Create your Random SuperPowers here


It is up to you to figure out how the powers work and how they'd work together in one character. Some very rare people have only offenses or only defenses. Everyone has a travel ability and everyone has a weakness of some kind.

There are no 'bionics', 'cybernetics' or 'devices' that these characters use. Everything they have is from their own mind or body. Only if they have 'Intelligence' or 'Knowledge' powers, then they may invent something.

In order to determine what 'tier' your Super is, how strong they are overall, add together the 'multipliers' (.5 through x7).
Use the chart below to see where your character is in relation to everyone else!
* = Tier 0 individuals are weaker than most and have little chance of being noticed among the 'big players'. However, they often have useful powers that can be put into play for their job or their studies.

#/1000 is the number of powered people per 1000 normals. There is 1 tier 7 person, around 99 others from tier 6 through 0, and around 900 totally normal, unpowered people in every 1000.


Power Levels and Effects
Power Tier# of TargetsWeightInches +CubicFeet +CubicYards +CubicMilesMinutesHoursDaysSmall ItemsGeneral X Other
01.5 Self211.511.51.5
241.5 Self8421.5104241.5x
392x Self10832308362x
4164x Self1610446010584x
5255x Self32165890129105x
6508x Self64326161201612128x
710010x Self12064103024024202010x

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