Name: Dr. Marciella Walsh, Mars, Nohaa tahh'chackt bahh (she makes guns)

Gender: Female, Hetero

Age/DOB: 30/1980 *approx (February 29th, leap!)

Origin: Repurposed Earth / Ramona California

Family: Unknown, deceased parents, no siblings; son Nohaa Walsh and daughter Choxen with Lane mostly in Paragon, Raa'maa son with Wilson Carver, some genetic splices with Paxton including Athena; Donor parent of Color Guard children Malachite, Midnight, and Azure which is saying a bit because Malachite also has a son... Mars is a gramma?! Orrin lives up to everyone's expectations including Mars'. And then, there's Orrin's kid Buster. Yes, Mars is a great gramma.

Other: though not known as much of a mother figure, Mars adores her children and loves to see what they can do. She has absolutely no idea how so damn many kids actually exist because of her, but hey that's amazing. She actually gave birth to Nohaa and Choxen, the others not so much.

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 100 at best, though after Icarus she tips the scales at around 80... Very slender, compact body but strong wiry limbs, considerably stronger than she looks, still manages to have some curves even though she's got barely any fat on her.

Hair: perfectly black with slightly indigo tones, kept quite short but often just shaggy and badly cut

Eyes: indigo blue-black, extremely rich color but very unusual

Appearance: olive-fair with plenty of small burn marks and assorted scars from ballistics testing and further life; prefers as shown, Icarus style armor and occasionally ridiculously sexy suits in grey, graphite, black, Lambda orange, and neon orange; does have labcoat, protective headgear, extra gloves, extra cold-weather clothes, and even some formal dresses. Has a somewhat low, husky voice for a woman and particuarly one of her small size.

Genetic Abilities: Though originally thought to not have any, that's because part of her Vortal power is not to be seen. Prior to her formal Icarus processed new cloned body, Mars was actually able to teleport or invade private Vortal spaces as well as simply not be detected by Vortal power or electronic eyes. After the process... She still uses it to break into Lane's private Vortal office and steal his booze.

Icarus Processing: Original body, none. Subsequent bodies created as 'catastrophic failure replacements' were all treated and thus her Vortal abilities are almost off the charts... and still invisible to all but the most expertly tuned senses.


Image Credits: City of Heroes / Icon, Doll Divine Sari Maker, TekTek maker

Before Icarus / *Post Icarus

Brains (raw smarts) 8
---Education (schooling) 10
---Genius (associating information) 10
---Knack (grasp of new things) 8
Brawn (raw body ability) 4 / 6*
---Strength 5 / 7*
---Size 4
---Endurance 5 / 6*
Subtlety (social skill) 5
---Wit (politics, quips) 6
---Charm (body language, coyness) 4
---Looks (physical appearance) 5
Reflex (body reactions) 7 / 9*
---Dexterity (hands) 8
---Speed (reaction time and running speeds) 5 / 8*
---Nimbleness (full body reflex) 5 / 7*
Other (psionics? hacking? science?)
Mad Science! 6
*Vortal Manipulation (conscious teleport/invasion, telepathy/empathy, vortal perception) 5

Pick (blue Healing Den flit) Poke (green Healing Den flit) note they are paired up and have at least one nest, from which the brothers Crowbar and Wrench are found.

Skills or Profession: Munitions, weaponry development, forensic sciences, weapon/ballistic recognition, explosives, demolition. Putting holes in things, finding ways to not allow holes to get put in things, research, lab tech, computer use, security systems, basic biology and health, basic first aid, organizational skills, vent crawling, mapping areas, mental map, breaking and entering, lock picking; in appropriate settings, also knows how to blackmail, embezzle, work numbers to her tremendous advantage, and file paperwork. Use insomnia to her advantage.

Personality: Mars was always an overachiever, always driven by personal goals and highly competitive. However, she was never, ever competing with other girls or even other geeks, she would hardly consider going to the prom with the hunkiest guy at school to be 'great work'. Rather, she'd argue with the professors and instructors at her high school for hours on end about whether their calculations were right, or what kind of job she'd best be suited for. Though her original intent was to become a trauma doctor, by the time she was halfway through medical school she realized it was way more fun putting holes into things, than patching them up. Plus, after her switch of majors to Forensics, she got to handle all manner of weaponry in order to figure out what they did. That was bliss.

