Name: Choxen Vahh, 'silent and hidden in safety'

Gender: Female, straight

Age/DOB: 25ish, born 12.3.2024

Origin: Repurposed Earth, Black Mesa Refugee City, New Mexico

Family: Father Keenan Lane, mother Mars Walsh, full brother Nohaa Walsh; lots of other relatives

Other: Second born and takes strongly after dad, it's possible she was following the family into Paragon City and they didn't even realize it

Height: 5'1"

Weight: pfffffhahahahaha. It's entirely possible that the Icarus suit she wears is heavier than she is

Hair: Black, untinted, short, shaggy

Eyes: remarkably deep blue, though visibly blue and not 'indistinctly indigo' as her mother's; her eyes do glow like her father's, but it's very hard to detect that frequency

Appearance: is precisely as petite as her mother, in fact she's shorter and even less on the scale; fair to slightly olive skintone, generally has darkish circles under eyes but that's more because she can't actually see through the darkness she likes to hide in and has to squint; almost exclusively found in the Icarus gear, and modifies it to her favored deep blue color scheme; hardly anyone has ever heard her speak, and she has an adorable little sneeze, which is often the last thing someone hears if they laugh...

Icarus Processing: Yes, at age 3, treatment improved her body as well as Vortal abilities, she is extremely flexible and can fit into things no wider than her head... somehow; though she is often found scrambling around ruins she hardly takes any damage, and recovers from injuries nearly three times as fast as normal; she is not a tremendous amount stronger than a normal person, but she is around 6 times faster for all skills, motion, and travel speeds; while at those speeds her reactions are extremely well-tuned so she won't just run into things or trip. Also the Icarus outfit she wears is fitted with all the climbing and normal invisibility and camouflage equipment, but she's added extra battery power cells, so she can actually use the suit itself rather than her power, when fighting. It's still her energy, but it's stored for easy access without even thinking about it.

Image Credits: City of Heroes

Genetic Abilities: A very nice fusion between her parents, with a strong suite of sensory abilities as well as projected telepathy which she can spot a Vortal mind over 50 miles distant, normally her empathic power and life-sensing works best under 100 meters, she is very sensitive to her own bloodline, and can communicate with all in her line (both sides) at effectively any distance at all. She has taken her mothers stealthy abilities seriously and added the Vahh strength to it - it actually is in question whether Keenan even realized she was with the rest of them on Paragon's world, she just completely vanishes off of any visible or Vortal spectrum. Even advanced magical or technological sensing equipment cannot catch her when she wants to be unseen. She can teleport in addition to her remarkably fast running or motion, though it does wear her out; she is able to teleport other people more easily, either to or from her position; she also can sense just where to put a portal in order to be at the right angle during a fight, her forte is certainly surprising enemies even if they've spotted her. As shown, she's adept with the use of electrical energies, using them mainly as an attack but she can fine tune them to fritz Combine machinery, or cause sensors to go awry.
Skills or Profession: She has taken instruction from 'uncle' Wilson in order to best utilize her stealth during combat. Unlike her brother she doesn't deal with explosives or bother with the flashy stuff too much, she will use knowledge of a location to her advantage, and scouting out spots to hide isn't just a downloaded skill, it's one she put into use almost immediately upon being able to crawl. Though she did receive informational downloads like all the other Pantheon or Reborn children in the Icarus facility, Choxen has gone on to study civil engineering and cartography to aid her travels, and physics to make that work best. She's the type who will scout a place, leave a spray-painted lambda for her brother to find, and sit to watch the fireworks from a nice safe distance.
Personality: Though it seems 'finds a hiding spot' is a little on the cowardly side, she is anything but cowardly. She chooses her marks well, observes for a while and then strikes quickly and solidly. If she sees an enemy she can't take down herself, she'll never hesitate to call in her family or whoever's nearby for reinforcements. They don't... remember her calling for them, nor do they often even see that she's there. This is by design. She doesn't outright try to trick people, and she certainly is memorable when she allows anyone to get to know her. But she's reasonably aloof in that regard, not gregarious in the slightest, though not an introvert particularly around groups. She just prefers cocoa to coffee, and a brief electrical shock to a massive ground-shaking explosion.

Events or History: Currently residing at Lane Mansion, though it's entirely possible she's literally everywhere else, she was among the first permanent residents at the Mansion on Repurposed earth when it was 'reopened' for habitation. ... Though that said, she was also using the attic and no one even realized she was on site until she came down for breakfast.

In the current era with the Hippies there, however, she has a more active role and often resides in the south-western Dragon Tower 10 overnight, for long range monitoring and defense of the crops nearby.

