I've been working like a maniac making these little scripts. Essentially they're all the same script with different information. You may use the script if you wish, but please give Steve credit for it, that's where it came from originally. If you want to use any of my generators off-line, just copy the page to a folder on your own hard drive and open it in your local browser while you're not online. It'll work just the same. :)

Last Update February 2023

Zekiran RPG character generator ------- UPDATE PENDING TO THIS NEW SITE ------ (updated link 5.11.22 to the 'uncensored' version of the maker - this is unfinished, there are lots of things in it that have yet to be inserted primarily the off-world imports to Zekira, the normal Zekiran characters and several Family Ties groups are complete though!)

This is "my baby". The big one. The World of Zekira RPG requires a lot of work, but it was well worth it. Included on the site of course is how to make a character the old-fashioned way, but also with a click of a button you can produce a full character (though you'll want to add some skills) that can be transcribed onto a character sheet. (5.11.22 have updated this a little because the format has changed.)

Name: Araa-ahl'Eek
Gender: female

Skin: changeable orange-yellow to plum
Hair: changeable lilac to bronze Hair Style: unseen, always under a top-hat Hair Length: cut short to ears
Eyes: light wine
Clothing Style: impressive, great for parties but completely wrong for work or low Status people

Born: Tana/Imaa/Ble'an

Status: Penjagan Well known and loved

Savings: 291,033
Spent on racing Steeds

Holdings: under 600 add 2 Budak/50 below
Home Land/Area/Zone: 39 (House)
" ": 157 (Children's Playground)
" ": 143 (Underground Caverns (protected))
Tana/Imaa/Cimu: 256 (Factory)
Tana/Difar/Unnamed Little Zone: 256 (Daycare at a Mall)
Kiran/Emosah/Hoalin: 105 (Steed Wagon Repair Station)
" ": 156 (Steed Betting Parlor)
Curra/Altem/Qimira: 130 (Smooth Volcanic Obsidian)
" ": 121 (Temporary Racing Facilities)
Kiran/Emosah/Bilo: 265 (Magazine and News Kiosk in Hoverstation)
Curra/Polaen/Verl: 362 (Parking Structure)
Kiran/Emosah/Spila: 135 (Single detached homestead (in neighborhood))
Tana/Difar/F'kun: 80 (House)
" ": 213 (Seedy Casino)
" ": 230 (Thickly Overgrown Land)
Tana/Difar/J'ren: 236 (an investment property waiting to be developed)
" ": 189 (Aviary)
" ": 395 (Barber Shop)

Stock Held: Bonds: 15 Budak: 43 plus 5 from their family

Breeding: 1st Degree Bred (Unmarried Parents - sensible Mother offered a portion of their Land Holds)
Fertility: Semi-Fertile

Power Rank 5, Genetic Purity 52
Minor Power: Minor Savant (skill at 2x)
Minor Power: Learning Trance

Mutations: no mutations present

INT: 68
EDU: 66
STR: 65
HEA: 56
AGI: 71
REA: 65

APP: 65
CHA: 55
SOC: 60
AGG: 85
SAN: 62
COU: 71

Starting Age: 25
Lifespan: around 180 years

This Penjagan has attained a minor local Office.

Any Zekiran like this could raise themselves into bigger Holdings!

-- Also included are some GENREHOPPING types --

This character actually from another world, and is known as a 'Bender' there. They reside on a small portion of Zekira, having little contact with the natives of Zekira.
Name: Lled
Gender: androgynous

Skin: light tan
Hair: silvered Hair Style: bangs Hair Length: so long it drags on the ground
Eyes: blue-green
Clothing Style: Common for the Air Nomads, brightly yellow, orange, and red tunics (regardless of their Bending type)

Lives: Kiran/Emosah/Northern Island (windy)

Status: 'Tuantana', Holding 25 in the spot they live.

Breeding: 'Natural' (which would not produce these results in a Zekiran)
Fertility: Normal unless very young or very old
Power Rank 2, Genetic Purity 29 (For power rolls and breeding)

Type: They are an Earth Bender with strong talent
Special: Crystal Shaping/Control
Major: Local Metal Control
Minor: Ground Sense
Any duplication means it is used at 1 PR better.

Disadvantages: No Obvious Disadvantages or Mutations

INT: 53
EDU: 58 *Only Native
STR: 79
HEA: 97
AGI: 59
REA: 71

APP: 34
CHA: 41
SOC: 64 *Mostly Native
AGG: 52
SAN: 69
COU: 53

Starting Age: 20
Lifespan: 256


This character has traveled to Zekira via a portal from the Dragondeep world; is an elfin Lumin, possibly noble
Name: Tyiryetao
Gender: female

Skin: luminescent white Ears: off to the sides of their head, pointed and as long as a hand, like a Lodoss Wars elf
Hair: weak maple brown Hair Style: complex style with shaves and dyes Hair Length: extremely long
Eyes: dark teal
Clothing Style: strawberry shaded hiphugger pants of leather and a fine cloth, strawberry colored snug shirt, and chest straps and floppy peach boots

