Name: Kellogg Vahh [kallah-ogg vahh, 'bodies in addition']

Gender: Male, pansexual but picky

Age/DOB: ~18, agedish, RY-1

Origin: Unknown exactly where he was conceived, but he was born in the Healing Den's space, to Repurposed parents

Family: Mother Melissa, father Keenan Lane, with all the Vahh and assorted relatives one might expect

Other: It wasn't just Mel's tinkering with this one genetically that caused all of his interesting new abilities, it was that he spent much of his gestation in the Healing Den, and weird shit happens there, outright

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 150, tall, lean, but muscular and well toned, narrow and remarkably graceful

Hair: coppery brown, with faint streaks of gold, honey, and darker brown; thick, slightly kinked, would probably go full jew-fro if left longer, but somehow he keeps it reasonably short, though he's been known to wear a man-bun or even a longer pony tail, and doesn't require any particular hair care product to get it tamed; distinct widows peak

Eyes: both brilliantly yellow-gold and almost neon green, sectoral heterochroma splits both irises into gold uppers and green edges around the bottom, though the location of the green may change depending on his mood or the format he's in, as human they tend toward narrowed in thought under strong brows, but in animal or nonhuman forms may have distinct sectors for color, as well as shape based on need

Appearance: yes. No really. Generally Kellogg presents as a human male, with light skin bearing no markings or flaws, a strong jaw and straight nose, high cheekbones, and slightly fuller lips than his father's. He wears formal clothing for the most part but certainly has been seen in anything from half a towel, to full HEV suit armor. Wears darker greys, black, sedate browns, and sometimes muted violet or blue, but rarely ranges into reds or bright colors. He has a rich and deep voice, but something about it often sets people on edge. While he can sing, you don't want him to, because that's why it's weird, he can produce several octaves at once. Whether that's because he shapes himself more vocal chambers in his lungs, who can say.

Image Credits: Embergeist Phantom / VelenieAdopts / Doll Divine Inkscribble Mer / SnailsAnimation Seahorse / Windbain Wolf / KennonInk Griffin / Kuunkehra.deviantart

Additionally, he is a shapsehifter. He tends toward flesh, rather than static shapes such as trees or crystals, but can adopt bark-like skin, metal-like armor, or whatever else floats his boat as needed. Conditionally, he appears as mostly the same color scheme as shown, but the greens tend toward very strong neon and lighter lime green, and very vibrant blacks rather than greys. He rarely has brown hair side from 'humans have this'. Oddly though he has hardly ever appeared as Human with markings. See below for further shapeshifting notes.

Genetic Abilities: Along with the very powerful psychic suite that his parentage offers, of extremely strong empathy at close range, discerning aura sight at around 200 meters, and remarkably strong telepathy that functions well at virtually all distances, Kellogg's Vortal powers take Melissa's self-alteration to an extreme. While he's not the first of Keenan's offspring to show this feature, Nohaa tends toward appearance shifting, while Kellogg actively goes full-bore 'pick a species'. He and Nohaa do challenge each other to appearance-based shifting. Using Vortal energy and spare matter, he can change into virtually anything he can imagine, and given that he's usually at the Healing Den, that is quite a lot. Kellogg can become something as small as a tardigrade, on up to basically a dragon, depending on his mood or available space. Generally he takes the same matter as he was born with, and moves it around - human, canine, large feline, dolphin, etc. These changes aren't instant for him, but that doesn't matter at all because he can also sequester himself in a Vortal construct while he changes, and 'filter in' when he gets back - visually for anyone else, it's a momentary gradient between one shape and another. For him, it requires about half an hour of painless shifting around. The 'gradient' is more mentally imposed - those who can somehow resist his mental nudging do see him simply 'pop' into a new shape but may also have noticed him being 'gone' for a split second. Larger or more complicated forms require longer periods of concentration as well as matter to adapt, and his dorm in the Healing Den is a dumping ground of genetic 'hints' (feathers, fur, keratin, whiskers, you name it) as well as having actual vats of dust. He's made the request for the Den's air conditioning and filtration system (yes, it has that, it's not even magical) to terminate in his dorm's storage space, so he has access to any amount of matter required. And given how much dander, fluff, food waste, or whatever else is around there, that adds up. With this power, obviously he can also heal himself, he does take damage, but simply shapes whatever form back to normal, or even just 'loses' the limb or area for a moment. He does heal a little faster than normal, but doesn't have the patience to wait 6 weeks for a broken leg to heal. An hour for shapeshifting? Sure. Yes, all of these forms are fertile, and yes, both Mel and Baeris have asserted that he needs to keep it in his pants until they have the right facilities for half-convocation creatures... Whether he listens, who knows. Since he is capable of creating Vortal constructs, he may have already gotten busy, but hasn't told anyone. He is still young enough that he hasn't tried Genrehopping fully, but does understand it since basically everyone he knows is a hopper in some way.

