Name: Nohaa Walsh, translated directly as nohaa oa lush, fires off the loud snare of doom; or nohaa'chackt kshaa-vahh: mind bullets end that mystery pretty quickly, or 'where the hell did that attack come from?!' (yes, that's actually what it means) ... given that Mars' name can mean 'explosive trap' he's aptly named in English and Vort; is also known as Noah Vahh, but it does get a little confusing with Noah the Vort still being around

Gender: Male, aggressively pansexual

Age/DOB: around 30 visually, born 2022 - has spent considerable time offworld, so his age is highly deceptive

Origin: Repurposed Earth, Black Mesa facility New Mexico

Family: Mother Mars Walsh, father Keenan Lane; full sister Choxen Vahh, half-brother Kellogg, numerous Vahh relatives; father of Joel and Nakila with Jennifer Lange

Other: Has offspring scattered around different dimensions, and has a penchant for romancing twins... any gender, any breed, he's only picky about whether they have fun, and apparently they tend to have twins...

Height: 5'8", is actually quite a bit shorter than his proportions make him look

Weight: around 120, considerably less than his build looks, though he does look effeminate and petite, he's still pretty strong for his size (plus he's nowhere near as little as his mother)

Hair: Vibrantly black, full and somewhat fluffy, however note that it changes at his whim like the rest of his appearance; usually not much longer than his neck, he prefers it short

Eyes: Richly dark teal, which is the same color as his visible aura, tends to squint, superbly villainous looking eyebrows (he's no villain though)

Appearance: Medium olive-fair skin with no particular markings, which he can change Vortally into effectively 'damn near anything'. He is not a shapeshifter, but he can alter his surface features such as facial and head hair, skin tone (including markings), hair texture and length, and the like. He absolutely loves red and black, and has put together a collection of fine clothing thanks to his 'brother' Wilson (who Nohaa calls 'uncle' in jest); he has a quiet, deep voice, somewhat similar to Adam Jensen's, and yes he plays video games and knows who Adam Jensen is.

Image Credits: Icon/City of Heroes

Genetic Abilities: Has an active suite of Psychic abilities, including invasive telepathy, memory reading, hand-wave mind clouding, and crowd-based emotion control. Most of these work primarly at a distance of around 10 to 30 meters, and best with fewer than 100 people. He can pinpoint a mind among many, particularly if they're Vortally active. Most of his passive Psychic power comes in the form of sensing and locating Vortal people, he tends not to pay much attention to non-Vortal ones. However, in addition to these he has a strong telekinetic blast - mainly for close range, it's devastating at touch, but quite accurate even at a distance of around 50 meters. He can put dents in concrete with it, though not really destroy things outright. As stated above, he can shift his appearance, which is something that Keenan is quite interested in: he himself is only able to 'refresh' his body at a cellular level, keeping himself from dying for half a century mostly. Actually shapeshifting is beyond both of them, however. These powers all come largely from the Icarus treatments that he had, because he was only born with a few that relate directly to those of his parents. He can turn himself so deeply invisible that even Vortal senses don't pick him up - this is straight from Mars, and she's so very proud of him for being able to do it. But also he can teleport, not just from one location to another in line of sight, but to Xen, and beyond - he is a true Genrehopper, and likes leaping from one dimension to another. Mostly in order to pick up a date for the night...
Icarus Processing: Yes, at age 3; he was powerful enough before this, but Melissa was able to convince everyone involved (mostly Keenan) that it would be 'really fun' to see what came of it. She wasn't wrong.
Skills or Profession: Nohaa is an exceptionally intelligent man, highly educated (via downloads, mostly), but he hardly makes that his focus. He's quite the physical type, so people tend to underestimate his actual brain power when they're watching him flirt, fight, or throw explosives around. While undergoing the Icarus treatments, Nohaa was also given skill downloads which included demolitions, inorganic chemistry, physics, forensics, and many of his mother's field of research such as ballistics and weapon training. He's put those to good use over the years, particularly at the Rookery, but also while hanging out in Paragon City with the heroes. As a crowd control specialist, Nohaa excels, because he really does love being in the middle of things. Also, explosions. It would be impossible to say that he's got a 'job', but what he does do for the Rookery is round up people in need of being moved from place to place, get them to the right spot for pickup, and making sure they're not freaking out while all of it is happening, because yes those are dragons, don't worry they're friendly. Nohaa is also a consumate flirt, he will pretty literally screw anything that moves. Honestly both of his parents sort of wish he was a little more discerning, but hey, he's got half a dozen kids on Zekira with terrific genes (wait, is that him? no? some other version... are you sure, because they're absolutely the same guy, oh my god they might be switching places with each other) because of it.
Personality: Nohaa takes after his mother Mars in personality to say the least. He's very up front, loud, bold, and loves explosions as much as he likes the attention of having caused them. While he's certainly in your face about things (if he spots something of interest, he will just go up and start talking about it), Nohaa is not egocentric or possessive. He's vain, but also ridiculously charming, and unlike Wilson, he's not such a massive wall of muscle that he's terrifying. He loves to dress well, and that is something that he and his ... brother? Uncle? share and will talk endlessly about if they're given the chance. Though Nohaa is certainly ready and willing to engage in very close relations with men, he's definitely not 'feminine' in that he enjoys being 'that sharp dressed man'.
Events or History: Nohaa exists, because Wilson was too slow. No really - just ask Mars, because when Keenan got his new body on, she was right there to help him 'test it out'. And Wilson was still a bit prone to fret about getting too physical with the tiny woman. He is Raven's 'big brother', though he tended to spend a lot more time with Mars than Keenan when he was growing up. That's mostly his personality, rather than their preference. Nohaa wanted to help the Resistance out in the Cities, but thankfully Keenan put Vortal dampers on his teleportation abilities so they didn't just up and lose the kid. Particularly since he can go Vortally invisible, making him all but impossible to find... When things settled, he was among the group of wandering folks that hit up different dimensions before locating the Earth where the Rookery is established. Most of the time, Nohaa is on hand to provide the same kind of help for the refugees, as in Paragon - protecting normal people is a duty he takes seriously, but also enjoys quite a bit. After all, thankful folks tend to like giving hugs.