Lives: Tana/Imaa/Lendau (offshore island)

Status: Sehatan
Holds: 33 unit home
" ": 32 unit Wine and Alcohol Shop
" ": 58 unit Funeral Home (graveyard)
Tana/Difar/Aet: 139 unit Ore Mine
" ": 35 unit Windswept Hills

Stock Held: Bonds: 19 Budak: they do not support full ownership of sentients regardless of Status

Breeding: considered 'Natural B6' as psionic and technological engineering went into their line
Fertility: Normally fertile with Lumin, Ravenhill or Starcourt Elves, or Necromancers; Partial with any others

Power Rank 4, Genetic Purity 46
Species Powers: Lumin Nobles have Localized Human Telepathy at Special level, Human Empathy at Major level
Their cybernetic brain-port was rejected by their body
and thus they only use their naturally-born psionics
Lumin Noble Powers:
Minor: Pause Person
Minor: Minor Gravity Control
Minor: Mental Illusions
Species Mutations: Lumin have pointed or long ears (no bonus)
Variable number of fingers based on their genetic line
(they have four fingers and a thumb, indicating Human mixed heritage)
Personal Mutations/Disads: Extreme Curiosity (without common sense)

INT: 108
EDU: 102 *Overlaps Zekiran Skill Sets
STR: 74
HEA: 94
AGI: 85
REA: 82

APP: 79
CHA: 110
SOC: 116 *Suited to Suzerain and above
AGG: 67
SAN: 63
COU: 97

Starting Age: appears to be an Older Adult
Lifespan: 500 or more years naturally (they are immortal)


Dragonmasters of Zekira Character Generator - built specifically for the DMZ alternate timeline for Zekira, this generator does pretty much everything but make skills.

Ehut is a female Zekiran Dragon Master character. This Zekiran is a Mature Adult with light grassy skin, dark blue hair that is loose and wild, to their neck, and strong gold eyes.

It is likely they will live an immortal lifespan. They are from Kiran/Wo'ad/Noa, were taken from place to place as a child and now have little memory of their birthland.

They typically wear clothes that look good for their Status, entirely appropriate for the job, party or appearances.

They are a Bayaran of the Generation Bond, serving for their parent's mistakes. In Bond to an elderly Breeder who trusts their Slaves and Bayaran to take care of everything. When the words 'massive debt' appear, this Bayaran's 99,581 owed and 26 excrutiating years to serve come to mind for payback, don't they?

Perhaps it's best that this Bayaran doesn't know their parents. It would be too hard to sort out exactly who they are anyway, because at 6th Degree breeding, they may have more than 12 different donors genetics lumped into their gene pool! This is a Normally fertile Zekiran. Most people only dream of this. Every 10 years they could find themself with a new child. As such this Bayaran has a Power Rank that's likely quite high!

Second only to the very strongest, Power Rank of 2 for this Zekiran will allow them lots of different abilities.

Though low on the big scale, having three Minor powers isn't bad at all! Minor Heal Dragon Only, Dragon Affinity (they like Character) and Sense Human Life.

This Zekiran bears the mutations Terror and Depressed (clinically/habitually).

This character has Low Intelligence, Below Average Education, a Extremely High Strength, Very High Health, High Agility, Above Average Reaction. Their subtle stats include a High Appearance, Extremely High Charisma, Low Social Skill, Above Average Aggression, Sanity that is Below Average, and Courage in the Average range.

What about the future? If they play their cards right this Zekiran might go far.

Dragonmasters of Zekira - Dragon creator - made as a companion to the Sponsor creator above, this will randomly create a fully functional dragon CIS.

This Zekiran Dragon is a Sea Dragon:

Gigantic in size, about 12 'lengths', almost 25 meters.
Very High in Strength, a measure of around 85.
Body Type of a Medium 84 per length.
Speed/Reaction of a High 82.
Very Long Lifespan, about 96 years.
Perception/Reaction of an Average 70.
High Animal Intelligence, represented by 40 in Zekiran terms.

This Sea Dragon has Low Empathic power, but is still able to use Control Sealife and Control Sealife, at a Power Level of 4. This Sea Dragon shows a mutation, Moderately Increased (1 step) Intelligence, as well as a disadvantage, Dramatically Decreased (3 steps) Perception.

They usually use Bite and Deep Diving when fighting.

This Sea Dragon is strong aqua with red mottled over that.

And last but not least, the DMZ Event generator - designed to play into both Sponsor and Dragon characters, to simulate the events which the Master would be taking their dragons through in their lives. Earn enough money to break out of Bayaran, or die trying..

"Breaking news of the day! In the suburbs surrounding Zerin/Bohata/Rar, at dusk as the sun sets...

Another alien invasion plot is revealed!

Something like twenty Dragon Masters and their great beasts met the opposition. Coming from far above the invaders, the Sky and Forest dragons relentlessly tore into their ships.

During the altercation, a broken arm was incurred by a brave Dragon Master. Expected to recover completely, within a month, this Dragon Master won't have any scars from this event.

