Name: Frank "FROSTY FRANKIE" Frost

Gender: Male, straight

Age/DOB: 35@Arrival

Origin: Aperturth, Boston MA; notably he would fit right in on Vault Earth's Commonwealth, probably in Goodneighbor...

Family: Yeah, you call them The Family to their faces and he'll rip yours off. Oh, you mean his own? No, they're gone. He might manage to have one here in New Vegas though.

Other: As an exceptionally gifted and largely unmutated test subject, Melissa is very, very interested in having Frankie's DNA among her samples

Height: 6'3", very tall and intimidating even without the mass of musculature that Wilson has, and they're equitable in height

Weight: 180, leaner and less musclebound than most 'muscle', but then he's never even had to lift a finger to scare the shit out of someone, so he doesn't need bulk to throw around; long, evenly built, more of a runner's build than a brute's

Hair: silvery white, had been blond as a child but by the time he was in his teens it was snowy white, stiff and full, kept short because it will be a moptop otherwise, has large sideburns mostly because a stache and beard look in his words, ridiculous

Eyes: turquoise blue-green, a very rich shade, narrowed in observation and judgement, under sharply defined brows

Appearance: pale caucasian and if he got out at all during the day he would absolutely burn and peel, there's no tanning this guy. He is impeccably dressed, and somehow manages to keep that white suit clean at all times, even in the dusty Mojave area. He would probably do equally well down in Rapture, and it's absolutely certain he has gone there for shopping trips. Speaks with a strong Bostonian accent, but quietly: if he has to raise his voice, you're absolutely dead already; he does not use a cane to walk, he uses it to point, smack on things for focus, or to beat people to death with

Icarus Processing: none, but when the Resonance Cascade hit the bus full of criminals, he was already practiced at his Vortal abilities, so it's not really clear whether he was experimented upon beforehand. If and when Melissa gets those samples, she'll easily be able to tell. He does not have any particularly impressive physical traits beyond his height and style, though he does have a good sense of balance and is a touch more agile than expected from a guy that tall

Image Credits: Doll Divine Dandy

Genetic Abilities: Strong invasive telepathic powers, from sensing people around him within 100 meters, and identifying individuals among a group at 25 meters, to implanting suggestions in a one-on-one. His telepathy is effectively always on, at least for reception, and he's had to work at 'ignoring' it in order to get any personal thinking done. He's been challenged with the inclusion of Vortal minds, which seem to be even brighter and harder to ignore than normals - he's getting training with this, from helpful Pantheon. The suggestions and hypnosis usually are minor nudges to behaviors, such as 'open the door for me' and 'get this cleaned up'; they last quite a long while, and can be reinforced, so he has had 'pets', ranging from thugs in the Family, to guards and scientists at Aperture while incarcerated. His mind is slick and clean, cold, like a meat locker, according to anyone that's actively communicated with him. Any suggestions work best on normal people, though he can still force his will onto a Vortal mind with difficulty. However those are weaksauce compared to his active power of illusions. He can cause groups of up to a dozen people within 50 meters to experience extremely vivid and convincing mental illusions, anything from simply seeing a shiny quarter on the floor and thus bending over to pick it up, to a full on riot - which becomes a full on riot very quickly. It's likely that it is this power that kept him safe from harm during any incursion or incident. The illusions last as long as he keeps concentrating, and he's very well practiced at that. He and Chandler absolutely could compete, which is why Mel wants his genes in the mix.

Offensive power: Very strong Full Illusions attacks ---6x normal power level Offensive power: Average Hypnotize attacks ---2x normal power level Defensive Power: Strong Telepathy defenses---2x normal power level---This power is under control with difficulty

Skills or Profession: Frankie is a well known muscle - who isn't a brute. It's one thing to get cornered by a pair of mouth-breathing guys in wife-beaters with blackjacks in their hands. It's another entirely to have this man show up at your door with his overly-polite sneer and perfect suit. More people have shat their pants just from the sight of him, than those brutes beating it out of them. He is good with faces and names, locations, and planning. Though not the 'ideas guy' either, he is a good self-starter, and will patrol an area of the family's without being asked. He remembers who he's encountered, and can list off badge numbers of those under his direct control. Also, not surprisingly, he has an incredibly good grasp of anatomy, including how best to kill people with precision. He does not use guns of any kind, nor often knives, as they're messy. He prefers to either use his hands, mind power, or a bludgeoning weapon - like that cane, to do the work without unnecessary spattering. He was well-versed at legal procedings, and though he did spend a few stints in jail, it was never for very long and always much more pleasant than you'd think, thanks to his nudges to the guards. It's worth noting that before the Resonance Cascade, people did not realize he had any mental powers, and he kept that secret very well indeed. So when he was taken by Aperture they did not have any idea they should be dampening his powers.

