DragonHope Weyr HEIGHTS - Weyrleader S'xon and Weyrwoman Kira, the Riders of the Weyr, Starcraft, Communication, Search, Watchdragon, and WeyrlingMaster.

Each of the links below will take you into the individual rooms of the Weyr - if you wish to see a list of the current riders and their links, please click the Wings button.

Updated 3/20/10!

These are the doorways to the prominent Riders of the Weyr! Hold your cursor over each door to see where it leads. Click and use your 'back' key to return to this area.

This is the Weyrwoman's door!This is the Weyrleader's ledgeThis is White Rider Opal's weyrThis is Weyrling Master R'vfen's weyr

This is the Starcrafter's weyrThis is the Search Dragon's weyrThis is our Watch Dragon's ledgeEven though he has no dragon, this is the Drummer's weyr