Name: Athena Walsh

Gender: Female, Aggressive

Age/DOB: ? / 2028

Origin: Repurposed Earth, Enrichment Center, Fairport Alabama

Family: Mother Mars Walsh, father Paxton Fettel, note that she was spliced by Mel and created originally around 2010, and not gestated until after the Combine was stopped; obviously has numerous half siblings and cousins, almost all of them among the Vahh clan

Other: Notably her mother's DNA was taken from before Mars was cloned and Icarus treated

Height: 5'3"

Weight: not even on the scale, if she weighs 90lbs it's a good day. She is 'dainty', deceptively strong, and remarkably durable for such a tiny little critter

Hair: Quite black, short and shaggy, straight

Eyes: Bright blue, piercing, intelligent

Appearance: Olive-fair skin with moles and freckles, the kind of girl that collects little scars because 'they look cool'.

Icarus Processing: Yes, at the age of 3; Paxton was treated, but Mars as stated wasn't, but like Mars she benefitted greatly from this, increasing her strength and durability as well as her Vortal power.

Image Credits: Doll Divine / Fairy Tale High maker

Genetic Abilities: Athena is among the very few Pantheon who can teleport, doing so with one of two methods - first when she wants to be sneaky she'll just vanish and reappear; otherwise, she can effectively 'cannonball' an entire volume with her, causing a shockwave to topple anything nearby and a strong noise where she's been. Her range on this ability is unknown - she practices, and won't actually tell anyone. Keenan probably knows, because he'd like to keep tabs on the folks that can traipse through his Vortal dimensions. Everything she does is usually noisy though - she has weaponized her teleportation and can take smaller bits of the local matter and pop them into Combine chest cavities with ease. This attack can only be done at less than 30 meters, but it's more than enough to let her strike and get away without pursuit. Though she has a moderate telepathic and empathic ability, her mind is, like her mother's, quite difficult to pin down. Even Paxton has a hard time locating her. It doesn't hurt that she also is able to go visibly and Vortally invisible, so even if she's not able to teleport away from something, it's highly unlikely to be able to find her even if she's standing right there. This power is a little more difficult to maintain, and usually she will activate it only in emergencies out in the field, preferably after teleporting a short distance. She can remain eerily still, and this helps with the illusion.
Skills or Profession: While being put through the Icarus process, Athena was given a good number of unusual skill sets to work with as she grew up. Tactics and weaponry, forensic sciences, chemistry, and more engineering are the main ones. However, she has also taken it upon herself to study history, mostly of warfare and ancient societies. She likes trying to live up to her name, though truth be told she's more the 'warrior' than the 'wise woman', and she's okay with that. Nohaa and she enjoy tossing around gross stories while they're trying to creep normies out, and only a few people realize that most of hers are entirely fictional.
Personality: It would be easy for a girl like Athena to get callous and cruel, but for her 'grandfather' Keenan's insistance that she remain a bit more humble. Because she does enjoy impressing people, attempting to get him to admit that she's 'all that' has been one of her long term goals. She is rather arrogant, but then she's also very talented and intelligent. She tends to associate more with the Pantheon than any normal folk, but when she does approach the regular people in the Mesa, it's often with wild stories of defeating Combine out among the ruins. Unlike her mother, she has absolutely no interest in putting people back together, after they've been taken apart. What is the fun in that?
Events or History: Way back when, a young Paxton, Geoff, and Melissa visited Black Mesa. They brought with them gifts of ammunition and rockets, to Mars Walsh. And even though they were in fact quite young, Melissa knew right away that Paxton and Mars would make an incredibly good pairing genetically. She stored this weird union after stirring it up in the lab, for nearly 20 years before asking if Mars would be willing to host her 'first' child. Of course, this was some 6 years after she actually gave birth to her more naturally conceived son Nohaa, so of course she was okay with it. Though hardly motherly, Mars enjoyed raising this little firecracker - the time was right for new blood. Since she's on the younger end of the 'Little Gods', she did miss out on a good bit of 'fun', but mopping up after the end of the Combine has been pretty good so far. With a dragon friend, it will be so much more!


Name: Daa'dach darr'ee, 'the rustling of wind through the dappled underlit leaves', Underlight
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium, 11' shoulder / 60' l / 90 ws
Colors: Body dark violet-purple , belly, neck, under tail slightly lighter dusty violet, darker black-violet scales on limbs; backs of wings brighter violet, underside feathers brightly dappled white spots on blue, blue-green, brighter green; wingsails and webbing along spine also dappled white on blues-greens; head feathers light green at base through blue and violet to tips; spines black-violet and bright green; eyes bright pink-red
Features: Spined Spiritwing; four legs, long and slender with 5 and 4 claws, no heel claw, but short spines with webbing on elbows; scaled skin with large plated armor on underside from chin to tail tip; huge feather-covered leather wings with 4 visible fingers, elbow strut, and wrist thumb, all with curved claws, wingsails are leather at edges, but back and most of underside covered wtih thick feathers; face is long and pointed, with single sharp curved horn on nose, two long feather antenna, and two curved backswept horns with hooked short horn below, external ears; along entire spine from back of head to tail tip are sharp pointed spikes with webbing; tail has thin spines, and along entire sides from jaw to tail additional spikes
Powers: Winged Flight, as most of her breed, she is extraordinarily good with flight, and can attain tremendously high altitude; flight is nearly silent, and almost invisible under some circumstances; because she's got all those spines, however, it's difficult to actually get any gear on her, or be ridden aside from Athena sitting between her horns. She could, however, carry quite a lot of weight if she wanted to.
Communication, Underlight is able to learn and speak many different languages, including Draconic and English but also Vort and several other Human languages she's heard. She speaks with a hushed, wind-like voice, and can use that voice to distract or confuse people or creatures. This is part of her magical ability, casting sound-based illusions or just 'speaking in tongues', she makes anyone wonder just exactly where she is. Of note, Keenan also likes this bit about the dragon, because he knows how weird it can be to be speaking Vortally in someone's language, with others trying to figure out what his words sound like.
Scintillation, as her voice can be used to whisper terrifying and beautiful things on the wind, her colorful feathers and wing scales cast their own sort of light, and she can flutter them to produce a dazzling array of spots and dots. This is more of a physical feat, but her use of the ability is nearly supernatural.
Parentage: Unknown, but not a Royal type, she might however ... want to hook up with that one at the Ultra-Luxe...
Origin: Adopted from Moonshimmer981 on Deviantart, closed fantribe
Other Info: While Athena is the 'warrior goddess with some wisdom', Underlight is certainly the wise dragoness with some fierce bits. She would not throw herself around and act too arrogantly, but she knows she's absolutely the most beautiful dragon most people will ever see. She does use that knowledge to her advantage, and isn't above sly hints to suggest courses of action. She does this with Athena as well, but the girl clearly knows the dragon is just trying to keep her alive and safe. Underlight will certainly go into battle with Athena, but feels she's of more use as the distraction to her little human friend's force.