With 890,798 coming in from grateful Zekiran citizens, this Dragon Master's expenses must surely have been met!

We now return you to your regular programming."

Zekiran Name Generator

This can also be used to generate nonsense words or names for whatever else. The Zekiran people have a beautiful language, I hope to eventually have a truetype font built for it too. -- This is outdated but the names are still pretty decent.

Usakokzhe Jemukneju, Vloh Olur Ezthy, Izaxni Meliusi

Zekiran Title and Name Generator

Along with the above arrays for names, this generator adds an appropriate title of status, to produce random background characters your Zekiran might encounter. Very handy for large parties and Steed racing...

HighMistress Haizhoftu Jhiyxyohyah, LandMistress Taina Edbu Ulsu, LandMaster Dyiuezhed Tlesevne, Lord Jeribhuhu S'oo'ngla

Zekiran Lands Generator

If you need to describe a plot of land that your Zekiran holds, or just fill in blanks for an NPC's worth, this generator will give a brief description of how big, where, and what the land is used for.

This plot of land in Kiran/Le'ret/Nakani is 2 units in size. The land is a hunting park, wild, overgrown and dangerous, where quick animals that are hard to find are hunted.

This plot of land in Curra/Altem/Astel is 67 units in size. The land is a homestead bearing an annoyingly large estate with complicated halls, a kitchen that's not only difficult to get to but hard to leave, and very confused servants.

Ferilon Gene Generator ----- THIS IS NOT UP RIGHT NOW, please be patient :)

The Ferilons are a set of cyberpets I've had online for years, and are governed in appearance by genes. While the genes themselves are pretty simple in my opinion putting them together to make a creature takes some work. The generator allows you to make the dominant-genes of most features, and the dominant-recessive pairs for the unusual mutations or other tribal appearances.

This is a Female ferilon.

She shows the general body covering of g - furless skin
with a recessive gene of g! - armored, with rhino or dragon segments

m - single horn from forehead
with a recessive gene of m! - antennae like butterfly or fairy

e! - lop ears like a big rabbit
with a recessive gene of e! - lop ears like a big rabbit as well

n* - fringe along sides
with a recessive gene of n* - fringe along sides

b - belly fringe
with a recessive gene of b' - no marking

L* - line of fringe from ankle to shoulder
with a recessive gene of l - fringe widely over back

T' - fully covered in fringe from rump to tip
with a recessive gene of t! - completely missing

She shows R - full Tribal traits, all traits visible if her 2nd gene allows for them. She carries r! - detrimental tribal features (Y* - vampire goth, black, violet and red fur and fringe, red eyes, fangs, batwings. Colors dominate so they inherit instead of the normal colors).

She has an f* showing - showing a fighting mutation (k - alligator mouth, a long line of jagged teeth in a jaw 2x longer than normal (damage 4)) if (F! or F*) is not present. She also carries f! - combination if (F!, F* or F') are not showing (w' - Hooves instead of paws, splayed deer like on all limbs and c - Animal Style fur pattern - okapi body with striped butt and back of legs).

Her coloration is Q - four color, d' color Dark Green body with q* color Silver Metallic belly, plus fringe in A* color Medium Brown and D' color Light Red, and eyes of q color High White (glossy).
Recessive Pattern and Color gene may be equal to or any gene lower than this.

Then there's the Ojee Generator! Ojees were created by CD Steele and are keen adoptable cyberpets! ---- ALSO NOT UP

This is a Hermaphrodite Ojee named Stave of the Ivory Pot. Shhee is Obese, plus 1 foot to total height in build, and has Stunted legs, subtracting 6 inches from total height. Hir muzzle is ratlike (pointed), while hir ears are antennae instead. Hir tail is ended in 4 spikes. Shhee shows the Extra Pair of Limbs and Fire Element Limbs (one pair) mutations, while carrying Vertical Mouth and Albino. Hir fur is short and bristly (rex), and colored as Flame, back and ears Green: Emerald, body Purple: Midnight, paws and sides Red: Coral.

This is a Male Ojee named Dune of the Flurry Foe. He is Average, no change to total height in build, and has Mundane legs, adding nothing to height. His muzzle is spiderish (fangs over furry muzzle), while his ears are earless. His tail is rabbit tuft. He shows the Cloven Hooves Instead of Paws and Bipedal (stands on 2 feet) mutations, while carrying Aquatic (webbed feet) and Deaf. His fur is satiny medium length (silky), and colored as Diamondback Snake, belly, back and markings; Yellow: Gold, Purple: Indigo and Orange: Orange.

Kshau Protectorate Cyberpets is a long term project I've worked on since before 2000. Dragon adoptions, breeding and character writing are all very important to the community that I'm involved in. It's a very enjoyable - if sometimes complicated - pasttime.

Pernese Dragon Name Generator ------ UPDATE PENDING ------

Going along with the "rules" of Anne McCaffrey's Pern dragons, all names end in TH - that's just the "way it is". I plan to make one which has multiple endings common to other types of dragons online (Alskyran, Icarian, etc). This is essentially the same name engine as the Zekirans, with single names only and mostly shorter ones.

