DragonHope Weyr NEXUS - halls to the Lower Caverns, Kitchen, Record Keeper, Healer and Dragon Healer, Weaver, Tanner, Smith and Stonecrafter

A woman named Tiruzel approaches you with a tray of breadrolls and a mug of klah.

"Welcome to Dragonhope, youngster!" She says, "are you going to be staying long? I can start having a weyr cleaned up for you."

You reply telling her that you might become a candidate, if you are accepted.

"That's even better! Come, you need to tell me all about yourself!"

"Well I've... already done that bit with Nozomith," you say, slightly weary.

She only laughs. "Ah, that big gold will get the best out of anyone! I've heard that among dragon kind she's quite a gossip!"

You aren't sure how to take that, but instead you drink your klah and take a bite of the bread. Suddenly you taste something new, and ask what kind of bread this is.

"It's cinnamon raisin, child, can't you smell? We've been baking all morning!"

"I won't miss it next time," you promise. "I'd even be willing to help bake this, if that's what it would take to get a couple more of these rolls!"

She laughs again, and her greying tan hair falls into her hazel eyes. "Well, I'm sure that my staff won't complain if you do!"

Tiruzel then leads you on a tour of the lower caverns.

"Here are our records," she says, of the room on the right. "If you want to know about the history of our weyr, please take some time to look through the scrolls there."

Then on to a sloping hallway, which she shows you the cold stores. You don't spend very much time there, as it is very chilly! She points you in the direction of a narrow stairwell.

"That leads to the Starstones and the drum and fire heights. You could meet our Starcrafters, their office is the last one before you get outside!" (That's the Heights!)

Then, finally, she snakes her way through a busy hallway. "Here are our weyrling barracks, where you might be staying if you become a Candidate! Our candidates remain in the weyr if they do not Impress on the first standing, and if they do Impress, they are in the barracks for about half a turn, then when their dragons become large enough they are moved into a shared weyr with a similarly sized dragon, or one which is an appropriate personality. After that, they move into their own weyr. Our Weyrling master trains those who Impress here, until the dragon is fully grown, or about two turns old. After that, they often return to their home weyr or move to a new wing."

"If you want to know more about the layout of the Weyr, a full description of it can be found in the room beyond. We have a map of the weyr," Tiruzel holds her hand over her mouth and whispers, "for people who can't find their way around," and laughs. "But also we have a model of it too! It is a beautiful work, the Smithcrafters made it, but everyone helped decorate it."

You now know what is in store for you, so you thank the woman and head back to the Nexus, or through one of the doors she suggested.


Each of the links below will take you to a craft hall, or one of the major individuals in the weyr who keep the place running. Feel free to ask them questions or poke around, they all really love that kind of intrusion, really they do!

To the records hall, where Ilina and her green dragon will help you find the Hatching Records, History of the Weyr, Maps, and Description of the Weyr!

There are currently no flitter adoptions but there will soon be.

These are the doorways to the Crafters of the Weyr! Hold your cursor over each door to see where it leads.

This door leads to the Healer and Dragon Healer of the WeyrThis door leads to the Weaver and Tanner of the WeyrThis archway leads to the Smith and Miner of the Weyr