Name: Silver (yes, she has a first name. no, she hasn't used it in 30 years)

Gender: Female, Straight

Age/DOB: 46@Events/born 1960 - also, cloned and replaced 'too old for use' body in 2029 to coincide with the Rookery, as well as 'extra' cloned (below)

Origin: Repurposed Earth, Austin Texas, Black Mesa

Family: None known, possible still-living descendants on REarth, but unlikely; has had numerous relationships, including one with Wallace Breen at the time of the Events, but prior to that also kind of threw herself at Lane, hence their rather unusual current situation (Son Tanner with Keenan)

Other: Lived with Breen and Hoyle in his Enclave for about 2 years, and then got tired of Breen's bullshit; see also - cloned, Argent

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 135, curvy, very busty, looks taller than she actually is

Hair: platinum blond that goes white-silver rather quickly (she was 'prematurely' white haired just out of community college at age 23), silky, slightly wavy, long, and usually kept back in a bun, braids, or tail

Eyes: Hazel greenish, more grey-green and slightly tan; pretty, and usually squinting at things because she refuses to get glasses for her near-vision

Appearance: Light skinned, with no obvious blemishes and god forbid she go outside because she's burn-and-peel Irish in genetics; usually smiling, though she puts on a delightful pout when she doesn't get her way; uses her curves to her advantage; likes wearing greyscale and subdued colors rather than bold or patterns

Image Credits: Sims / DollDivine Sari

Genetic Abilities: None known, though seems to be reasonably empathic emotionally speaking, and she does seem to have a strange sense about spotting people who are out of place. With her younger body being treated this boosted her aura sight, or perhaps added precognition? It's unclear, and of potential use to Melissa's projects. With the Hallowed Silk event, she and Keenan went ahead with their own project. >_>
Icarus Processing: None on normal body, cloned replacement body received the treatment because dragons are dangerous and she wanted to be a bit stronger. She's fit and healthy in any incarnation, though the processing was considerably more full on the second clone.
Skills or Profession: An office clerk was never so cute and bubbly. Though she did attend college at a local level and received an Associate Degree in Business management. Thus she does know how all the inner workings of any company should run, and can keep them going smoothly. Her experience, however, has been much more of use in that regard, during her tenure in the secretarial staff at Black Mesa. She had worked in her native Austin for at least a decade, before moving to New Mexico (with a failed marriage behind her) and working her way up through the ranks until she was essentially the go-to for any Administrator who needed something done. Her organizational skills are well known, but also her sports statistics and not-unrelated mathematics skills are very strong. She can package anything, no matter the size or shape, and has always had an eerie way of knowing who's going to be calling her right before the phone rings. Of course a lot of those things aren't really relevant these days, but she has put them to use with getting dragonry logistics in place. She knows who lives in what dorm, where to send the right equipment when it gets brought in, and the like. Though she doesn't need to take notes any longer, really, she is remarkably good at both writing and reading shorthand or scribbled notation - this place is filled with PhDs after all, and they're known for their sloppy writing. Even when she was 'old-looking' after the Combine's arrival, Silver was still quite able to use her appearance and wiles to get to a safe location or garner better goods. This trick stopped working when she kept encountering sterilized men, though, which would have been quite a few of them in any given City. (she herself, cloned anyway, is still quite fertile)
Personality: Silver is extremely genial and a welcome addition to most groups. With a smile and occasional 'Texan Guffaw' with the right joke, Silver has always brightened up a room. She also knows she's quite pretty, and has used that for many years to gain favor with people that otherwise think she's merely a fluff-headed blonde note-taker. An insatiable gossip, though she always funneled her knowledge into the right ear when needed, Silver could be seen watching the security cameras and picking up whatever information she might think was useful. Also, she was a collector of bits and bobs: her desk and the entire office she ran for Breen was filled with bobble-head sports figures, signed baseballs, sports event programs, and the like. These days, she's been hoping to put together a set of 'dragon rider' cards... and the kids at the Rookery think this is an absolutely brilliant idea. While she doesn't particularly want children (not now, anyway - her ex managed to wrangle her son from her care before moving to New Mexico) she still enjoys engaging with them and entertaining them with stories of the past. (Yeah that lasted about 8 years, see above with Tanner, who she absolutely adores, and actually appreciates the effort that Keenan goes through to be a father, which genuinely surprises her - the things you learn about people as they change...)

