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Bonded to: Dalonega (sponsor)

Age: 100 Sex: Female
Soul Name: unknown Known By: none
Mate Status/Sex Preference: single, bisexual
Children: none, but would love to have them - if only her figure wouldn't suffer from it...
Parents/Relatives: sun villagers, long gone
Height: 4'5" Build: slender and willowy
Hair Color, Length, Style: auburn red, mid-back, tightly braided
Eye Color, Size, Shape: large, almond shaped, lilac colored
Skin Tone: darkly tan, gets more brown with lots of sun
Voice Quality: shyly quiet, whispery
Clothing -- Summer: skirt and vest in brown leather, sandals
Clothing -- Winter: adds white cloth shirt and high leather boots
Jewlery Worn, Made: loves delicate jewelry, has a diadem of silver on forehead, leaf-shaped gold earrings, gold necklace, often has bangles on wrists
Tatoos/Markings/Scars: oh high-ones, no
Pets/Animals Kept: none, but once or twice has been known to keep a semi-feral desert cat
Notable Posessions: metal working tools (soft metals only) such as small hammers, pincers, things for detailing work and engraving
Holt Function: metal worker, not heavy duty (no ores, no smelting, but simple easy to work soft things like gold and copper)
Magic? How Powerful? Sending 2/10, Magic Feeling 1/10, Metal Sense 3/10
Stats: Strength -low; Dexterity - Extremely High; Agility -Above Average; Health - Average; Intelligence -Average; Appearance - Above Average; Charisma -Above Average; Magic Power - Low
Skills: Music/Playing Instrument (Zyther): Extremely High
Crafting/Jewelry: High
Mineral Lore/Smithy: High
Verbal Communication/Storytelling: Low (a better listener than teller)
Javelin/thrown or stabbing: Low
Climate/Locations Preferred: is much more suited to a cool, breezy climate. Loves Bald Mountain's wind and chilly caves, enjoys the different terrains instead of the endless desert around her birth home
General Likes: gold and other metals, sunsets, finely crafted hides and cloth, listening to stories
General Dislikes: fumes of the desert heat, being hungry, gossip or untruths, being heavily criticised
Fears/Worries: mildly worried about never having children - but she's found a great group of elves and oh there are so many of them to love... Doesn't seem to outright fear anything, but can be surprised and gets angry if interrupted
Special Strange Info: though there are plenty of powerful rock and metal shapers in Bald Mountain, Sunstone doesn't feel the slightest bit jealous of their abilities. She is justly proud of her skills, there is always something special about sitting down and working something with your hands, she claims, that cannot be reproduced by magic. She has however taken to learning more and more about the rocks and ores, from those magically apt shapers, in order to get more specific with what she would request them to dig up for her.
Basic Personality: easy going and pleasant, somewhat shy and definitely not a dominating force in any group. A follower, but one with enough skill that she can be relied upon to do her job when asked. She is not an adept hunter, but good enough that she kept herself alive while traveling across the continent to get to Bald Mountain, and she doesn't much care for hunting large prey.
How they feel about
: considering that the only ones she ever met are the ones near Bald Mountain, they're not at all bad folks. They like her handicrafts, too!
Elves -- herders: this is so much easier than hunting, so much more convienent.
Elves -- magic users: how useful!
Elves -- bond-riders: there's something darkly exciting about riding things - whether it's a jackwolf, wolf, giant bird or ... dragon?
Trolls, etc: don't let it get out, but Sunstone really wishes she could spend some time with their crafters learning a thing or two...
Sponsored Animal Info if any: Dalonega, Kwatee dragon-wolf  (gold)

It was after the Wolfriders had come, that life began flowing in the Sun Village once more. But they'd gone, and then the Palace War was fought... So many things happened to all the elves of Abode in that time. It shamed the Village, knowing that it was one of their own, Rayek who had vanished long before Sunstone was born, who had caused such a disaster and drew the Palace away from its proper time and place.

But life went on. Times changed, the elves of the Sun Village called Sorrow's End had to adapt to a life of waiting. Not just for outside attack, but for their own heritage to be reaffirmed with the return of the Palace once more. It would be a very long time before that would happen.

