When the bugle of brown watchdragon Nevth echoes off the sheer fog shrouded landing flat, you hold your hands to your ears. Several people come running out into the chilly ledge to help you down from your transport ride.

"Thanks," you tell the blue and his rider, "I guess we'll be going inside."

"It's colder out here than between, that's for sure," the rider chuckles, and leaves you with the friendly faces of Dragonhope Weyr.

A number of young looking riders cast glances your way, as you're herded into the warmer lobby and halls.

"Where are you from?" asks one of them, you reply and more questions come quickly from the rest. It's clear that this Weyr does not get many visitors. One woman shoos the group away, and takes you by your elbow into the kitchens, where she offers you a sit down and a cup of klah.

"There's a method to seeing the whole Weyr," she says. Tiruzel is her name. "If you let me show you the Nexus later, I can arrange for you to meet the Weyrleaders. They're always interested in seeing newcomers."

"Thanks - I think I'll take you up on that!" You tell her, holding on to the hot klah since your hands had almost frozen outside.

Tour the Weyr: Last update 12/27/09 - Flights, Sands

The Heights - Weyrleader and Weyrwoman's chambers, Starcrafter, Drummer, Weyrling Master, Search Rider and other riders living here.

The Bowl - Flight Rules, Hatching Sands, Between. -- Two flights have been flown, Nexus giveaways and Candidates needed!

ALSO!!! "You Walk Into A Weyr" sands are OPEN! Accepting any and all candidates per rules!

The Nexus - Lower Chambers, Kitchen, Record Keeper, Healer and Dragon Healer, Weaver, Tanner, Smith and Stonecrafter.