His typical rap sheet: Intimidating a victim or witness in the first degree / Tampering with a juror in the first degree / Commercial bribing in the second degree / Hindering prosecution in the first degree. Notice that there are no murder charges? That's because he never got caught, not because it didn't happen.

Personality: From an early age, Frankie was able to terrify people. This wasn't just due to his intense stare and the fact that he had his hands around your neck, either. As a member of a highly-placed Boston family, his ability to influence things started early and never ended. He didn't want to be in charge, however - that was an honor left to people who wanted to do paperwork. No, he likes intimidating people, playing with his food, and throwing wrenches into otherwise well-performing machines. He is not necessarily an evil man, but his weakness: Easily Angered (violent) in his profile means that he is very easily triggered into fits of rage that are over as quickly as they started. He is elegant, well dressed and intelligent, but he will snap if his instructions are disobeyed. Usually... you get one chance. He gives off a continual aura of danger, and only the bravest of souls might smile and wave hello on the street. He does keep a more cheerful demeanor when he's in company he likes, but it's hard to tell who that could possibly be. He is a fashion hound and keeps himself pristine, and prefers older-style outfits than any modern garbage. Even if he'd been allowed to remain at the Grounds, it's doubtful he would have enjoyed it due to the bizarre people and outfits there...

Events or History: As above, Frankie was an unusually gifted boy, and it's highly likely that his Vortal powers kicked in very early in his life. His parents were highly placed among the Boston mafia, and worked very closely with local businesses in order to extract fees and keep the peace. He learned the ropes of legality and balanced his expectations accordingly: his older brother was imprisoned for several years while Frankie was growing up, and though his parents thought of this as a sort of badge of honor, Frankie felt it was irresponsible and foolish to keep getting caught doing things. Thus his own arrests - likely because he was caught on camera roughing up witnesses - were shameful in his eyes. But as he grew taller and more intimidating physically, he also grew into his abilities and was relied upon to make sure that others in his group were left alone by authorities. He was given leeway and money, bribery and interruptions became his norm. A massive sweep of arrests caught him one last time, shortly before the RC, and though he was certainly scheduled for experimentation - perhaps just because he was 'pretty' - it's not clear that he was ever tampered with by Aperture.

Even with Soloman on the bus dampening most others abilities, Frankie's Vortal presence was still active the entire time, which is why he was allowed to keep his own outfits and sit without chains while they were in transit. After that moment when things went sideways, though, he's been struggling to find his way again. The fact that he can't possibly go home to Boston - he's heard that it was absolutely ruined by the Resonance Cascade - means he's going to learn how to manipulate people here in the Mojave. He has a bit of confusion about just how many Bostons there are, because some of those other weird ass people (a few of whom work for him) also claim to be from that area? And he was never aware of any 'Institute' or 'synth creation' where he was from. He might head back East, some day, to find out just what the hell is going on there.

With this gorgeous pair of dragons at his side, he would have fit in with either the Omertas or the White Glove society equally, but since they're both long gone he will have to make his own way. Though the Gomorrah was run by actual mafia-types and that might be what others would figure he'd want, he has taken over the old Ultra-Luxe Casino because it is cleaner and more refined even than the Tops. He will absolutely not have cannibalism at his casino, however. So any remnant of the White Glove group that tries working their way back in will have a nasty surprise waiting for them. With him at the helm of this casino, he does have to remember that it requires a steady hand and has other people doing the paperwork for him. However, he maintains his vigil as a combination of bouncer, welcoming committee, and figurehead.

It's worth noting that while Frankie has enough of a mean streak to butt heads with certain members of the Pantheon, he's also nowhere near stupid enough to be on their bad side. He would not even dream of messing with Paxton, for instance, because he can just sense the power leaking off that guy from a mile away. Literally a mile. Because they do have their similarities, he and Wilson get along pretty darn well, working up the uniforms for the new Ultra-Luxe employees (no masks, this ain't a creep show), and making sure that they each look like the goddamn peacocks they are. They're like visual opposites in how they look and dress - Wilson's black and red to Frankie's white and blue - but honestly you don't want to be on their shit list, because Frankie will make you willing to walk right up to Wilson to be smeared across the floor.


