Vortigese language basics

Vortigese communication relies on a combinaion of vocal and Vortal (mental) patterns, so speaking it will only give part of the meaning. Context is supplied almost entirely Vortally, so if you're not a telepath, you're only hearing half the meaning.

Words are listed here by their primary use. Since this is only a very basic version of a language, the words are broken down into only three overt categories: verbs (actions), nouns (objective content), and modifiers (descriptive or conceptual content). Many words can be both noun and verb, depending on their context. Most 'Modifier' words describe a noun or condition, but can often become a verb. There are very few specific nouns in Vortigese, as they will more often use a description of what an item does or looks like, rather than assign one word to that thing.

A 'title' of an object or person is far more important than merely that description, and is bestowed Vortally after much deliberation. They are many 'bahh'chackt' (mothers), but only one Bahh'chakt Gallum Vahh, the Mother of Surprises.

Some words may be out of alphabetical order due to creation date. Last changes made 8.22.15









VERB Verb Meaning NOUN Noun Meaning MOD Modifier Meaning
ahhhr ready to commune Vortally ah' you, us, team, group bahh/baa multiple, divisions of a group; n-individual
barr/barh to chant, repeat; n-music/song, spell ahglah the all-in-one, circle, sphere ban increments, gradualness
chackt motion, action, the verb form of a noun alla self, people, Vortikind bed sweetness, pleasant taste/smell
chela to cleanse, purge, generally hostile allu allies, non-Vorts; v-peaceful contact bim/beem past, unchangeable, history
chuaa alert, engage, attack bee warrior class, grunts, soldiers bit wetness, damp, not liquid/not dry
dan/danh to honor, respect another beelees controller class, leader, commander buu hardness, inflexible
dara to guard, protect, give shelter beh female, she/her/hers chee/chi shrill sound, high pitch
det to ask politely, soft request, 'please' bot thing, it, single item among others darr/darh brightness, light source; v-illuminate (not heat)
dey to require more information, explaination chaa knowledge, vortal information, objective thought dee overabundance, too much; n-explosion, stink
gaharrah willful indebtedness, gratitude chrah hill, rise, landmark; v-climb, raise dech bumpy, lumpy, knotted, grain
gaka self-worth, pride; n-thing you're proud of churr sustenance, food; v-to eat dim amusement, lighthearted; v-to joke; n-jester/butt of joke
galih euphoria, pleasant death; n-the Interval daa/dahh hue or color, physical appearance eh' mental/emotional modifier to a physical word
gallalam satisfaction, to finish, to complete den limbs, not body/brain ell/elh slickness, shine, reflectivity; n-mirror; v-polish
glah embrace, gather, teamwork eeya/iyah elemental fire, heat; v-to warm ga' positive modifier, 'yes/for'
graa/grah to theorize, ponder; n-a formula or theory eek/ik/iq elemental electricity, lightning; v-to shock gerr/gerh softness, pliable, flexible, changeable (ideas or objects)
gram fondness, pleasure in doing/wanting eeg/egh intelligence, smarts, comprehension glit/galit length, distance, amount, quantitative size
gruh/groo to pace, prowl, stealthy movement gallum precious item, pleasure; v-to gift/induce grun grace, ease, elegant motion; v-soar, freefall, glide
gu broad motion between states gog elemental water/liquid gurrah below, underneath, bottom
gulanga training, sparring, repetitive activity gruk cavern, shelter, natural interior ha/haa negative modifier, 'no/not/against', inequitable
gunn to prepare, to warn gurr/gurh feet, wheel, locomotive extremities hagh/haag dislike, lesser value, disallow, poor quality
hach express negativity, refuse, 'nope' hachra a pit, hole, indent; v-dig/gouge hen exclusion, instead, 'or'; v-choose between things
hallam unrest, chaos, negative condition hoch sparks, starlight, sparkles; (also verbs) ih' physical modifier for emotional or Vortal idea
harra debt, bond, serve; n-trap jah/jaa remnants, leftovers, useless; m-after jii/jih curled, fluted, wound, wavy, helix; also verbs
hoh stun, shock, unexpected impact jurr elemental earth, ground, stone, solid ket flatness, dullness, lack of features
hoy-hoy pay attention, hush-up, watch out kaa/kahh physical texture klurr/klurh low frequency sound, thrumming, dirge; v-groan, moan
hud to collect, harvest, gather; n-herd/flock kallah body, flesh, objective contents kraa/krah quiet sound, whisper, hush
keh to fix, repair, forgive kih/kee within, shell, container kshaa/kshah abrupt, sudden, quick
ksaa confidence, surety, belief in another kshek ink/dye, stain; v-to color, camouflage lak arc, trajectory, orbit, direction; v-encircle
kurr to be told, given; n-teacher lach present location, here leh/ley burden, weight, trouble, blame, downwards direction; also verb
kut to attract, bring near, tug; n-leash lalli space, universe, dimension lud/ludh acrid smell/taste, burning, tangy, aftertaste
kuu to cling, attach onto, be carried lih spirit, Vortessence, energy, personality mah/maa bare, plain, obvious, in view
laa/lahh to connect, a link or step between; n-web/tie lillimah freedom, emotional spirit mach sticky, gluey, tarry, snagging texture; also verb
lam emotion, feelings, opinion morr/morh the edge, boundary, border mei/may granular, pebbly, rubble, worn off from a larger portion; v-to grind
lees to lead, command, preside, elect muu sense of taste/smell, odor/flavor; v-sniff/taste min/minh strong, hardy, sturdy, durability, muscularity
lilli to grasp, comprehend; n-sanity ni male, he/him/his nahh/naa inception, beginning, start, highest point, top; also verb
