This generator was last updated SEPTEMBER 2019

Rearranged Powers and some Disads as per new charts in rpg book.

Added and refined Land Holdings for everyone, and added PR/GP for all power ranks.

Added new Family Ties portions. Vahh, Benders, Elves, Gelgelan, Zeddian, Dragonriders, Dragondeep (unfinished Jewel Witches, Wyldkin, mostly finished Lumin)*2019 Working on Blackstone et al.

Added Vortigese words for naming.

Improved distribution of Animal Master powers (increased in Pelatih status, decreased presence in other status). *2019 there are major changes to powers and disads available, trying to get those all in here too.

Removed the 'DragonMaster' and 'DragonBreeder' information so those options will not appear in this generator at all.
*Note that dragon riders can be imported, but no Zekiran dragons.

Removed the descriptive Fertility and Power Rank text and some other redundant information, refer to rule books for definitions or detailed information.