Name: Tanner Vahh

Gender: Male, Straight

Age/DOB: ~17, aged, RY5

Origin: Rookery Earth born to Repurposed parents, Lane Mansion

Family: Mother Silver, father Keenan Lane, obviously has plentiful Vahh siblings and relatives; He and Mae eventually have Tegan (RY15), and Dyllon with Nisse (RY17)

Other: Though he's very clearly Keenan's son, and is named for the Mystery, Tanner's interests are quite different than expected from both parents

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 145, evenly built, reasonably fit

Hair: Brown-toned black, will be 'prematurely' silvered by the time he's in his actual-30s and will definitely be brightly white in his maturity with a strong silver undertone; flyaway, clear widows peak, kept to jaw at longest but often enough hangs into his eyes

Eyes: Bright, light and clear green, more grassy than lime, usually under surprised and happy looking heavy brows, over gorgeous high cheekbones that people have said look 'much better on a man with more flesh on his head' than his father... they have the same cheekbones...

Appearance: light skinned with no scars or marks, keeps his teenage scruffy beard in an attempt to be more 'manly'. He's fit to be a dragon rider and usually wears riding boots and pants, and adds a nice overcoat though it does look like he's a more adventurous scientist than a rider turned shrink...

Icarus Processing: Yes, at the age of 3, this process didn't really affect his physical build much beyond speed - which he honestly doesn't even use (he's around 3x as fast as a normal person), and his durability which comes in the form of just... never sleeping; it did strengthen certain aspects of his Vortal abilities, but it didn't make any single one of them broadly more powerful than they would have been otherwise.

Image Credits: Doll Divine/Azalea's Dolls LotR Maker

Genetic Abilities: Convocation Light - Tanner exhibits a strong Vortal aura, easily seen by anyone who can detect them, but it's in a much airier and wispy form than his father's in addition to being really really green. He is an adept empath, strongest with individuals, but can detect and work with groups as long as they're not really riled up. He can alter and tweak moods, memories, and even real-time perception from people around him, going unnoticed in a crowd or at least not remembered. However he uses this to help with trauma care, bending people's fears into a softer memory, or blotting out entire events after they've been relayed and recorded elsewhere. Tanner shows remarkable restraint in his use of both invasive and passive telepathy, as well as his dreamwalking abilities - he can and does 'invade' people's nightmares, but only because he's quite sensitive to them, and wants to make sure that the person having them is okay. He prefers passive contact with other Pantheon, and generally speaking works with normal people rather than Vortally powered ones. Like his father, he can teleport virtually anywhere, instantly - though he chooses not to do so unless it's an emergency as it tires him out considerably. And also like his father, he has his own Vortal Construct - his is visited quite frequently, as it is a nice and relaxing, well appointed looking office with a home attached to it, that is effectively perma-linked to a door in the Rookery. Not coincidentally, it's across the hall from his father's old office door... He chooses to keep his psyche office away from the medical plaza more or less to keep his patients at ease. His office is probably his most "well used" power short of the empathic sensing. If he has other abilities, they either haven't shown up, or he isn't willing to use them. Also of note, and outside of the Icarus processing, Tanner is highly likely to be immortal, or at least very long-lived.
Skills or Profession: Given the normal skill downloads of a typical post-Combine child, in this Combine-ridden era, Tanner instantly took to the 'people' aspect of learning and skills. Like his mother, who is very gregarious and enjoys activities like sports and games, Tanner participates in those eagerly with a clear eye toward healing people with distraction and repetition. He acquired a lot more psychology and neuroscience than most, and has access to hundreds of volumes of old-world analysis that he uses to keep trauman to a minimum. He does have a bit of biology and neurology in there too, just in case he discovers a physical problem that cannot be completely tackled with psychology or emotional tweaking. Considerably more active than his father in social and physical games, Tanner enjoys playing newer versions of baseball and softball, as well as more exotic dragon-back sport - and he keeps track of who is best, worst, or should coach.
Personality: Tanner is a very good psychiatrist and psychologist, always observing with a light brush Vortally across a mind. He has a gentle but encouraging bedside manner. When you get him outside or in a group to play games however he's quite competitive, though always more enjoys simply playing and having fun over 'beating' anyone in a competitive sport. He takes his father's abilities to observe and applies a more human angle - his mother's - tempering Keenan's judgemental attitude. He doesn't mind being compared to either of them, because he knows his place in the Rookery as well as the Vahh family. He has no intention of 'taking' anyone's place, he respects Paxton and Geoff tremendously, is amused by Wilson's constant state of fake distress, and truly appreciates Raven's scientific approach. He's a bit intimidated by Nohaa and Choxen, for different reasons each. And he wonders what Ruby will achieve in the long run when all is dust. He will put a stop to any aggressive or angry bickering he sees, knowing that cooperation is key to the Rookery's survival, and to the defeat of the Combine.
Events or History: When a bunch of dragons flew around mating, it was sort of only fair that their riders got busy. And though Silver's dragon wasn't anywhere near Keenan's - they knew each other already, in ... every sense. Tanner was a bit of a surprise, though, because no one expected Silver's newly engineered body to worry about bearing children. And equally unexpectedly, Tanner has proven to be quite an interesting mix of their abilities and personalities. Neither of them is particularly scientific - yet here he is, deep in the psychological research and treatment area. He was among the children born to Repurposed-Earth parents on Rookery Earth, which also gave many of the refugees hope that maybe things weren't as bad as they could be, and that they could get better. It was sort of expected that he'd find a dragon to pair up with, which he did, but it was quite unexpected that it was one such as Lumin - wiser than many, and in a lot of ways more quiet and withdrawn than he is. They make an exceptionally good team for retrieving and healing people, both in the field and in his office ... which does have a large dragon-suitable area just for her. (For the record: Denhadarvahth has been badgering Keenan to build him a Vortal spot.)