Name: Darah
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium, 12'3" shoulder / 80 l / 80' and 60' ws
Colors: Bold red on body, limbs, neck, head, and wingsail; bright white belly, limb accents, horns, spines, claws; opalescent white, lavender, pale blue, pink undersail and frill/webbing
Features: Seraphwing, an exotic Pyrrhan species; four legs, slender, with 5 and 4 digits having sharp thin claws; four strong leathery wings four visible fingers, elbow strut, and long wrist thumb, all bearing large claws; scaled hide, with large soft belly, neck, and under tail plates, very small soft scales on most of body, and larger plates along neck, fronts of limbs, back, and back of tail; head has a large nose horn, two long backswept horns, external ears, and webbed neck frill; neck has shaggy webbing, and increasingly large heavy spikes down neck; base of tail / rump has tall webbed frill, and end of tail has massive webbing for balance
Powers: Winged Flight, able to fly nearly silently in any condition, she can fly for long periods of time and hardly even move her wings. She must have a large area for taking off and landing, however, and most small items get knocked over in the wake. Should she lose the use of her tail fin, her balance and maneuverability will suffer. Along with her ability to fly, comes a tolerance for cold, thin atmosphere, and both low and high pressure. She has never had issue changing altitude, but her passengers might complain if she dives too quickly from the upper to lower atmosphere. She can also see reasonably well in darkness, but prefers at least dusk or bright moonlight if she's going out at night.
Camouflage Membranes, the inner wing sail, head, tail, and back fins are all able to shift in color and pattern, creating visual camouflage that allows her to emulate the sky above an area, while hunting or trying to escape. She specializes in lighter colors, but with practice she's also been working with Nohaa to produce 'artificial' coloration such as brickwork, rubble shapes, and the like.
Verbal Speech, Darah is capable of speaking English, some Vort, and draconic languages, though she tends to let her little human friend do the talking. Not that she could stop him.
Parentage: Unknown, though she's from the same planet as many Pyrrhan and Pantalan dragons at the Rookery, it's very clear that she's one of a kind. As a Seraph hardly any dragons have even heard of the breed, and they don't speak much. After a while she and Rocavi'carr the Seraphwing will hook up and produce **** offspring, jealous of the draks that were breeding multiwinged kitts....
Origin: Adopted from Moonshimmer981 at Deviantart, lines by x-Tamara-x, and is a fantribe closed species.
Other Info: Darah is a young dragon, but she listened to many stories brought from travellers and spies. She'd heard something odd, that at random, some number of eggs and young dragons seemed to be vanishing through weird green glowing portals here and there. Somehow, she'd find one. She went searching, and sure enough something drew her to a specific location on one of the more distant floating islands that her kind call home. It didn't look 'right', something beyond it maybe, she investigated... And found herself on another floating island, only this one was in a place extremely different from her home. Xen, in fact, where she was quickly spotted by some of the local Vortigaunts. Though she didn't understand their words, she got the idea that they knew where she ought to be heading... And finally, she wound up on an Earth, finally back under a sun and ... well it only has the one moon but who's counting? She really likes it here, she's not a major fighter, but she gets plenty of practice in flying around and mapping locations with her friend Nohaa. He likes her colors, and they both can change them, which she really enjoys. She didn't think that scavengers could do that!