Name: Quinn DeLaney

Gender: Male, gay

Age/DOB: 20@Arrival, RY9

Origin: Rapturearth, Rapture resident

Family: Unknown, likely teachers and business owners, on Rapturearth, alive, no siblings, he had been seeing a guy but it wasn't really working out well

Other: all of this is fascinating, of course he'll donate blood or cells or whatever! What fun!

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 160, a bit on the portly side and definitely prefers looser fitting clothes; not really muscular in any way

Hair: brightly blond, kept well styled and cut short

Eyes: nut-brown, round, large, and perceptive to a fault

Appearance: creamy skin that would tan pretty well, no blemishes visible but he does have a long scar across his left shoulderblade from an accident; quirky eyebrows and a 'lumpy' nose, a big tooth gap, but he's usually smiling and quite nice to be around; likes the look as shown, with rolled-up shirts and a sweater-vest; has a somewhat squeaky voice and doesn't get loud unless it's really an emergency

Genetic Abilities: Unknown, Melissa and Rhea are still mulling over what they're finding in his DNA. It's something akin to memory retention, and it's possible that he could be an 'information sponge', able to transfer knowledge with the right equipment or power. Others claim that his mind is exceptionally easy to read and understand, well organized.

Icarus Processing: None, he's still young enough that he may benefit from the Plasmid mix, but no one is really sure what might come of it

Image Credits: Meiker / NB Pokemon

Skills or Profession: As a librarian, Quinn ran a technical and business library suiting the needs of the local schools as well as hobbyists. Though he was never a true tech-head and claims he doesn't really understand most of the jargon in the books he sells, he's actually quite smart and apt, and can recognize symbols from one edition to another if they've changed or are incorrect. He's very good at transcriptions, and will often be found with a headset and a typewriter to listen to and write up speeches, he'd be a great court reporter if they needed one. As a newly bonded rider, however, he's growing more comfortable with exploration, particularly in this weirdly ruined Rapture they've got here. He knows his home-dimension's layout, and can suggest changes or improvements based on his memories of the place.
Personality: Detail oriented, but he doesn't stress if it's not a life or death situation - he'll put the seat back down on a toilet, but forget to shut the door...

Events or History: He was on a trip and headed back home to Rapture, in a ship bound to the North Sea and with his bags filled with books, when the Portal Storm hit the ship. It's possible that numerous other survivors are still out there somewhere, but he and his now-soggy suitcase were picked up by a group of dragons and taken carefully down to the city. He recognized it but only barely: it wasn't his Rapture. His only real wish here is that it is brighter and cleaner. Oh and a little of that weird smell, that might be cleaned up too.

With Hajaa having sniffed him out of a group that got 'accidentally' moved through one of Keenan's constructs (it was for specifically this purpose, to allow hatched dragons or their parents select potential candidates for bonding) Quinn was absolutely over the moon with amazement. He's quite happy that she is 'small' and can walk with him around the facility with relative ease, and moreover can help him visit locations both on and off the Rookery. They do sneak trips back to Rapturearth, his memory of locations is pristine and clear, all she needs to get a good focal point to genrehop directly to.


Name: Hajaa-toidaalth, there's no speed too quick to step between
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Small, 7'6" s / 30' l / 55' ws
Colors: dark silver grade from head to feet and tail, lighter on feet, darkest at head; wingsails dark graphite grey; neck ridge and tail tuft oily black-grey; horns silver, claws white, eyes change often 'interested' orange
Features: Old-World nexus mutt, Talor Cliff and Darkling Dawn origins (very old blood); may have slightly different features (head knobs, tail split) with partners, always egg layer, always bond required, unusual coloration (all siblings and descendants grey-based), -TH ending names only
Powers: Winged Flight, as much as her name is due to her ability to teleport, she is speedy and confident in the air, even in the narrow corridors or flight dome deep in Rapture. She doesn't need her full extended wingspan to fly, and can 'tuck' her forefinger joint in to reduce the width as well. She can carry three human-sized weights, provided they're distributed properly or carried on a harness. Outside, she is good with stiff winds as well as bad weather, but does enjoy gliding along over the sunlit waves to catch fish in the ocean.
Teleportation, a variety of ways that this girl gets around include a pretty standard between power, which she can use to quickly dodge or even move from one hallway to another, but doesn't do much good in combat as it's limited to about 50 meters at a time, and tires her out within a few jaunts. She is rather good with time-travel based ports, and with that in mind she's trained with her rider to remain hidden while multiple versions of themselves are skulking around a scene. She can move about a year at a time, as long as she has a reference point - so star patterns (as traditional Old World dragon riders were trained to use) and specific landscapes can help there. She is outstanding with long-distance teleportation, able to flicker between spots up to a thousand miles apart with ease, and do this a dozen times before tiring. Notably this longer port doesn't seem to go between, rather it's to the Void, if very briefly. If she remained there any length of time with her rider, he'd have stories to tell... Weird ones. However her strongest power is that of genrehopping. She can focus on a point from Quinn's memory, or even from a picture in a book, and find it somewhere. Thankfully too, she can also find her way back. This power does exhaust her, so there's usually about a day between arriving and leaving a place in this manner. That's usually more than enough time - sometimes too much - for Quinn to gather what things he's looking for and get back to her safely. Yes, Lane knows of this. No he won't stop them, unless they start bringing trouble with them.
Communication, because she is a Healing Den born nexus-familiar dragon, she has stronger verbal communication skills than any Old World dragon might. She can understand English as well as Vort, conveying the basics in English, while considerably better with telepathic communication, and she can aid her verbal Vort with it. She and Quinn have an unbreakable bond, she knows everything about him and he likes it that way.
Firebreath, both assisted and natural, Hajaa is surprisingly strong with the napalm-like chemicals that make up fire from Old World throats. Typically a female would have to chew firestone - and for whatever stupid reason (her words) that would render them sterile or 'less viable'. What nonsense, her genes have decided to allow her a great gout of flame - particularly considering how small she is! Her fire will burn typically flammable objects, and catch flesh to blistering temperatures nearby, and is accurate to over 100 meters when she's airborn. Additionally she seems innately able to sense where gasses may explode, and fans her wings in order to move it around before igniting it.
Parentage: mother Thaljath (silver Ayrerth+white-black Ghost), father Denhadarvahth (green Chaybeth+blue Arfeth), siblings among Rookery riders include Lurlyk'ohath, Odu'voonth, Mech'saath, ** and **
Origin: Hallowed Silk, Healing Den
Other Info: they are utterly partners in crime. She loves listening to his mental chatter - he does think to himself and even if people think his mind is well organized and easy to sense, she knows that it's always busy coming up with dialog, philosophy, pondering physics, everything a smart mind does, day and night. Some of these ideas she's passed along to her friends.