The spark of the Wolfriders though, kept burning even though most of them had gone with their kin. Recognitions happened here and there, births were more common. And among those born in this Palace-bereft world, was a slender girl named Sunstone.

Early on she was attracted to bright metals and shiny jewelry. But not so tacky like those which the Trolls supposedly took to, tales still floated around of their brief visit to the Village. Sunstone was sedate, shy, careful. She was also very pretty, and everyone knew it.

She had the tall grace of any elder, was it the remnant of the Palace still here that caused her to sprout up taller than both her parents? Perhaps. It might also have sparked her senses, she always could find the best places to pan for gold and scrape for copper ores.

One thing that the Wolfriders had impressed upon the Villagers, in their short time truly living among them, was that time was short - and to make the most of it, even in this relaxed isolated place, was wise.

So Sunstone was taught to work those metals, and given her own set of tools when she knew she could handle them properly. Proud of herself, but not so vain as to think she was the only metalworker in the Village worth going to, Sunstone concentrated on making detailed, pleasant items. She traded for spices, or leather, sharing her skills with the whole tribe.

But one day it just seemed... different. A fierce battle was waged against a number of GoBacks... But some remained, and some... were killed. It seemed so strange, to her, that elves would resort to such barbaric behavior. But they also provided some new blood, and new challenges.

Their blood wanted to wander, like the Wolfriders - and even though Sunstone wasn't related to any of those elves, she too found herself oddly compelled to leave the Village. Were there too many living here? Perhaps, but she knew that her place wasn't here.

She bid farewell to her parents and her friends, and suited herself up for travel. A zwoot, long tamed and bred in the village, would be her companion for nearly two hands of years, as she trekked across desert, scrub, and hills.

It was in the hills that she found she could truly breathe. Her first glimpse of the rocky green-covered mountains brought tears to her eyes. She'd only seen such things in sending-dreams, shared with the elder Wolfriders. The weather was cooler here, and though the stones would yeild treasures still, it wasn't as easy as in the desert.

That suited her just fine. Sunstone would walk now, for two moons - she let the zwoot go in the hills, and grew strong by carrying her own packs.

Something deep in her mind, her magical eye, opened while traveling. She drew near a new place, where she dreamed such odd things she didn't quite know what to think about them.

On waking, one morning with fog clinging to the ground and the sun barely above the horizon, she met eye to eye with a creature that at first resembled the jack-wolves of the desert... But ... faded into fog, dissolving into nothingness, this stunning creature had veins of pure gold dancing across its dark body. Sunstone rose, and quietly hummed a tune which she used to relax herself. She brought out a flat wooden instrument, strung with metal wires. Strumming it, her song was aided.

Eventually, the creature returned.

"Do you know any other songs?" It said, startling Sunstone. She wasn't aware that even the Wolfriders' mounts spoke!

"I do... you are very lovely," she said. "Would you like to sit with me? I am still in need of rest, these hills have been difficult to climb."

"If you sing for me, I will."

Sunstone chose another song, happier and usually sung during the Flood and Flower festival. She watched this creature carefully, and was in turn watched.

"Dalonega is my name," the wolf-creature said, fading again into the fog, but returning solidly a moment later. Soon, she could not blend with fog - for it had burned off.

Together, they made their way toward another peak, a rounded, tunnel-ridden mount which had not only elves, but plenty of other bizarre creatures and people living in it. Bald Mountain would be their home - Dalonega enjoying a kind of partnership with Sunstone that allowed them both to be creative.

As she was introduced to others in Bald Mountain, Sunstone realized that she was among many crafters, and magical shapers! So she would request some form of ore - and then Dalonega would mold it with her own magic into a more functional shape. Then, Sunstone was able to apply details and fine work, all eventually to be traded for whatever they needed!


Dalonega, female Kwatee dragon-wolf, 4'4" at shoulder (ridable)


verbal speech - can speak out loud (speaks elfin, and some regional Human tongues
illusion magic - can bend light and images to create something that is not there
shifting magic - can shift other objects into a permenent shape
shapeshifting - can shift into a different solid form (looses the faded appearance)

From Nexus monthly exchange - Mythology, by Yakima.