Icarus Processing: though he hasn't had Icarus treatments Mel's inherited distinctly, and if anyone tested him they would absolutely believe he's had it done. It shows up in his bones if what he's shaped into has bones, and will pass to next generations as if he's had the treatment.

Skills or Profession: because he grew up mainly in the Healing Den and mostly with dragons around, Kellogg does have a strong scientific streak to his skill sets. He does like mad science, though he's kind of wondering why Baeris keeps muttering to herself about how 'like Shy' he is. (And indeed, he is like Shy - he will collect genes and perform experiments without permission, but then everyone does that, right?) (His experiments don't tend to turn people to stone or chew through entire egg clutches on the sands, SHY.) But like the rest of his family, Kellogg does truly enjoy human contact, and prefers careful and subtle observation first, and then diving into parties, scouting groups, or even combat with them. He can act as a combat medic, though mostly he would be there to move injured folks from the field to safety, rather than performing emergency surgery. And, look at all that blood he can keep on hand for ... future reference. Kellogg is quite good at spying, particularly since he can and has shape himself into, say, a headcrab or even look like a Combine soldier or Stalker, and infiltrate locations with ease. Since he doesn't have the raw Vortal control over electronics like Keenan does, however, he's had to learn how to use Combine technology in addition to other forms of computers, but this does come pretty easily. With that eerie voice of his, he can speak numerous languages, including English and Vort fluently, but also he can communicate with any species he shapes into successfully, in their own tongue. He cannot really speak 'wolf-dragon' without being one, but he does understand any given speech even while something else.
Personality: Overall he is much more Pantheon than Convocation, mostly because he does like being around people and has human-like goals. He shares the desire to rid the multiverse of the Combine threat, but he's hardly single-minded on that need. He knows that equal time needs to be dedicated to living life, as well as preserving it. Though he looks a little stand-offish, a lot like his father, Kellogg is quite personable, and has a tight group of friends that can rely on him, and that he confides in.

Events or History: shortly before Keenan and Denhadarrvahth started looking around for places to put a dragonry, he and Melissa had been spending quite a bit of time together in the Healing Den. Mel, because she really loves it when she can groove with another bunch of genetic engineers and put her skills truly to use, and Keenan because he'd been Searched, and was allowing a lot of local dragons to decide what would come of it. And Mel being what she is... this son of his was much more carefully planned than their prior, unexpectedly Convocation daughter. Also notable, is that Baeris had experience with 'keeping people in bodies', due to numerous prior issues among the dragon riders she's tended. Kellogg was mainly raised by his mother and several local Den inhabitants (Baeris and Kalkin) but also with a lot of help from stray siblings and cousins from the Vahh clan. Since numerous Sangers are also shapeshifters, he learned a lot from Ivo and his children, while there, and is at least as at home among them as he is in the Rookery proper. His maturation wasn't accellerated, but he does seem much more mature than he actually is, thanks to the Healing Den being outside of time. Kellogg spends time learning dragon riding tactics and biology, but applies those things directly when he visits the various locales among the Rookery holdings.

He does reside primarily at the Healing Den, but has dorms in the Rookery, the Mansion, and Rapture, as they usually have the people he wants to interact with most. Bonded to Louhi in RY5.