Magpie and Adonis had been listening in on what equated to the Vortal Draconic Network - stray telepathic ideas or outbursts, which led to them investigating 'a thing, don't worry we won't be long'. It actually would be - because what they discovered was that there was a place that was hosting a big mating flight, a bash, an orgy, and if living on the New Vegas Strip had taught them anything it was that that was an opportunity worth party-crashing.

Now, how would they actually do it? They can't fly to another dimension, let alone another planet. And let's face it, there are maybe 3 dragons in the Mojave that can teleport. So.

"Frank," Adonis addressed him formally. "Frank, we need to talk."

He'd picked up the same Bostonian curt tone, but Frankie knew better than to think he was trying to be a tough guy. "What is it, ya lump?"

"There is a place we need to get to," the Silkwing said, and Magpie gave off a little song to remind their human friend of where he was, sitting just outside the casino's doors watching people walk the Strip. "It's not on Earth."

The former-mobster blinked very slowly, and yes, in the back of his mind he heard both dragons trying to sum up their thoughts on it all. They'd all been together for several years now, they each knew the routine, they all knew each other's minds. So very quickly, Frankie Frost pushed himself back into the thick padding of his office chair, and pondered what exactly he was supposed to do about it either.

"Because you're horny," Frank asked, with both of them doing the equivalent of nodding furiously. "Well, ya didn't get any at the Ball, so I guess..."

"We can ask Wilson!" Magpie chimed out, eliciting a laugh from the man at his desk.

"Well you can ask, but I doubt he'd be able to get out here and bring you lot somewhere else, he complained like the dickens even going back and forth across the goddamn Rapture ballroom."

"He can find some that will help, and we'll all go. It'll be fun! They say it has snow! It's called the Flurry!" Adonis was confident that would get the right reaction, and he wasn't wrong.

Frankie leaned his chin on his hands, elbows on the desk, eyes unfocused in memory. "Been a long time since I've been in snow, it didn't much snow in Boston. North o'there, some. On the coast, too wet, too warm to snow much. But." The tall white-clad man finally stood and brushed himself off gently, "I think you're right. I think some snow will do us all a little good. A break from this blasted heat. Sometimes, I wish it was a nuclear Winter."


Name: Magpie
Gender: Male
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium-large (long, broad wings) 10'3" s / 70' l / 112' ws
Colors: face, neck, body, limbs, and most of wings (all back, leather underside) is pure and bold white; trim scales very pale powder blue; face scales, dorsal from neck to tail tip pale blue; limb and wing arm armor metallic white-blue; crest, butt feathers, tail feathers, wing feathers under grade from pale blue-white through medium dusty blue; feather antennae brighter blue to white tips, medium blue eye patch; claws very pale white-blue; eyes yellow
Features: Royal Feathered SpiritWing (note horn shape pointing downward rather than up compared to the one other Spiritwing in the Rookery)
Powers: Winged Flight, with wings like those, you can't not fly. It's very rare to see Magpie with his wings down or standing around on the ground. He prefers being up in the air anyway, because that way he won't get dirty... He spends nearly all of his waking hours soaring high over the New Vegas Strip, patrolling or just making note of landmarks and any travellers that need ... well, not his help. But help. Sure. He will absolutely loot things if they're discarded, however, so he will occasionally soar down, hover - with hardly any wind produced even from this massive wings - and pluck crates, barrels, boxes, or satchels up from their no-longer-living owners. He does live up to his name, after all. He is strong at his size, but for others of comperable wing span or length he's actually a bit on the weak side, he can still certainly lift or carry large items, though he prefers not to have to do that very long or for distances. But if what you want to do is take a nice leisurely tour of the Mojave, Magpie is definitely your noodle. He certainly has a good side gig giving aerial tours, and once the Strip and the rest of the New Vegas area is more or less secure, Frankie will definitely offer those tours as part of a package deal staying at the Ultra-Luxe.
Communication and Vortal Power, even if he wasn't already a bit more of an unusual dragon than most, Magpie seems to have very strong Vortal skill, rather than any form of elemental control like most of his kind. He speaks Draconic, of course, but also English and Vortigese with a full understanding of their context. He understands and speaks conversationally in Spanish, French, Korean, and Chinese, and has some amount of other training with dragon languages or human ones. This is all part and parcel with his mental abilities that go well beyond just simple telepathy. He has highly invasive telepathy, like his rider, but it extends to a more direct 'open conversation line' than Frankie's. Within a mile, he can pinpoint a draconic mind that he's conversed with before, and talk to that dragon. At distances closer than 500 meters, he can sense any Vortal mind to communicate with it, and at 100 meters can sense normal people or dragons without any Vortal or mental power. His own mind is a combination of snowblind brightness and downy soft feathers, to 'feel' it within your own.
Sense Through and Command Others, though he must be on the ground in order to do this (even he can't maintain flight if he's not really 'inside' his own head, maybe he should take lessons from Paxton) (don't tell Frankie he thought that), he can force his perception into another body, usually a dragon, but a strong Vortal mind if they accept him can do it too. He can see, hear, touch, and move around in it as though it was his own, so obviously this works best with dragons - they have the right number of limbs, after all. In order to start up this process he does have to be within about 50 meters of his subject, and they cannot be more than 1 mile apart or the connection will break and both parties will be thrown back into their senses rather abruptly. The subject/victim is aware that their mind is no longer fully in command over their body, and Magpie's is able to shove it aside. Both minds are still in the one body - he does not 'swap out' and allow anyone into his body after all. That would be insane. This process is somewhat exhausting, and he only does it about once a week with a very long down time between, but if hard pressed, he could certainly do it up to once a day for about an hour at a time. It is emotionally draining, and everyone it's done to feels weird after he's done. Including him.
Parentage: Unknown specifically, but he is very clearly descended from a royal Spiritwing line, with those horns, and further were apparently born under multiple moons - their Vortal - or magic - power is evidence of that.
Origin: Species by and adopted from LunarSolstice981 with lines by x-tamara-x on Deviantart
Other Info: Magpie and Adonis are actually almost the same height, but Magpie stands taller and is leaner in build, where Adonis's body is much broader and heavier - and given he's a Silkwing that kind of means Magpie is about half the weight he looks. Those bird legs are skinny, delicate even.


