strange and special, but she tries not to leverage that, because it's not even 'her' story, right? She knows that she and Starbright have many things in common and they are often found secretly talking about it away from people who might not 'get it'
Basic Personality: where Vahh is the Mystery, Aura is the inverse. She prefers to have things in the open, even while she must keep at least some secrets. Energetic and enjoyable, quite personable, and kindly - she doesn't want people having hurt feelings, but also respects their boundaries if they ask her to stop looking into their traumatic past. Not a very physical elf, she does like taking long walks around the area, but not hunting; she will dance energetically with the folks from the Sun Village when Newgreen arrives and the snow is melting, she's very social but definitely not a leader in any way
How they feel about
: Her own origin means that she respects humans even on this world more than she would had she been natively-born. She knows that some tribes around can be hostile, so she is wary enough, but never to the point of snubbing those few who live with the Bald Mountain elves
Elves -- herders: tasty tasty meat on the hoof right there for you! Unlike the Wolfriders who feel that 'giving the meat a chance to escape', she would rather just have a bred-down-to-stupid creature that won't resist nor fear - their trauma is easy to soften when the time comes
Elves -- magic users: obviously, quite useful! But never forget that not every elf has some special magic, but every being is special
Elves -- bond-riders: you get a bond, and you get a bond, and you get bees, and...
Trolls, etc: these people are especially touchy and with good reason apparently, so she would prefer to meet those who have integrated to a nonviolent lifestyle and encourage them to find homes near here too, but sometimes even they admit that it is very hard to live with elves even if they aren't old enough to remember their captivity
Bond Animal Info if any: none at this time but obviously she's ideal for such a thing, or perhaps more than one!

Skills: Having been brought up as an elf in a safe and pleasant environment means that some of Aura's skill set is a little ... lacking; but what she does enjoy doing, she excels at
Animal Lore, Mineral Lore, Plant Lore - her collection of information about the world around her is adequate, she knows how to avoid sticker brush and itchweed, and where there are shiny bits hidden under dusty dirt. Mainly concentrating efforts on the animals since they're alive and have auras, she knows quite a lot about the variety of local animals, but she's heard stories of many others that don't make it up this far north or into this terrain!
Communication, Elf History, Human Lore, Language Lore, Troll Lore - she is very much all about the people around her, how they interact, who they are inside and out. She knows how to ask questions that won't injure pride, even among humans and trolls, and keeps up on gossip between groups and cliques with ease; she can keep secrets and does so when asked, but also will nudge the person to share or come clean if there is need. While she cannot speak 'as many' languages as her father, the human tongue comes easily to her, at least the local version, so any of the ones from nearby tribes that they trade with easily come to her or even her father for such things
Healing Lore - in theory she knows every nerve and bone, muscle and organ... in practical use however she would rather not peel away the surface or have to dig around deeply...
Manipulation, Mechanical Lore - she can set a trap or use a small device such as the ones that the local trolls or humans build, hinges and levers and the like, but doesn't concentrate on those things unless they make music or do very clever effects
Climb, Ride, Swim - ehhhhh, well, riding! She likes riding! She can swim adequately to keep herself afloat in the lake, but swiftly moving or very deep water intimidates her too much and she will hesitate enough to just not want to be there; climbing gets her hands so gross! she can do it, but doesn't like it.
Dodge, Jump, Perception, Stealth, Throw, Weapon Use - she can keep herself hidden well enough that she will rarely need to use many other of these raw physical skills, and obviously perceives anything that might harm her with ease - if they're alive. She has learned how to detect human or troll traps, but must get a more keen-nosed person to figure out if those traps had been there a while, she can sense auras but for the most part neither of those breeds leave trails of them for very long. If pressed into a hunting party or exploring the wilds, she can and does use a slender spear or javelin, but doesn't hunt well enough to actively do so on her own

History: See T'hörel's page!

Aura has grown up in an era where there are actually things to do and people to meet - so many! The Wolfriders interest her greatly, seeing their power and their life-force is woven into the world itself, rather than disjointed and open-ended like any of the pure-blooded or ancient earlier-born elves around. Even if she's a child of effectively proto-elves, she feels her place is right here and right now. She doesn't "live in the Now" like those hunters, but she can use that feature to help them sort out their emotions, their issues, and even possibly their bond- or life-mates.


Dragon Name:
Size: s/l/ws
Physical Features:
Stats: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility, Health, Intelligence
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