And because she's a nosy busybody, as well as enjoying training her 'little brother' Kendrick in the finer arts of sneaking around without being noticed (which he's already quite good at thank you - oh, where'd you go? Cho?) she followed him through one of his 'doors to another world' and wound up with this lovely flit from Dawnwatch Weyr. She's quite tempted to head back there herself, as it bears no small similarity to their current Earth situation (several Earths in fact!).


Name: Brave
Gender: Male
Size: 11" s / 1'10" l / 1'10" ws
Colors: #0B2635 | #897152 | #1D1813 brown, tan, black, neon lime, neon green as shown
Features: 'cave' flitter, Cavelizard - Cavelizards are a variation of firelizards which have appeared since the apocalypse, mutated to better suit life in the dark safety of the cave systems of pern. They have spotted patterns of bio-luminescence which appear as pale white-green speckles in daylight. Their wings are short and stubby, with an elliptical shape which makes them ideal for the tight spaces and quick turns needed to survive in a cave. (Cavelizard wingspan is equal to length)
Powers: Winged Flight, an aggressive but quiet hunter, Brave is likely to dive from a perch on a cavern wall or tree trunk, hardly more than a mess of what looked like pretty flowers or even glowing fungus; he doesn't hold out for long term flying, and prefers to cling to Infusion for those.
Teleportation, used generally for emergencies, Brave will teleport to his human companion's shoulder when he feels stressed, though this seems to wear him out a bit. He does like it when his human teleports though!
Assisted Firebreath, surprisingly hot (if only arm-length) flames come from this little guy, and he's been known to stand on Infusion's brow ridge and belch out his own tiny little flame while she lets off her own; he does like to root around looking for the right edible compounds to chew that will react and allow this flame, which seem to be reasonably plentiful in the ruins
Telepathy, he hardly seems like he's anything but judgmental while he looks on from Choxen's shoulder or Infusion's big horns, but he does pick up on Vortal thoughts and mainly emotions, so he's apt to fly around picking up lost items and help find their owners based on their scent and residual thoughts about them from people at the Grounds
Parentage: unknown, wild-caught
Origin: made by Nekonomi of Dawnwatch (info from page)
Other Info: Silent, predatory - he is a great hunter, just watch! helpful, cliquish - if only there were other specially cool looking flitters like him around!


Name: Infusion
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: huge 15' s / 62' l / 100' ws
Colors: neck, body, behind limbs, under tail to tip dusty green-shaded deep grey; face, limbs very dark green; neck, dorsal, limb and wing armor rich black-green with visible green markings, and glowing neon lime (*) insets; wing fingers turn vivid lime by the ends; wingsails velvety black with pinprick star patterns in white and lime green only on undersides; spikes, claws, horns dark untinted grey, tongue black, eyes lime green
Features: Nightwing
Powers: Winged Flight, Infusion is a heavy, hefty dragoness but she still takes to the air with ease and strength. Not remarkably graceful, however, she's known as more the power house of a fight, she can hover in front of a gunship without flinching and then smack it out of the air with a massive paw strike. Okay that's after her human friend zaps it so it stays still! Obviously she can carry a huge amount of weight, though people say that she makes them a bit airsick because her flapping is really pronounced. She's been known to carry whole filled cattle cars, gripped between her paws, without losing anything inside it.
Communication, like many Nightwings and particularly those found on the Rookery, she has a strong Vortal presence and an intimate connection to her rider. She uses this ability to detect minds as a long-distance warning system, though she tends to notice bigger, more aggressive things such as the aforementioned gunship, than smaller invasive critters like headcrabs as those are quite literally beneath her notice. If a Gargantua or Gonarch comes out of that Xenian crater or the pit? Oh, she'll love playing with them. At any rate she can telepathically commune with any dragon within about a 5 mile radius, any intelligent Vortal mind at 1 mile, and non-Vortal ones just up close with a hint of 'did they catch that?' Also she can speak, in a deep, rumbling tone, Draconic, Vortigese, and English with a very good vocabulary in all of them.
(*) Green Flame! Infusion's coloration doesn't stop at her wing fingers. She has a fire that is both hot and focused, and very, very green. Minty, tea-green, though for any other purpose it's just really hot fire. It can be accurate at 200 meters to hit a 3 meter target, though she prefers her closer 50 meter range so she can basically fan it out in a cone and just fry anything dead. Anything. Dead.
Parentage: Pure Nightwing, unknown whether any of the other green types are related
Origin: Adopted from HufflepuffHannah on Deviantart, Wings of Fire by Tui Sutherland
Other Info: Infusion has a fondness for the herbs and teas that humans brew, and truth be told she's apt to be like a cat with nip in a field of green tea...