Want a map for where those towns and cities are? ((on the way))

** 11.30.23 ** Note that the word Usagi is no longer in use on most of my sites, rather it's Gelgelan now, since that is where the group of these characters will be hailing from. Usagi will refer only to the ancestry, pureblooded rabbit people, since most of the newer characters are not more than 3/4 Usagi typically.

Usagi are rabbit-like people, with short thick fur on their skin, long ears, and large bunny-like feet. They have a puffy tail too. :) You may use this base image to create your own Usagi, please give credit by using the banner above or a text link back on every page you use any base belonging to me. Feel free to change the gender to female (or whatever your Usagi turns out to be), it's not that tough and I haven't got the female base ready yet.


Male Bunny Base ...  Bunny head, Left arm, Right arm ... Below, arms and legs and a couple more heads!

These are 2 color GIF files, save them to your hard drive and use whatever paint program you have, to color and put them together. No single part of these images may be used on any other Dollmaker base.