Events or History: As above, she'd attended a local community college in the mid-70s, and there met her soon-to-be-Ex husband. They had a child together, but he was seeing 'some other floozy' ('other?' 'you think I wasn't a floozy?' -- an actual conversation she had with Lane shortly after her hiring at Black Mesa) and they broke up, leading her to head west to New Mexico for a new life. Black Mesa was hiring, she had skills they wanted, and thus her long-term career with the company began. In the late 80s she started moving up the secretarial pool ladder, and not just because she kept sleeping with people on the way. Her skills were what caught Lane's eye anyway, and by the time Breen got into the Administrative offices, she was already well established as 'the Secretary you do not deserve'. She never lorded over anyone else in the place, but she knew how much her skills were valued at that time. When the Events were just about to occur, she and Breen skipped out, as he knew the Resonance Cascade was going to be happening and wanted to be as far away from it as possible - and also to pick up his set of Armacham-made clones, to hide out with Hoyle and some others in his Seattle enclave. She became quite irate with him after they'd been activated. It was by pure luck that she wasn't in a City when the Combine arrived several years later, having been camping in a very nice little national park up in Canada at the time. (This means that her cloned bodies aren't subjected to the fertility suppression alteration that was done, in the Cities.) Eventually she catches up with Lane, with 'no hard feelings except that one', though she declines to return to Hoyle's place, she's more than happy to remain at Black Mesa in her own dorm once more. This applies to the Rookery as well, where, once Ulathoi is defeated and she knows she can 'get one of those really nice clone things?' she is thrilled to find a gorgeous dragon friend and be everyone's den mother.

As the Rookery evolves and time passes, Silver is still considered the go-to for who needs to be where, doing logistics for the Rookery overall, overseeing the other locations with reports directly from their own network of organizers. As she's raised Tanner and with the arrival of other weirder elements from 'yet another Earth oh my god there's two of you now?' Silver has it in her head to not just be 'one' girl. She's not wrong, given the example of Wallace and how he managed to successfully transfer his mind into numerous bodies, she'd absolutely be better at it than him. She could be her own whole baseball team! (She has seen that 'interdimensional softball team' of dragons, too, isn't that a hoot!)


Name: Borealis
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium-large (bulky) 10' s / 40' l / 62' ws
Colors: White lower face, throat, belly, under tail, back of limbs and faded feet; Violet limbs, sides, back, face, slightly mottled lighter and darker; luminescent pink markings; nebula-sky star markings on wingsails of black, purple/violet, small white stars; starry-glitter black and graphite horns and spine ridges/scales; black tongue, claws; night-indigo eyes
Features**: Nightwing (** note had been night-ice but ... nah, perhaps a grandparent might have been ice, but 4.17.20 she is visibly pure night now)
Powers: Winged Flight, a strong but short-term flier, Borealis can pull off moves that surprise onlookers, diving from a very steep fall into a breakneck pull out. She does this to catch small prey out of the water, or off of Combine transport carriers, crushing them in her powerful claws. Though Silver can and has ridden her, obviously that move she does only without a rider on her back. She can't maintain direct flight speed without a good warm air current below her, though in Black Mesa this is hardly a problem - she does prefer to fly at night, however, when it's cooler, so she loses that benefit.
Verbal Speech, adept with understanding English and several other Human languages, as well as Vortigese, and Draconic. Her voice is low and rumbly, almost whale-song-like in its variation. She has a strong empathic bond with Silver, and can detect other Vortal minds including magic ones of dragons.
**Ice Breath, Borealis can cover an area with a dangerously pretty frost. Don't be fooled, this frost is able to completely freeze whatever is under it, particuarly living things but also machinery or vehicles. She can lay down a patch of it over a very wide area (almost the entire infield! - no one knows what an infield is any more though) and cause it to ensnare anything that moves through it. This patch will evaporate over about an hour, but she's able to replace it or put down multiples to keep an area safe from invasion with it. Her breath is more of a subtle security measure, since the 'fog' of crystals that she can put out also lasts quite a few hours if it's indoors - a 15x15 room for instance can be kept frozen and dangerous for more than a day without it warming up. She is not typically asked to freeze the food supplies, however, because well, it also freezes the people trying to reach the food. Items and creatures frozen by her direct breath weapon become incredibly brittle and die almost instantly, certainly if anything hits them they will shatter.
**Cold Resistance, Night Preference; as a loosely defined hybrid, she prefers the cool night skies and chillier weather than this desert Rookery - while it gets rather cold at times in the desert, it's not wet cold, and she really does like icy water and snow drifts. She can easily remain in sub-zero temperatures, as well as see in almost complete darkness, blending in somehow with both, even though if seen from below she's icy, if seen against snow she's dark...
Parentage: Unknown Nightwing mother who had an Icewing possible parent or even grandparent, and Nightwing site, she does seem to share the coloration with Nebula, Razorwire, Sireneyvi, Leviathan, and Night-Sky Paradise, so it's very possible that they are all related via their father. During the Hallowed Silk flight, Borealis hooks up with Lipatan, and allowed that weird yellow-haired girl Melissa to harvest samples to work on her eggs.
Origin: Adopted from Moonshimmer981 on Deviantart, Wings of Fire by Tui Sutherland
Other Info: Borealis is intrigued by the fact that her name tends to garner whispers around the Black Mesa and Aperture folks. What was this Borealis that they had? A ship? A facility? Both? How is that possible? Well, she isn't either of those things, and she most certainly didn't vanish with all hands and crew... Plus they've found that 'ship', it's possible to even visit it now! Borealis is a proud and beautiful dragon, absolutely capable of both throwing her weight around, and impressing dragon and human alike with her abilities. She's a bit vain, but who wouldn't be? She quite likes the little human that she has attached to herself, they seem to share a lot of personality traits. After all, Borealis has a collection of empty Combine armor and hubcaps from the vehicles they've blown to pieces in their Rook...