Imiojereiaaath; Shemoth; Meiivth; Ukenfrth; Jheuguihyth; Dyth; Ypthyth; Theath; Zhaomth

Fantasy Dragon-Adoption Character Generator

This generator is based specifically off of my dice-rolling version, with some exclusions and additions.

This character is Clan Born, born next to last among 9 children, and are 13 years old and male. They were born in a single-parent home. Because of their status they can't read, they are illiterate; on occasion they've been known to mutter an insult openly; attention is paid to their work, they are focused.

They are attractive.

They're known for being a little bit stingy.

This character passionately hates their small painting, passionately hates at home, has a weak goal to learn, and a low fear of being alone.

They are extremely strong attached to the Beach, and they values their appearance. Growing up they had average health for a youngster, and when they are an adult they will be taller than their friends and slender and willowy.

They have shining golden skin, two-toned salt and pepper and yellow hair that is wavy and cut short to ears, and forest green eyes.

In addition to whatever professional skills they will learn, they are also good at entertaining. They are from a lake side, smallish place that was known for its stormy climate.

Alabaster/Blackstone Dragonrider Generator

Shaox is a female rider specializing in message delivery
Height: an average-height person, Build: pudgy
Skin: rich red-brown, Hair: darkly brown, Hairstyle: unusually shiny and pretty, Eyes: light blue

Searched: privately, to avoid any trouble, not too long before Standing
Impressed 18 years ago

Before riding, was a Commoner, House Born child
Age at Impression: 19, born on Alskyr
Siblings: 5
Born: in the middle
plus one unexpected younger half-sibling from their father's indescretions
Legitimacy: brought into the world with two loving parents
Fostered due to: siblings (or half-sibs) demanded it
Literacy Level: can only read very simple things
Politeness Level: they know their place in society and are deferential to their superiors
Focus: if focus had a name, this character's would be it
This character isn't winning any beauty contests
Given a gift, they will show but not share

Values and Goals
Values immensely: their skill with math and numbers
Values immensely: a Dragonry or Hatchery
Extremely strong goal: do nothing at all and relax
Very weak fear: a strange visitor
Values: the light places

She's okay but not happy to be shipped off to a new world with her dragon.


You Walk Into A Weyr Generator .... You know the type (or maybe you don't, you escaped that era?!) so now it's a click away, old-school character page prompts!

You walk into a weyr which is an absolute hog-wallow. It is extremely dark here.

You cannot help but notice that there must be more than one person living here.

Looking around a bit, you see the standard fittings for a Weyr, but nothing special.

You sense this weyr is above the Candidates quarters.


You walk into a weyr you know is near the Crafter's area.

This candidate's weyr is a bit messy. On your arrival the glowbasket is upended and glows scatter the floor.

Looking around a bit, you see a very fine tiny bonsai tree.

You cannot help but notice that there must be more than one person living here.


A Dragon Personality / Preference Generator

This dragon is Chaste; Easily Confused.

This dragon wants to bond to a human.

The dragon announces their name only after being asked.


This dragon is Folksy; Comedic; Fanatical.

This dragon wants to be Impressed to a group or team.

The dragon announces their name to their parents first.


Xeno Egg Generator - long time ago I made a set of bunny, chickie, and shroom xeno dragons for the holiday season. Now you can too.

Type: Chickie

Rank: Female Drone, High

Size: 3 feet at shoulder

Powers: Cause giggling, Cause laid back attitude in anyone

Edibility: Caramel with nuts

Color Scheme: Checkerboard Pattern

Personality quirks: Gaudy, Rover


Type: Bunny

Rank: Female Warrior, Low

Size: 4.5 feet at shoulder

Powers: Teleportation (long range), Reproduction via spores, Hive Mind, Reproduction via spores

Edibility: Rich dark devils-food cake texture and taste like it's a sin

Color Scheme: White and Pink

Personality quirks: Elitist, Quarrlesome


Type: Shroom

Rank: Female Weak Warrior, Low

Size: 4 feet at shoulder

Powers: Speed running/movement, Cause giggling, Reproduction via spores, Resin secretion

Edibility: Mushroomy

Color Scheme: Pastel Orange, White, Blue

Personality quirks: Witty, Squeamish




Coming soon - paniyan gryphon generator for Alskyr!

------ UPDATE PENDING ------ ((5.11.22))

Abode Elf Dollz is my online dolling site featuring specifically ElfQuest-style dolls living both on Abode (the comic book world) and the Otherforest (my own creation).ElfQuest Style Name Generator (Ignore the banner's address, obviously)

Coming up with random names for elves is kind of difficult. I've never seen a really great generator for these kinds of things, mostly because it would require an entire thesaurus of words, organized by a linguist, in order to do it "right". (One very memorable name I got on one was "FoulSnatch"... cough!) Yet, I have a group of names that are the basis for the words used in this generator. There will be the occasional extra "er" added to words inappropriately, but spelling aside you can chage a name to read correctly by removing them or respelling it...