lung/lang concentration, effort, attention span nox island, colony, foundation, parcel nuy unknown, unpredicted, unexpected, insanity
luu/loo rest, sleep, inactivity ohm/om elemental metal/ore, gems/crystals oa/wah loudness, booming, resonance, raucous; v-speak up/shout
lihluu to dream while asleep ord radio signal, technological communication (also verb) roa/row nebulous, fluffy, indistinct; n-cloud; v-to be vague or noncommittal
shehluu to snore while asleep orm antlion worker rum above, higher, summit, upper portion
mech to pinch, clasp, close; n-hinge, lock ormbah antlion eggs rus/roos style, distinction, unique, positive specific method
mii/mee magnetism, attraction; n-magnet ormlih antlion larva ruu/ruh chill, cold, immobile/frozen; n-elemental ice
mirr/mirh reflex, automatic, reaction ormturr antlion queen saa/sahh easy, simple, uncomplicated, raw
mit to absorb, funnel, ingest; n-sponge/siphon; m-revelation ormdara antlion guardian sennah/senaa time, immediacy, 'now', current moment
mun to record, trace, mark; n-a clue, marker ormshuk antlion spitter tan smaller, lesser, younger, losing side
nach embark, make a trail, journey; n-a path rach tool, item/implement (+verb) tash and, also, in addition to, 'too'; v-add
net expectation, hope/projection razh specific location, target, home (also verbs) tay wrinkle, fold, crease, non-flat surface; also verb
nohaa death at range, to fire/shoot; n-bullets ree plants, brainless life, tree/etc turr/turh bigger, greater, elder, winning side
raa business, deal, work, interact seh blood, fluid, precious to functionality vahh/vaa mystery, secret, hidden, lies; also verb
rahd to appreciate physical traits; n-beauty sheh physical sound, noise vech future, potential, yet to be/happen
rix/rihx to distract, lure, bait (also nouns) shii/shih mesh, weave, mix (also verbs) vurr/vurh absense of space, together, one item; v-to draw near/collide
rut to roll, tumble, rotate, spin; m-be dizzy shuu/shu offspring, brood, kin; v-to breed xih/zee middle, center, balance, average, adulthood (not child/elder); also verb
ruun to wait, pause; m-inaction, motionless sii pain, ache, discomfort yee/yii pleasant to touch, velvety, furry; v-to pet or stroke; n-fur or beard
shaa to communicate at distance, greet staa/stah surface, cover, skin; v-to wrap/clothe yit fragility, breakable, brittleness, sensitivity/weakness
shuk to spray, spread, spew, flow; n-spittle, vomit sun made barrier, armor, shield (also verb) zhey dryness, aridity, thirst, parched; also verb
siid to compact, condense, confine; n-pill, wad surr/surh animal, unintelligent/spiritless life zuk springy, bouncy, jump, rebound
stu to erase, remove, leave no trace, unmake terr/terh distant location, 'not here' araa/arah transparency of item, barrier/force field, used only for physical items
taa/tahh to make or manufacture, create; also noun thoi family, bond, community, rank within group ahl/all indication of lineage, surname, place or epithet, used ahl+word
tak explore, be aware, quantitative veh elemental air, breathable, lightweight; v-clean rae/ray stripes, markings, rosettes, variegation or mixed colors
talash evade, dodge, anticipate attack xen/zen escape, hideaway, other home/place xil/zeel/zil out of the ordinary, weirdness, oddity, rarity, easily distinguished
tao to split, divide, demark; n-a serving (of food/etc) moh/moa imagination, fantasy, whim, creativity (also verbs) go/goh appropriate behavior, fitting in, meeting approval, thumbs up
tii to tolerate, be patient with numi/noomi artistic, creative, an artist, something pretty, a piece of art    
tirh/tiir to train others, serve; n-manual, checklist nae/nay wind, air currents (moving), natural storm (not portal)    
toy motion or speed, hurry up du/doo storage, compartmentalized, pack away (also verbs)    
tsah to perceive, physical senses        
tul to reply, respond, a rebuttal (he said, she said)        
tuu to grow mentally, experience, progress        
uhn acknowledge, roll-taking 'here'        
ula force, kludge, inappropriate construction        
urr to fill, become, enter; n-portal or doorway        
vih to expand, spread, extend; n-wings, parachute        
vin hatred, dislike, distress, bad situation (all condition, not object)        
voo to end violently, cut; n-knife; m-sharpness        
vouch taint, brand, imprint, possess, negative specific method        
vra to fasten, secure; n-anchor; m-loyal        
vuun verbally recount, story telling        
xkah focus on, notice important bits; n-lens, object of interest        
yem to prefer, think favorably; m-positive opinion        
zich to operate, manually work, activate        
zurr size something up, to form opinion, qualitative        
odu to dangle, swing, flap; n-flag, tail, rope        
skee/ski to place atop, balance, layer; n-floor/building, strata/rock        
osh to apply pressure, tighten; n-tourniquet, clamp        
kree/krii to monitor, watch, stalk, hunt; also nouns of such        
zoo/zuu/soo to experiment, think outside the box, try different aspects        
ua/ooah to submerge, immerse, to drown, dunk, bury; also emotional        
had/hahd/haad to leave an imprint, scar, negative mark (all physical)        
del/dell to care for, tend, caretaker, usually physical only        
ahn/an to renew, reform, change emotionally or physically        
kth to choose among, pick from, physically; to take sides        
seng/sang to pry open, pick apart in detail, analyze physically; surgery, autopsy, puzzle        
xhaa/zhaa to impress, frighten/scare, intimidate; a scary person/task        
meh to sort out, place into categories, sift, the act of dividing/sorting