The Mojave Conglomerate (and the Commonwealth)

This section of the Rookery is established "Rookery Year 8" (shortly after Aretha bonded to Silence) in the same era that the Hippies and Carnies arrive to Lane Mansion. It rests several hundred miles west of the Rookery itself, in the territory formerly known as Nevada. The complication, however, is that with the numerous Portal Storms and other events having ravaged this world, along with Local Lane's predisposition toward chaotically mixing things up now and then, the land itself exists simultaneously in two disparate dimensions. The Rookery, and what's known as Vault Earth. That world has no formal title as such, but as its primary technological corporation was Vault-Tec it stands to reason to call it that.

The Eastern contingent of this dimension is known as the Commonwealth, formerly Massachussets, and the Capitol Wasteland, which came under extensive control more recently (in their timeline). Between Aretha and Levi it's pretty clear that Vault Earth is in good hands, given that Aretha has been cloned (twice) and her 'sisters' help with the duties out there. The Commonwealth is less likely to have actual dragons residing anywhere, as there are considerably more people in the way that would be far more likely to want to eat them, than those out west in the desert. However, he really wants them, he has a lot more territory to cover, and there are limited resources for the Institutes teleportation technology to reach much beyond their current shown limits. Of course it's also entirely possible if not obvious that this Levi is also, at least in another dimension, The Outsider, so there are a lot of weirder options available to him than he's admitting to. (Eventually the Wakefield Settlement and Gulper Island Synth Settlement are established, that's where they will go!)

However back here, in the wild, weird West, the MoCon is ideal for extensive dragonry work. Its terrain echoes that of Black Mesa, but also includes mountains and larger scale ruins. It is also the largest single patrolled location in the Rookery by RY10, too bad it's technically not ON the Rookery...

Mojave Conglomerate
^from Aperturth ~from Rookery
Vegas, Baby! ~
Sanguine^ Spice^ Mantis Queen ^
Frankie^ DJ Ruckus ^ Logan^
Locust^ Tempest^ Soloman^
Tippy Talsa Dallas
Dale Aurie Orlan
Axyl Weakarm Rosell~
Copperclaw Beulah Nikan
Naylor Lynden Eunice
Horizon Luxell  


Location (Near)





NV Strip

Lucky 38

Leader of MoCon


Welcoming Committee (n/a)/Vegas, Baby!
Surveilance Logan/Datyk*

Gomorrah Casino



Pimp/Drag Queen Sanguine/Vladina
Ultra-Luxe High Class Casino / Hotel Frankie/Adonis, Magpie
Tops Casino Theater Maintenance Derek/Accent
(Residence) *Logan
Vault 21 Research, Medical Rosell/Euporie
Psychology for Synths Luxell/Eventide
Strip Shops Glass and Neon Nikan/Verref + Luivar

Camp McCarran

Control Tower

SWAT coordination


Main Concourse



Freeside North Gate

Followers Fort

Medic and Guard


Fetch Quests Tempest/Mesquite
Medic, Pharmacy, Dragon Heal Orlan/Mudpots
H&H Robotics Robot Maintenance Axyl/Coopimabith

Freeside East Gate

The Kings Club

Musician, Chem Control

Harrison/Big Momma*


Black Mountain Fort

Radio Comms

Travis/Stalni Cuvar

Gadgetry and Inventions Horizon / Rizosk + Hosk

Vault 34 Area

Cannibal Johnson's Cave



Nipton Area

Nevada Highway Patrol

Repairs & Vehicles


Red Rock Canyon



/Big Momma*

Nellis Airbase

Nellis Quarters (Various)

Training, Assault

Beau/Minty Haze




Vikky & Vance Casino

Gunslinger, Programmer


Bartender Eunice/Curfloe + Grinstil
Cook, Lackey Naylor/Charissa + Guerda


Sloan Quarry

Deathclaw Monitor


Destruction/Construction ^Trouble/Mosaic

South of Strip

Vault 3

Fiend Leader


Samson Rock Crushing Plant Demolitions Talsa/Sprinkles
Samson Plant Maintenance Shed Pottery and Clay Beula/Barayu + Dries
Hidden Valley BoS Bunker Records, Logistics Soloman/Dynasty

North-East Hoover

Camp Guardian / Guardian Peak

Gun Dealer, Legion Hater


Boulder City Big Horn Saloon Chems and Grubs Spicy/Apache Wasp
West of Strip Vault 22 Plants and Death Mantis/Lantana, Allium
Goodsprings Tribal Village / Underground Tunneling, Cleanup Locust/Jewel
South of Cottonwood Blue Paradise Vacation Rentals Fishing, Scrap Tippy/Greysilt
Northeast of Vegas Pabco Gypsum / Solar "The Quarry" University, Quarry Leader Dallas/Hematite Fire
Vault 26 / Below Quarry area Mechanic, Elder Communication Dale/Oxbow
Vault 26 / School + Library Supermutant Student Weakarm+Thorli/?
Patrolling Centered on Pabco Scout, Deathclaw hybrid Aurie/Shattershell
Circuit Centered on Pabco Courier, Deathclaw hybrid Copperclaw/Express
Northwest of Vegas Caravan Route to Klamath Caravan and Guard Lynden/Riumi + Ottalo

Individual locations

Mojave Conglomerate spots are located across the entire desert area, with its northern border

Nellis AFB (use bm exterior desert) and Searchlight Airport

Hoover Dam and Cottonwood Cove (for the water/mud dragons)

Lucky 38 and the Strip (Aretha's home)





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