LotusRipple, LongNewt, TwilightSerenity, TourmalineBound

Without doubt, making elves for the World of Two Moons was a lot of fun! This is a work in progress, but as it stands you can make a lot of very interesting characters.

Malachite is a female Wolfrider.

Soul Name: Opieda
When Found: early in life
Doing What? While: challenging another in mental battle
Who else knows name: her mate and closest friend
Mate: Recognized, Lovemated, Lonely Saying, on a vision quest
Child: Dun Tarantula, female, newborn

Mother: Forge, enfatuated
Father: Noose, alive
Siblings: Sister: Beak, older, loving

Skin: light
Hair: tan
Style: naturally wavy
Length: shoulder length
Eyes: vermillion
Age: a Mature Adult
Born in Newgreen/Spring

Clothing: hazel green shaded long legged body suit of leather and fur and short cream boots, wearing a necklace woven of flowers.

Wolfriders are known for their physical prowess and durability.
Strength: High
Dexterity: High
Agility: Very High
Health: High
Size: strong and well muscled, but very feminine (Nightfall-type)
Intelligence: Average
Appearance: Above Average
Charisma: Above Average
Magic Power: Low

While Wolfriders like her clearly excel at physical pursuits, they aren't completely lacking in magical talent.
Sending: Average
Magic Feeling: Average
Finding: Low

This Wolfrider takes care to keep her body in fine condition.
Riding: Extremely High
Manipulation/Armory: High
Plant Lore/Poisons: Average
Weaving/For Homes (mats, rugs): Below Average
Hunting: High using Net (hunting)
Hunting: Above Average using Blowdart

Wolf-Friend - SpeckHatcheter
Size: gigantic, almost abnormally large
Gender: male
Fur Colors: tan and grey
Eye Color: pale blue
Trait: a talented hunter

She really loves Hoofstock Meat.


Hytha is a female Sea elf.

Soul Name: Mothaum
When Found: so long ago
Doing What? While suffering a mental breakdown
Who else knows name: no one
Mate: Lovemated, Iaoo, male, infatuated

Mother: Salt, distant
Father: Passion Beetle, defensive
Siblings: Brother: Carmine Wind, older, ran away

Skin: chocolate
Hair: strawberry
Style: natural and in large ringlets
Length: to their neck
Eyes: inky
Age: a Young Adult
Born in Whitecold/Late Winter

Clothing: sharkskin bikini top and bottom of red, and wrap sandals.

The Sea elves, unique among the elfin splinter groups, live not only near the water but in it, frequently using magic to aid their lives below the tide.
Strength: Average
Dexterity: Average
Agiility: High (possibly different on land and water)
Health: High
Size: slender and curvy (Dreamweaver-type)
Intelligence: Low
Appearance: Extremely High
Charisma: Very High
Magic Power: High

The Sea Elves are uniquely suited to their watery environment, and use appropriate magics to aid their lives.
Sending: Low
Magic Feeling: Average
Healing/Flesh-shaping: Low
Water Shaping: Average

As a Sea elf she enjoys the bountiful oceans that provide much food, pleasure - and danger!
Hunting/Small Sea Creatures: Extremely High
Animal Communication/Cephalopods: Above Average
Mechanical Lore/Toys: Above Average
Attack/Natural Weaponry (fists, biting etc): Average
She is a flesh-shaped legless elf, with a powerful mer-tail instead, however, this means she cannot walk on land. Her fingers and toes are webbed and she has many colorful (platinum and tan) fins.
Swimming: Extremely High
Hunting - Net (large fishing): Low

Animal Bond - Alligator.

She enjoys singing and dancing.

In progress but with largely similar results (not in the same format though) as the above Elfquest generator, is the Otherforest Elf Generator!

Dancing Antelope is a female elf, having arrived at the Otherforest through the Hall of Portals during Longdays (Summer's sign - starpattern: Falling Star, Animal: Rabbit, Color: Light Green, Element: Wide-boll tree; Forcast - humor, sensuality, creativity and generosity are this elf's qualities) of year 96, then she went to to Wander the world, always, nesting on matted plants and woven reeds.

She has brown skin, light golden brown, (often covered with a shawl) hair that is down to their waist, with snow eyes. Her ears are expressively able to move up and down, and are about as long as a finger, like a cat-elf. No matter how old she really was while Human, now she appears as an Older Adult.

She wears a orange shaded long legged body suit of coarse leather and a silk cobalt ripped collar shirt with with high leg wraps and stiff shoes.

She's always doing athletic things, as such she has Extremely High Agility and Extremely High Dexterity, Above Average Health, and Average Strength; also she's of High Intelligence, Average Magic Power, Very Low Charisma and Below Average Appearance.

As an athletically inclined elf, she concentrates on certain kinds of magic.
As most elves do, she can Send (at Above Average level), and use Magic Feeling (to Very Low ability).
Her other magic powers include Animal Speaking at High ability, and a Average Fire Starting ability.

