Here are the named 'Body Type' images - small size - so you can choose one to draw your elf if you wish.

You may feel free to copy and use any of the html on this page, but give me credit if used to create another generator or character. The original code for the generator is from Steve Savage and his Seventh Sanctum site. Please give kudos to him!

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Images included in the Dolls section that are originally from the Elfquest RPG book have been released on the internet on the Elfquest site and are no longer considered 'off limits' to dolling, but I feel the need to point out that I didn't draw those - and we all know who did.  :) I drew all the rest of the images, aside from the few which are attributed to those people linked directly with each image.

Please do not remove any information/code/images without checking to see that it is okay first. Most images on these pages are acceptable to alter and use - with a link back ONLY.

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