Name: Adonis
Gender: Male
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium 10' s / 49' l / 60' and 25' ws
Colors: cream under from face to mid tail, behind limbs grades to white on legs and wing arms, with grey wing finger tips; mid scales creamy grey, dorsal scales light and denim blue with grey stripe and markings, also limb armor denim blue; wingsails butterfly marked in faded medium blue, light blue, and pale sky blue, white; horns, antennae, claws, and spikes all pale grey to white; eyes turquoise - in other words he matches Frankie to a T
Features: Pure Silkwing
Powers: Winged Flight, though not as strong as he looks, Adonis can fly with confidence in most conditions, including low light and visibility, as well as in surprisingly close quarters. He can fly inside the Ultra-Luxe, actually, though taking off and landing will cause things to blow around. He only allows Frankie to ride him, but he's capable of carrying a good amount of weight without hindering his flight. When outside, he loves to posture and pose, and he's become known as the symbol of the casino.
Communication, he is a bit more talkative than Frankie, willing to chat up potential customers outside the casino, and he speaks English, Draconic, and a little bit of whatever else is around if it's spoken regularly. Whether this is a Vortal influence, only he and Frankie know. They have a very tight Vortal bond, and can rely on each other for information and quick visuals.
Silk Production, Was this why Frankie gets along so well with this dragon? That he has the ability to spin incredible amounts of silk? Well that suit isn't gonna repair itself, right? Adonis can work a thick rope for durable needs, yarn-like wool that can be spun into heavier garments, slender thread for more cotton-like needs, and even the finest, strongest silk for his lovely friend's fabrics. Since he tends toward the practical side of pretty, Adonis doesn't really expect his webbing to be used in anything more than an occasional garroting - which he does have a strand for that, too, a nice firm and durable silk line, oh hey you need that to have a pad on it so it doesn't leave a mark? He can do that too. All of these silks are permanent, they don't dissolve or dry up over time. They are also notably blindingly white, so if they need to be other colors, be prepared to process them first.
Alluring Presense, though not a Vortal power so much as him being gorgeous, Adonis does tend to attract those who like pretty things. From dragons to people, even butterflies and aliens want to be seen around him. He doesn't mind the attention, and kind of likes the paparazzi, not that there is much yet, but... it'll come. He'd rather be famous for being pretty than for being a killer, Frankie, you can do that too.
Parentage: Unknown pure Silkwings, he's highly likely to have offspring at some point too.
Origin: Adopted from LunarSolstice with base by PeregrineCella on Deviantart, WoF by Tui Sutherland
Other Info: he is less territorial than one might expect of such a floofy thing, and does like being seen with other beautiful dragons. Quite the social butterfly-dragon. And that's a good thing, given Magpie.