Recruited to Black Mesa, Mars almost instantly began investigating the whole of the facility, and if there was a way through a section that had high security guarding it she'd found it already - at 2 in the morning. Mars has always had issues sleeping, and so she would usually remain in the lab, or wander the facility in those hours. It was during one of her trips around that she noticed she was being followed. Also, wound up following Lane around silently - and unnoticed until he could actually hear her, because normally his Vortal senses would have tipped him off about her being there. When she began sending out private patents and selling her own sets of armor, munitions ideas, and engineering tools for a huge amount of money, she needed something to do with it. Thus, she began diverting the Black Mesa labs funds in fits and starts into her own 'escape route' from the facility. On one hand, Lane could have been able to use this to fire her outright. On the other, he absolutely approved of what she was doing and how she was going about it. Thus, only after one of his subordinates in the finance department noted some 'irregularities' in her paperwork, did he take any action. That action was to fire the person investigating it, and make sure that no one else knew about it.

Lane claims that she is one of the most interesting people he's ever met - and that's saying a lot. How they possibly had anything to talk about while having coffee or lunch, or just wandering the quiet, weird halls in the wee hours of the morning, no one knows. Neither will say. It's also odd to note that she and Arne Magnussen are close friends, one of his only friends to hear anyone else say it. They both love explosions and rocketry, and actually do have a lot in common. It's a shame Arne and Lane don't get along...

Mars enjoys a planning session as much as she likes pulling teeth - but participates because otherwise other people decide things for her. She doesn't care for that at all. Overall, Mars appears to be a wildly spastic twitchy young woman, with hair trigger reflexes and hammerspace where she keeps a variety of weapons. Don't ask where she just pulled that rocket launcher from, while she's wearing her Icarus suit. Just don't.

Events or History: At 16, graduated early from High School and began attending UCSD
Age 19 undergraduate work in Medical School at UCSD
Age 21 changed major into Forensic Studies, graduated top of her class, double minor in Emergency Medicine and Chemical Engineering
Age 24 began working in a forensics/ballistics lab with the police department of San Diego
Age 25 recruited to weapons research at Black Mesa
Age 26 began excavation of escape tunnel from Black Mesa Weaponry department along with a tremendous amount of funds-shifting
Age 27 became the head of weapons research department at Black Mesa (probably with the help of Lane)
Age 28* approximately, Resonance and Synchronicity events
Age ? Reacquainted with Lane and his people, events of Repurposed
Age ?+? Went to Paragon City, had kids, etc etc
Age ? dragons

??? Profit!


Name: Jurr ha-yit'sah [jurr (ground) ha-yit (unbreakable) tsah (sense)] 'Lightfoot'
Gender: Male
Size/Shoulder/Length: small-medium / 6'6 shoulder / 32' long / 40' wingspan
Colors: Blue, turquoise, indigo
Features: clawed feet, slightly armored belly and tail, facial nubs, curved and striped horns, webbed spiked neck crest, spikes along tail, sharply spaded tail, 3 fingered and 1 spined leather wings with clawed wrist, brightly patterned wingsails, contrast colors on body, faint striping on neck, facial marking, visible teeth
Powers: Winged Flight (strong and excellent in high winds, long tail helps), Toxic/Explosive Breath (burns on contact like napalm, can be ignited), Immune to Toxins and Radioactivity but does carry it if on skin, Verbal Speech (parrot-like voice box, doesn't use mouth to speak, is much smarter than he looks), Telepathic Speech (to Mars, other dragons, short range), Highly Sensitive Touch/Vibration Detection (can tell in an instant whether a spot of dirt or rock is stable or will collapse, does this constantly to assess damage or durability)
Parentage: unknown
Origin: Adopted from Aki-Adopt-Shoppe on Deviantart, lines by Taluns on Deviantart
Other Info: Jurr probably has another name which Mars calls him, but basically his job and senses caused the Vorts to name this bold beast 'he who senses earthquakes', or in another inflection, 'he walks without stirring the ground'. He's by no means lighter than air, but you'd be amazed at the places this dragon can reach just by walking and scrambling around with his claws and tail. He is not afraid to use his wing claw to manipulate items while his forelegs are already occupied, and usually that means getting things off of Mars who's buried herself under rubble again. By no means 'patient', Jurr still shows no signs that he's exasperated by his rider's weird behaviors. He will rescue her over and over, whatever it takes. He is fiercely devoted to both her and the Rookery. He'd like to be able to go out and combat the Combine forces directly, but until the Rookery itself is fully functional and safe, that won't happen. Since he cannot teleport, it's not known how he got to the world, but he is certainly able to fly for extended periods.