Name: Darr'lih keh-vahh, Darly Fettel, light behind the shadows, bright spirit of forgiveness, the 'Light of Redemption'

Gender: Female, Straight

Age/DOB: (aged artificially after 3 years, to teens) June 8, 2018

Origin: Repurposed Earth, BMRC

Family: Mother Melissa Larrabie, Father Paxton Fettel, Grampa Wilson Carver, Grandfather Keenan Lane, Grampa Davy, Uncle Geoff Fettel, Auntie Raven, assorted distant / spliced relatives among the Pantheon, other direct siblings and cousins as they come along (yes, those are what she calls her extended relatives, to keep them straight, they still don't have words for what exactly Keenan is, beyond her namesake)

Other: Though Darly was not Pax and Mel's first conceived child, she is the first to have actually been brought to term (see below). She is an incredibly important part of Keenan's life, given that her name reflects the Vortigaunts' desire to allow him to redeem himself in their eyes. She absolutely has relationships with others among the Pantheon's second generation, specifically eyeing Rex's son Duke

Height: 5'9

Weight: 140* *inherited Icarus in some form from both sides, is considerably stronger than this, and curvy like mom

Hair: Dark brown, curly (as in top image) but not tightly so, shows brilliant auburn in sunlight, usually kept reasonably long at least to shoulders, often tied back or gelled

Eyes: Teal, a darker shade than expected given Mel's are amber and Pax's are nearly 'fog' colored; eyes constantly glow, and will dip into a darker spectrum of peacock shades, as well as brighter aqua depending on mood; seem to always be judging you, but can be quite beautiful

Appearance: fair skinned, tans well, with strong looking facial features and often 'cross' looking eyebrows, she's rarely angry with anyone; holds herself with ease and confidence, and is always glowing in some shade, often reflective of those around her either in their mood or her impression of their abilities; looks great in any form of clothing be it the Icarus protective gear (far right), post-apocalyptic exploration duds (bottom), business-hardly-casual (left) and gorgeous dresses; Grampa Wilson designed and assembled those nice ones, by the way.

