Name: Parece Sutter

Gender: Female, bisexual

Age/DOB: 17@Arrival, RY9

Origin: Rapturearth, Boston

Family: parents alive, she is the third of five children, and has numerous cousins and extended family remaining in Rapturearth's Boston

Other: On examination Rhea determined that Parece has already been pregnant, but didn't ask whether there was a full term child, and Parece has never brought it up herself

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 135, quite muscular and healthy, curvy, and a kick from her strong leg will absolutely knock you into next week

Hair: black with brown tint, natural afro usually put into large knots and sometimes braids, and held back with a headband or turban

Eyes: hazel green-grey, surprisingly light for her skin tone but most of her family also has green or hazel eyes; almond shaped and large, usually seem to be happy

Appearance: very dark brown skin, with calloused hands and elbows from crawling around in ducts or on roofs; a small broad nose, thick lips; prefers comfortable clothing that has pockets, overalls are her favored, but she really wants to get dolled up in some of the fashions found among the shops in Rapture; has a loud voice but she's hardly used it in company ("company of whites", as they usually insisted on her being as silent as possible)

Genetic Abilities: though latent, she shows signs of strong telekinetic ability specifically oriented toward air and weather, as well as electrical power. Neither of those abilities are functional but would absolutely benefit from Icarus or the Plasmid mix, and both are likely due to her parents using Plasmids themselves before her birth.

Icarus Processing: None, and she would clearly benefit, as well as being young enough that her body might also change a bit; convincing her to do it won't be that hard, she figures there's dragons and dozens of people who have had this process done already, if it would help the cause, why not!

Image Credits: Meiker / Shidabeeda Saturday

Skills or Profession: Parece, like most of her family, was a servant in a very urban area, working for a land developer who put her on rooftop duct and hydraulic maintenance duties. As such she's very well versed in mechanical work, and has no fear of heights or narrow passages. She's been working on elevators, ducts and conduit, air conditioning and heating units, and some amount of roof repairs all her life, and can instantly spot damaged or weak areas.
Personality: Friendly and usually happy to be working at all, Parece knows that her station in life could have been much worse, though clearly prefers it now in the Rookery - she's free, no slaves here. While she's given thought to just up and changing what she wants to do, Parece also knows that having the practical training in repairs and engineering is absolutely vital to the Rookery, and as such she's a valued member of any repair crew. She really enjoys that, being relied upon instead of just told what to do. She is still somewhat intimidated by virtually any of the white folks in the place, but is coming to the realization that things really are different, and revels in it.

Events or History: living in a Boston slum most of her early years, Parece and her family knew only scraps and scrabbling until she was around 10 years old, at which point a number of buildings in their area were burned down 'accidentally', and a new landlord was able to buy up the properties. While they were being rebuilt, most of her kin were set up in other nearby locations, and she began learning how to work on the machinery. To her new 'owners' delight, she was not just small and swift in the air ducts or machine rooms, but she could hold a thought in her head longer than a few minutes, and was entrusted with schematics as well as her own set of tools for jobs. (They came with her, she is still very proud of having earned them.) It's not really clear whether it was that land holder or his son who impregnated her, nor whether it was consentual, but certainly it would have been disasterous had she crowed about having a half-white child. When the local Portal Storm appeared, sweeping over rooftops and sucking up whatever was in its path, she was working on an antenna array, and went wherever the unusual 'weather' took her - which was 'above the eastern seaboard of an Earth that was clearly not her own'. Like several others falling haphazardly from the sky, she was surprised to be picked up by a dragon, and has adjusted very well with the Rookery's help.

She and Loomleth get along very well, both of them enjoying being rewarded as well as entrusted as they are with the repairs and maintenance duties in Rapture, though she also has visited the North Aperture facility, and after a bit of wheedling, to the Grounds to see the circus. She is oddly quiet around Rhea when her family is about - particularly Raven, and even more particularly when Keenan shows up. It's very clear that he knows what happened and says nothing, but how she will resolve her own future, family or otherwise, is up to her. (He tends to visit any of the riders that have bonded his dragon's clutches, in addition to keeping tabs on his progeny wherever they go.)


Name: Loomleth, the shifted burden
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Small (long) 7' s / 40' l / 55' ws
Colors: Slate, blueish-grey almost entirely uniform along body, limbs, wing arms, and tail, however slightly darker on fins and fingers; wingsails slightly mottled in lighter and darker grey-blue, mostly lighter; eyes shift, generally happy-green; claws brightly white
Features: Alskyran-Pernese variant, some features might inherit differently based on partner, long Blackstone body and strong wings, very pointy; otherwise quite traditional Old World with hide skin requiring maintenance, head knobs, but with spiked back and tail; egg layer, requires bond, mainly telepathic; egg layer, will likely have the range of Alskyran colorations in her descendants, with a focus on grey-scale, blues, and silvers.
Powers: Winged Flight, though she's rarely required in the air, Loomleth is a capable flier, quite precise, and is able to take off and land in very small spots. Because of her narrow build, she is also quite good at complex maneuvering in tight locations, and can actually walk through human-sized areas (though not doorways, she has to squeeze) with ease. In open air, she can carry up to three human-sized weights, and tends to only have her rider and some amount of gear - crates and barrels, tools and replacement parts mostly. She isn't very fast or durable for extended flights, but she can give it her all if any lives are on the line.
Teleportation, As with all Old World dragons, Loomleth is a teleporter with a natural penchant for a variety of twists on the typical. Her local teleportation is quick and short-range, she can blip between around four times before needing to rest, and up to about 250 meters at a time. However, her greater ability is that of long-distance teleports, to known locations. She has a set of spots (the Healing Den doesn't count as a genre for her family, it's their original home and she can always go back there) that she can concentrate on and move to in moments no matter how far they are in distance. While other dragons might tire out from this, she seems to relish it, and she's been known to take her rider to remarkable places just to show off and ler her see sights that she'd never be able to otherwise, and return to Rapture in time for lunch. Speaking of time, she is capable of jotting herself just a little into the past or future, not more than an hour either way, but it requires a lot of concentration as well as her rider's confidence. She is also able to genrehop, but has only really done so in response to being jostled by a Portal Storm and instinctively returned to the Rookery. She can carry quite a bit more weight with her on a long distance teleport than she could if flying, but she does need to be in the air for it to work, so she will move over to the Rapture Flight Dome to get off the ground before they go anywhere.
Communication, like her entire line, she is heavily telepathic, and is able to reach her rider anywhere they go regardless of circumstances. But she is also good with other human minds, Vortigaunts, and dragons with similar powers. Loomleth also can speak verbally, but only reasonably simple words, as they come out with a noisy hiss at best.
Unassisted Firebreath, because she is a variation Old World dragon, she has the ability to create her own fire, and not rely on any external substance such as chewing coal or whatever, to produce it. She's not really that good at it and can't be relied on to fight with it, but it is good enough to heat up a pipe for cutting, or melt wiring, clean up gasses, and the like. It's a close range flame at most, about 10 meters at its longest, so she likes just belching out little puffs of super-hot flame to light a pilot light or sconces, wherever her rider needs a light.
Parentage: Mother Tork, father Denhadarvahth; siblings include Cheljohth, Xkah'lih-beth, Ell'daa-veth, and others
Origin: Hallowed Silk, Healing Den, artwork is Blackstone Alskryran by lethe
Other Info: Loomleth is very protective of her human, and a bit bolder than you'd want if she thinks there is any danger. She has had to be told to back off at times, but doesn't hold a grudge and remembers who has been 'green-lit' by her rider. She doesn't really understand some jokes, so at times she takes offense where there is none being given.