Name: Lumin
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Small (+, big wings) 7'4" s / 40' l / 60' and 28' ws
Colors: Yes, she does match Tanner's aura, why do you ask? Lower face, neck, chest, belly, backs of limbs, and under tail creamy pale yellow-green; body and limbs including wing arms, and tail, bright spring yellow-green gradients into rich velvety green, darkest on tips of limbs and tail, head, and dorsal area; Scale markings bright neon-ish green; wingsails butterfly patterned in shades of pale blue through spring green, highly reflective so that it almost looks like clouds are passing through the colors; antennae and horns spring green through light blue; claws and dorsal spines white; eyes silvery white
Features: Pure Silkwing as shown
Powers: Winged Flight, Lumin is not a strong flier but she looks very pretty in the air. She will use her wings to quickly spring into the air or break a fall from a ruin, or to flit from wall to wall in a cityscape. She's good for up to about 2 miles at most before she's got to either rest or glide, and she doesn't glide well unless there's a lot of even wind. She can carry up to three Human-sized creatures or weight, for that two miles, though.
Verbal and Nonverbal Communication, Lumin is apt with languages, speaking in a quiet but measured voice reminiscent of a songbird. She can speak with basically all of the different dragon types in their native language provided she's met them and spent a little time learning, certainly she can understand far more words than she can speak in most of them. She's also adept with English, French, Spanish, and apparently Korean, and can give a good try with Vort but she lacks the resonance needed for any volume on it. Where she shines is with her observational abilities, and she can detect when someone - dragon, Human, Vort, whoever - is hiding something or trying to get away with bad business. She will not confront anyone, rather she'll quietly inform her human friend and he will deal with it if they're human. If it's a dragon, she will go full-on Denmother, with stern but carefully worded scolding or polite requests, clear instruction, or soft encouragement. Only when Tanner has a person in need of both of their assistance will she talk to humans that way, they seem to appreciate the effort. Also she can create lovely humming sounds, with her antennae and horns - these can rock cranky children to sleep, or wake the dead - it just depends on whether one of those is necessary.
Silk Production, as with all Silkwings she's able to produce silk from glands in her forelimbs. This silk can be used to trap prey, keep things tidy and separated in a larder, even put out fires or yank young hands away from dangers. Her silk tends to run strong and thick, wooly, and is of use for creating yarn when treated correctly - not thread, but yarn.
Parentage: Pure silkwings, is Lampblack's mother and possibly has other offspring in the Rookery... there's even a rumor that she's related to that crazy dragoness down under the Ranch, 'Glowworm', though she won't admit it and becomes defensive when it's brought up.
Origin: Adopted from Moonshimmer981 on Deviantart, Wings of Fire by Tui Sutherland
Other Info: Lumin is quite a bit older than many of the newcomers to the Rookery, though no one knows exactly how old. She chooses her words carefully, and treats new things with caution and wisdom in ways that only an experienced dragon would.