Image Credits: Doll Divine Sari / City of Heroes/Icon

Genetic Abilities: Mood Lighting (no really, she glows based on her mood and the mood of others in proximity - also of note normal people can see this aura), aura shaping, can sense and manipulate Vortal energy within 5 meters (mostly sense), Prophetic and Lucid Dreams (not positive what timeline they are coming from, or whether they're local), strong empathy localized, strong invasive telepathy, mental stunning (exhausting, close range or aided strongly by touch), all of her abilities and her mental/Vortal 'voice' are tinged with warmth, and if she really wants to, she can and will develop pyrokinetics, however they will never be as strong as her father's. She is far more accepted by the Vortigaunts than almost anyone else in her entire line, as they view her as an innocent caught up in Vahh's weird shade. While she cannot necessarily alter her own genetics, she is highly attracted to men who are fertile and bear either powers that would accent her own, or strong abilities overall (such as Duke). Though she is not adept at it, she can teleport to specific locations - more often she'd use a form of 'genrehopping' that allows her to tap into Lane's constructed locations (as well as her father's Santcuary within Melissa's mindspace).
Icarus Processing: yes, while in stasis around age 3, Melissa insisted that even though her daughter has Icarus features coming at her from both sides of the family, the process would solidify her abilities and make controlling them easier. It's clear that she was right, though she did require much more specific training than some in the Pantheon's second generation because of this.
Skills or Profession: Because Melissa 'needed her children to be up and ready to run' in the Outlands (a wise decision overall), after Paxton was sent out to look for his mother Alma and bring her back, in his absence Melissa put Darly into a stasis / Icarus pod, and began the process of growing her young daughter into a teenager. Though this was met with some amount of distress (mostly from Keenan and Wilson, but notably Paxton agreed this was an acceptable course of action), it turned out for the best. Darly is adept with downloaded skills such as electronics use, some amount of medical needs, but also with stealth, social cues, and cartographic work. She is able to move around the locations they visit with great ease, and keeps up with local gossip tremendously well though she doesn't really participate in any of it. Given her powers, she can read the emotional stability of those around her, and make sure that any too-strong outbursts are kept to a minimum. She can calm a crowd, though she honestly prefers to do this with words and actions, rather than with Vortal power. Darly is fluent in Vortigese though she actually prefers the 'ancient' form of it that Noah and Grandfather Vahh use, just to piss people off.
Personality: While Darly is quite a delightful person to be around, she isn't nearly as nice as she ought to be deep down - she does have a bit of a cruel streak, but she also has no ulterior motives. She doesn't believe that anyone 'deserves' specific treatment beyond 'be nice when you meet' until they prove to be either genuine (be more nice to them!) or have some kind of flaw that makes her leery. She doesn't hesitate to greet folks, make herself known, though is not apt to become the center of attention thanks to her Grandfather's influence. She knows when to back away and let things play out, but also is very good at understanding exactly the right moment to step in, either to intervene or to stir things up a little. She does not flirt particularly often, nor remarkably well - she tends to opt for her mother's approach of 'throw herself at a man if she's interested in him', and hope for the best. So far, this has worked in her favor, though it can't possibly end well in all situations. Like most of the second generation of the Pantheon, Darly is looked upon in a bit of awe by normal people, because like her peers she literally glows, or actually causes emotional changes - and doesn't shy away from telling people that she's done it. In short, Darly is a beautiful glowing rose - she smells wonderful, and causes a room to light up with her presence... But don't get too close, because she still has thorns.
Events or History: Darly was born of a union that was quite fated. Her father Paxton made a Vortally-imposed 'deal' with her mother Melissa: that he'd remain on site and clean up the local Outlands of direct dangers, while Melissa carried a baby to term for him, rather than extracting it and storing it away. As Melissa's fears had brought this on, Paxton's deal meant that she had to face possibly losing a child, or any number of other imagined threats - particularly, that she wouldn't be good enough of a mother to a child. The Vortal action of this deal actually tied Darly to this world as well: she became more than just a few cells bound together by nature, she suddenly became the focal point of power. Paxton's deal actually also solidified his presence, with the Convocation, Keenan's people.
Darly was easily sensed by Noah the Vort, even only days into the pregnancy - and this led to Paxton also learning how to utilize the Antlion eggs to boost his Vortal presence. Obviously that too had an effect on the embryo in progress, along with the movements that brought Melissa from one dimension into others by Lane. Transdimensionality has always been part of Darly's makeup. She became self-aware in the womb, at around 7 months gestation, and Keenan was particularly enthralled with this because 'she listened to him'. She learned directly from her Grandfather even before she knew what that could possibly mean.
Unfortunately for her, though, Melissa's body almost killed her before she could take her first breath. Mel's power to regenerate was inhibiting her birth, so much so that after 36 hours of actual labor (after another day and a half of earlier contractions), Melissa called upon Wilson to help. Even though he was adamant that he not do anything of the sort, he eventually relented, and helped birth his granddaughter - by physically pulling out the entire womb with Darly inside, plus a few spare organs... Melissa healed completely within hours - Wilson ... not so much. Three days later, however, when Melissa asked the Vortigaunts at Black Mesa to help name her new baby, Wilson was also named - something that he's never forgotten or stopped appreciating, and which took a lot of the anger and pain at violating Melissa's body away.
Darr'lih keh-vahh, pronounced by the Vorts as well as Keenan as, "light of redemption", caused a cascade of things to occur within her immediate family. Paxton got used to sleepless nights and being spat up on, Melissa got to show her baby off to the others in the Pantheon and Black Mesa while still getting those insanely dirty looks from 'normal' women (because who possibly looks that perfect days after having a goddamn baby?!), Geoff and Alyx got the 'when do I get my grandkids' speech from Eli, and Keenan Lane began working on how to live up to a name like that. It was his redemption, after all, that she was named for. She was described in his words as, "something so profound, in such a small package". Darly was also partly responsible for Keenan getting his new body, and eventually aiding the rest of those present when her father returned with Alma... And the downfall of the Combine.
During her infancy, Darly was mainly the same as any other Vortally-powerful child among the Pantheon. She learned how to control most of her early-blossoming powers, but later ones would have to wait and be practiced. She was present when Keenan moved bodies, wide-eyed and amazed that now Grandfather looked right, in his younger and healthier form. Shortly after that, Melissa and she discussed putting her into the Icarus pod - and though some folks didn't really think a child of just over three could consciously agree to such a thing, Darly actually did understand on a serious level, what was at stake. She wanted to follow her mother into the world, and the distress that Melissa showed because of what might go wrong, spurred the daughter into agreeing. She spent just over a year in stasis, during which time she also received the Icarus treatment, and significant skill and information downloads. They would rely on practical training and experience, to reinforce any of the training found there, and that training did get a workout for the next four years.
When Paxton returned, worse for wear, with Alma in tow, it was quick work before the Combine were assaulted and doomed. Darly didn't get all that much time with her father, and that is something that she really regrets - and tells him, whenever she detects him around. ** Note that in one timeline, Paxton is in fact killed - this is not that timeline. However, Darly knows what happens in other dimensions, including this fact.
Like some in her family, Darly prefers to watch before doing anything or committing to an action. So she waited a bit when the Rookery began, and was picky about where and how she found a dragon partner. She's absolutely sure that she found the best one.