This athletic elf often runs circles around her friends.
While she is reasonably talented in common skills, Climbing/Assisted (ropes/grapples) is her best skill, with an Extremely High ability, but she is quite skilled with Jumping/Long (Very High ability), Throwing/Weird Objects (Below Average ability level) and World Lore/Local Territory (at Low level of ability). She loves to hunt (High ability) with Hooks, and uses a Hand Crossbow at Above Average ability.

She has very basically no memory of her prior life as a human. She is of below average height and slender in build size and very elfin in appearance.

She came across her soul-name a few years ago while wandering around. She has told her entire group of friends that it is Dhuaw.

Her Wolf Bonding power worked well, she is bonded to PruneNickel, a largish, almost too big around to sit on, female Greater wolf with black and brown fur and red eyes, who is can use Levitation.

She is fascinated by Phosphorus.

Make Your Own SangerYou ever wonder why I'm stuck on one guy like Sanger? Well, duh.... What I'd like to know is why everyone ELSE is also stuck on him? Because he's tall and sexy and crazy, that's why. Now you can have your own Sanger to do with whatever you'd like. If you put him up online, all I ask is a link back to my page. :)

This Sanger is a extremely perverse Male Furry Cheetah having Russet fur/scales, shoulder-length one strand over eyes hair in Shadow Black over it, and Deep Sea Blue eyes. Always seeming too young to be in their 80s, this incarnation is immortal via whatever means necessary. Living in a Perverse Modern universe, they have a good set of sensory powers but are crazy. As such, they are way too smart, using their skills in medicine to start their career, but also enjoying track and field. Their great sexual prowess :D is something they both fear and enjoy. They are terrified of nothing, they're fearless. Their Enemy is gunning for political power, and their allies include no one, they're alone. Their Family has mostly been killed, but they have Simon, Cassandra, Ilyana, Amalthea, and Gareth - kids from three different partners.

This Sanger is a mostly monosexual Male Panther with Coppery fur/scales, and Azure Blue eyes, with whatever fringe or hair in Pitch Black. They're quite young, an adolescent in this universe, and will live almost immortal years, without being mortally wounded. Living in a Furry Shapeshifting Modern universe, they have taken the mantle of a god, with the powers and responsibilities that go with it. As such, they are unnaturally intelligent, using their skills in medicine to start their career, but also enjoying animal handling. Their great senses, touch especially at 3x normal is something they both fear and enjoy. They are terrified of loving, because they always lose in love. Their Enemy is a sweet old man by now, and their allies include another universe's Engell or Alabaster. Their Family has been bribed to desert our hero, but they have a son, Martin, still living.

Teenagers on Hol Student Maker

Teenagers from Outer Space meets Human Occupied Landfill. That's right, the crossover no one expected (and even, knows about) has a generator all its own. With a detailed student profile, including gender, species, homeworld, powers and even a class schedule, how can you resist? Go right ahead and create your own whole classroom filled with freekz, geeks and marmosets!

Your Human teen is a tomboyish girl who doesn't feel like a nut at all.

From the Men In Black Universe, an Agent in training with the MiB, almost always wears a black suit and tie, with dark shades

Being a Sophomore, you're allowed 25 KnacKudos for knacks, skills and clusters.

Your totem is the Leech, the 'bloodsucking slimey' totem, would rather have you go first. no, that's okay.
-1 S/Gm, +2 RWP, -2 Luck, -1 Drive, +1 Cool, -1 Bonk, +5 Extra KK's.

With a Smarts/Greymatta of 4
Bod/Feets of 4
Relationship With Parents of 4
Luck/Nuts of 7 - amazing!
Driving of 2
Looks of 7 - wow, exceptional.
Cool/Mouth of 4
and Bonk/Meat of 3
(modify those by any + or - found in Homeworld or Totem)

Powers are A Bunch! Magic - the spell stupefy - a spell to render victims unconscious;
along with a familiar, a oddly colored (ecru) ferret,
Clones - has two radically different clones that they can tap into for learning (Any Skill Cluster at 3), working, or replacement parts
and Cute - wins hearts just by batting their eyes or flexing
but uses Bounce - sproingy and hard to stop, takes no damage from falling
and Shoot Stuff - can fling burning, fire bolts from your hands (or whatever extremity) in addition.

1st Period Fur-Side Economics with Engelstoat
2nd Period Mythological History with Kuumba
3rd Period Genre-Driven Fiction with McPanda
4th Period Stage Magic with Velenis
5th Period Politics of Magic with President Piers Hoarfrost
6th Period General Physical Education with Graves
7th Period Time Travel Machinery and Mapping Tech with Quincy Pepper
8th Period Intro to Trigonometry with Nachos California

They live near the campus in an apartment with other students.

Very little else is memorable about this student.


Your Real Weirdie teen is a boy who doesn't feel like a nut at all.

From Equestria - magical land of friendship and ponies. You're a Windigo, a chill winter spirit pony, icy white and blue, Ice and Cold Skills +2.

Being a Sophomore, you're allowed 25 KnacKudos for knacks, skills and clusters.