Name: Louhi ve Vanwanar of the line of Perun; Louhi named for a Finnish weather witch/queen of lore
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium-Large 12'4" s / 66' l / 100' ws
Colors: body black solid toned, wings and tail spade black with silver lightning markings; spikes, horns, claws silver, eyes foggy blue-grey
Features: mutt- siblings and offspring may inherit different features based on partner; with four strong limbs, small (?!) claws, 3 toes plus thumbs fore, heel claw hind; two large leathery wings with one visible finger on edge plus three internal, very large wrist claw; scaled skin; egg layer; head has single forward facing horn, two jaw spikes, two back-swept large horns, neck, back, tail all have heavy spikes, tail spade
Powers: Winged Flight, Louhi has mastered high-altitude and turbulent, storm-based flight. She is often found in combat screaming down from the clouds above, or even from explosions that all but add to her velocity. She can maneuver quickly in close quarters, and is surprisingly good at flying in dense forest, urban ruins, or anywhere that there are interruptions in a line of sight - it's never bothered her, she just moves around things. She can lift indecently heavy weights but only does so when there's a great need - often dropping a shipping container on enemy troops or picking one up that's full of goods or refugees for a quick escape. She doesn't hold on to these things for long, preferring to fly unhindered.
Teleportation, with several types of this power available to her, Louhi is adept at local teleportation, Electrical teleport, as well as moving to the Spirit Plane - a version of the void or between, perhaps - to escape and show up somewhere else. Her strongest of those is Electrical, and she does look exactly like a lightning bolt when she moves in this manner though it does require a lot of space. She cannot carry people or items with her when doing that, aside from her rider, who doesn't seem to mind being ripped into electrical energy and reassembled by her own Vortal magic. The localized teleportation carries things easily, up to 10 miles away instantly, but she can only do this three or four times before becoming exhausted. Her electrical teleport doesn't tire her, but she tends to only use it at the start of combat to stun enemies.
Communication, she has a very strong grasp on speech of many types, and telepathic communication as well - all of this at advanced skill. She speaks fluently in English and Vortigese, as well as several other human languages, and numerous added Draconic tongues. She can also read many of those, if they've got existing records.
Physical Magic - immortality and healing, Louhi isn't just a blustery combat dragoness, she is relied upon even in those combat settings, and can heal dragons as well as humans (or Vorts) with a powerful area of effect. Where her human partner picks up human combatants, she will tend to aid dragons, and as such has gotten a lot of training at the Den from those who have specialized in this for decades. She knows how to manually set broken wing bones or stitch hide up with special silk that mostly comes from the Silkwings of the Rookery, and has a lot of friends among both Silkwings and Mudwings who care for dragons in their own ways. She herself is immune to almost all types of damage, though she does not particularly swim well and can drown. Electric energy actually improves her physical state, though she's immune to the effects of fire, microwaves or radiation, and only takes minor damage from things like crushing or cutting weapons. She finds bullets to be a brief annoyance. She is 'weak' to empathic or other Vortal controls or damage, as she is a very sensitive empath herself, and knows how to reach out to those in trouble to make sure they're physically okay before sending them back out. On at least one occasion she has managed to combine her Spirit Plane teleportation with this dragon-healing, to bring a dying dragon back from the brink of permanent death - though this shook both of them tremendously, she knows she can keep even desperately injured dragons alive. She wouldn't try this with a human or Vort.
Parentage: mother Anira ve Eidelyn of the line of Vanwanar, father Perun; siblings are found among the Rookery and other Protectorate groups
Origin: Hallowed Silk event, RY5, Healing Den / Carramba; art base is Taluns, modified
Other Info: Though she looks extremely fierce, and certainly can be in combat, Louhi knows that her value is in keeping other combatants alive and well. She does feel that only one of her siblings, Weles, is 'on her level' emotionally and mentally - the rest seem to enjoy flaunting their skills or just outright killing things. She is a warm and loving bond, and enjoys seeing Kellogg showing off with his friends. She and he have flown in the skies as dragons. It's... possible that they may...