Your totem is the Bush Baby, the 'if you do not kill me soon I will surely die of fright' totem. Fast, nimble thieves, whistleblowers.
+1 S/GM, +3 Bod, +1 RWP, -2 Luck, -1 Drive, +1 Looks, -1 Bonk, + 8 extra KK's.

With a Smarts/Greymatta of 8 - holy cats!
Bod/Feets of 3
Relationship With Parents of 3
Luck/Nuts of 4
Driving of 6
Looks of 4
Cool/Mouth of 3
and Bonk/Meat of 4
(modify those by any + or - found in Homeworld or Totem)

Powers are Just One - Telemove - allows you to move things without touching them.

1st Period Ball Sports Baseball with Neko
2nd Period Fertilizer and You with Herring
3rd Period Way Off Base-10 with Saiintenella
4th Period Interspecies Politics with Kuyul
5th Period Universal History with Argle
6th Period Fiction Writing with Gray
7th Period Haunting with Shout!
8th Period Advanced Pain Compliance Tech with Pandemonium

They live humbly on campus in the on-site alien dorms.

They have a Steadfast, Valorous personality.

There are variations on the Teen Generator which specify Magic or Superheroics more strongly, or a Triptych-heavy blend. (Supes unlinked yet) (( these are crappy and don't use them plz))

Teenagers on Hol Class Generator - be the first one on your block to have a full 8-class School day! (it's not updated to show the same variety of classes as above, though.)

1st Period Typing and Virtual Pod Use with Zoeller; 2nd Period Careers: Men In Black with Ny; 3rd Period Dungeon Crawl with Ashigaru; 4th Period Cyberdecks and You with Lyle; LUNCHTIME!!! 5th Period Intro to Trigonometry with Xalia; 6th Period Poli Sci with Talshoy; 7th Period Archaeology with A. Sanger; 8th Period Fur-Side Studies with Peacemongrel

Teenagers on Hol Usagi Generator - a kind of fangirlish cross between Tenchi Muyo's bigbunnyeared creatures, Usagi Yojimbo, and Ah My Goddess... They're a whole batch of students at Carramba High, but they also exist on their homeworld led by a half-breed and her king.

This is a teenaged male Usagi.

Fur: chalk white colored.
Marking color: green tipped elegantly long ears.
Face Markings in above color are line over the eyes.
Hair is medium length and braided, shock white with marking-color tips.
Eyes: red.

Clothing is worn only on special occasions, consisting of periwinkle colored chaps and graphite leather pants and sap denim jacket.

The magic he specializes in is animal-totem (Mouse) attacks.

His favored weapon is long rapier.

Genetic History: grandfather (father's side) Human.
His parents are both living, separately, and he has a twin of the opposite gender.
Raised in the bad part of a medium-sized town (DePlax). There, they became familiar with pimping.

He has an Unlucky disposition.

This Usagi has a purple Dragon bond.


Silly Generator!


When you just don't know how many exclamation points to use in an angry forum flame!

!!!!!!!one!!!!!!!1!1eleven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 or !!!!1!!!!!!!!!!1one!1WTF or !!!1!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one!!!!!!!!!


Valve Rumor Generator - For when you just don't know what stupid rumor to spread on the Steam forums...

Hoopy the Hoop says every game that Valve makes is going to be exclusive to the PS3 from now on!!!!!.

The Internets says the G-Man is fully revealed in Episode 3 (and that doesn't mean he's naked)!!!!!


Superpower Generator

Comes with its own set of 'rules' for understanding the terms. Use it for RPG purposes!

Offensive power: Strong Balance/Agility attacks
---3x normal power level

Offensive power: Average Animal Control (insects) attacks
---1x normal power level

Transport Power: Average Swimming (water only)
---3x normal power level
---This power is barely under control

Weakness: Weirdly Mutated Body (tail/fur)


Magic Student Generator *note that this used to be for a specific franchise, no longer appropriate please don't use the old version

Student Gender: female
Background: Wizard Blooded, newer family, well off
Personality: Sadistic
Cultural Background: Black, African descent (light) and is pretty/handsome

Attending: Large, Urban Local School
Year/Age: 2nd year, age 12, Middle school grade 7
Favorite Subject: Teleportation
Worst Subject: Repair and Construction Spells

Professional Goal: Inventor

Length: long, 13.75 inch
Wood: Rowan (divination)
Core: Pixie wing dust (size magic)
Favored Spell: a jet of fire sparks come from the wand

Familiar: magically endowed crow

Unique: Morpher - can change into inorganic items such as chairs, statues, or books

Broomball: would rather be playing Magic Chess


Student Gender: male
Background: Half-Blooded (mother), poor
Personality: Clumsy
Cultural Background: Islander (Asian), typical and almost entirely unmemorable in appearance

Attending: Small Local School - class president
Year/Age: 1st year, age 12, Elementary grade 6
Favorite Subject: Magical Mathematics
Worst Subject: Preventitive Anti-Normie Magic

Professional Goal: Magical Ailment Physician

Length: average length 11 inch
Wood: Peach (abundance)
Core: Pegasus mane hair (aerial affinity)
Favored Spell: a disgusting curse to cause boils on the victim

Familiar: all animals, even magical ones, respond to them

Unique: Seeker - is able to know where things are, when needed - this does not imply they can reach those things, or bring them to themselves automatically

Broomball: would rather be studying


Holiday Gift Package Generator

This is a small sized present. It is on the heavy side and is odd-angled. It's wrapping paper is colorful comic-book print. The gift wobbles a bit when you shake it.

This is a pretty big present. It is light in weight and is rounded. You'll want to keep the traditionally-patterned solid red and grassy wrapping paper from this gift. It's so pretty! If you shake it, you worry it might break.

This is a large sized present. It feels pretty light and is cylindrical. The wrapping on this gift is done so nicely you don't want to tear it! It's solid pale-blue and glittery evergreen with tiny bows of rich salmon-pink. The gift makes no sound nor movement when you shake it.


Zeddian Character Generator

Part of the wide network of character worlds I've created includes the planet of Zedd, which is described a bit on the page. Each of the people living there have four arms and some kind of psionic powers, and are colored strictly in black-grey-white tones with markings and 'big hair'.

Xaxh Z'hyt Xuyiy

Gender: female

Markings: snow white skin with small solid grey jagged line/s, on abdomen
Hair: low shoulder length, solid white

Powers: moderately strong glass control
Mutations: no mutations


Shoic Xoxhia Shyeu

Gender: female

Markings: dove grey skin with easily-seen dilute graphite random mark/s, on three hands
Hair: waist length, mottled white

Powers: strong pain control (others) abilities
Mutations: missing/deformed leg but also armored skin



Gender: male

Markings: hoary white skin with easily-seen solid black spot/s, on only one forearm
Hair: low elbow length, glossy silver

Powers: strong pigment control
Mutations: extra limbs - has leathery wings (extra) but also has feline style ears (slightly furry) on top of head


Random Nexus Species/Persona Generator

For those times when you're stuck in a weird Galactic Bar and Grill and there seems to be a leak in the universe letting all manner of people in...

This inhabitant came from a Steampunkish place mixing wild arcane rites and alchemy with lots of improbable technology.

Their profession was taxi driver and they made a steady income at it.

They are Furry (as is their civilization)
Their species: Vole
They are very typical for their breed in appearance

They are...
Simply huge for their type
Average of health
Abnormally strong
Remarkably flexible
Average intelligence
Unempathic, can't understand anyone
Typically charming

They have a Folksy disposition


This inhabitant is from an exotic, far-distant world where anything is possible, though technology reigns supreme.

Their profession was animal breeding and they made a living wage at it.

They are a Constuct (combination bio/bot, etc)
gold outer covering
bizarre warm grey head adornment
purple eyes

They are...
A mature adult
Much bigger than normal for their breed
Average of strength
Average dexterity
Super genius
Average empathy, can read people well
Typically charming

They have a Disloyal, Strong-willed disposition


Other Types of Characters -- added 5.11.22

Fallout style characters - from the Bethesda game series, I've adapted as much as I can of the Perks, SPECIAL, and other such things, and some amount of equipment

Dweller is a Human teacher near a little community in the Mountains, making a reasonable amount to live on
Presents as female, identifies as transgender, prefers same gender
Skin: vitiligo marked beige
Hair: silvery, tight dreadlocks, completely shaved/cropped
Eyes: black
Build: average, toned
Their age is an adult

Strength: 5
Perception: 8
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 8
Luck: 9

Perks: Machine Head; Eagle-Eye; Math Wrath; Isodoped

They wear Merc Vetran Outfit and use H&K P90c
They have a adequate level skill with animal instruction

They have a Quick-witted, Moody personality
If killed, they drop a terrifying portrait made with blood, and 504 caps


Dweller is a Marked Man (Ghoul) irradiated scout near The Divide
Presents as male, identifies as gender fluid, prefers opposite gender
Their current appearance is skin grossly blistered with radiation
having surprisingly a full head of hair
scarred-over white looking eyes
Build: out of shape
They used to look like...
Skin: yellowish
Hair: pumpkin orange, loose and wild, shoulder length
Eyes: brown green
They are immortal now, but turned to a Ghoul when they were an elderly adult

Strength: 8
Perception: 2
Endurance: 6
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 8
Luck: 3

Perks: Long Shot; Steady Arm; Machine Head

They wear Ultracite Power Armor and use Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun
They have a quite strong skill with horse jockey

They have a Disinterested personality
They're a Synth having come from Acadia after escaping the Institute
They have a pet radscorpion they're looking to sell for 69 caps

Black Mesa Dragon Rookery stuff - well, not quite but it's the Vortigese Language randomizer and glossary! You'll find a lot of character and dragon names that use Vort! This gen is not as complete as the final Language Primer, but slowly it'll be fleshed out, maybe searchable at some point...


Coming Soon: Dawnlight Citizen Generator for the world of Dawnlight Chronicles.

Coming Soon: Triptych animal shifter Character Generator.

I will be adding whatever new generators I make here! Whee! They're addictive!