Name: Chaen Jaa'darr, economy of spare light
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: small, 5'11" shoulder / 23' l / 25' ws gliding only
Colors: Night-black body with teal-aqua sparkling dots that glow, scattered around head, neck, back, down tail, and gathered on the tips of wings, up legs from paws, and thicker on the end of the tail; aqua nose, more dots on horns, glowing extremely pale almost-white aqua eyes
Features: four legs, two wings, long flexible tail; hide skin that is quite thick, it's possible that this was an aquatic breed at some point; a bit dog-like, a bit cat-like, with 4 retractable-clawed paws, with pads allowing her to be quite silent, long and slender body, and very long sinuous tail that has some amount of prehensile ability; Wings are solidly leather, and quite short - they are not flight-enabled wings, but she can glide for short distances and use them to drop safely to a spot higher than a jump might allow; following the aquatic idea, then, these wings could be very useful under water, as they're still strong enough to propel through liquid, and definitely produce a lot of wind when she flaps them in the air. Canine like face, with no external ears, and a long, curved but discrete mouth bearing a startlingly glowing white-blue ... probably prehensile tongue. It also glows. Don't ask where all this glowing is coming from. Short backswept horns on head, no other features.
Powers: Gliding - because those wings are short and somewhat stubby, Chaen's locomotion is usually by running or jumping (which she's very good at), and cannot rely on flight to get any great distance. That's fine, she can also teleport. Her wings, as stated above, are geared very much toward underwater or at least 'in fluid' motion - and it's very likely that she can fly beautifully well on worlds which have thick atmosphere but low gravity. She can fall nearly 20 meters without any harm, softly landing with her wings outstretched, though any higher than that she tends to either avoid, or attempts to grip something on the way down to slow herself.
Swimming or Other Movement, because she doesn't fly, Chaen runs a lot, but she's most at home slipping through liquids of any kind, or in loose dirt where she can use her oversized forelimbs to claw through and tunnel. She can move quite a bit of dirt or soil, sand, smallish rubble pieces, or other such smaller particles with ease, but once the pieces get to be too big (around 3 feet across) she gives up and wanders away to find someone stronger. She can also hear when something has fallen, all of this indicating more and more that she was meant to be in a liquid-like environment...
Teleportation, as her rider is quite happy to demonstrate, she and Darly teleport either together or separately and manage to hook back up just at exactly the right moments, they seem to know each other's specific position and relation to themselves, and use this to their advantage. They can agree upon a location and simply wind up teleporting to it together, with Darly showing up on Chaen's back flawlessly. She can do this at short to medium range, from 30 to 300 meters, but beyond that Chaen relies upon Darly's dimenion hopping rather than her own teleportation to move greater distances.
Telepathy/Empathy, with the group of Pantheon and dragons around, it's no wonder Chaen speaks with her mind, rather than with any voice. She does have a voice but it's rarely heard, and is too deep to actually be perceived by humans most of the time. When she speaks with her voice, Vorts can hear her easily, as can whales, elephants, and underground sensors...She can also hear in those ultra-low frequencies, and thus her patrol of the outskirts is mainly to listen for the distinct and low rumbling of Striders walking around, or for burrowing creatures that may intrude below ground. Her mental capacity is quite high, but she still thinks in a rather abstract and in-the-now manner. She's not an animal, far from it, but she doesn't sit down and read 'Daddy Paxton's' books. She can detect Vortal energies from those around her, and prefers the groups of Pantheon to members of the human race that lack Vortal power. She feels more comfortable knowing, perhaps, that if something is looking for her, they'll have a harder time finding her among the many auras.
Glowing, Chaen's very name, meaning 'compressed spilled-light container' in its unweildy form, shows that she's basically a ball of glowing tucked into a sleek and pretty form. Internal organs glow, her claws glow, the inside of her mouth glows... Each of the dots on her hide seems to hide a pinprick through fabric, allowing some of that light to escape. That's how it looks, anyway. She cannot really control this, but it's easy to see why anyone would want her around - she lends a soft, pale blue light to the area around her, filling a 15x15 room with enough light for people to read (barely).
Parentage: Unknown, in fact no one really knows when this dragon even arrived; another of her breed has bonded to one of the prototype 'Stripe' girls, Azure.
Origin: adopted from velenieadopts, bases from omenaadopts, both at Deviantart
Other Info: Whatever was said between Chaen and Darly when they bonded is entirely between them. Not that Chaen would be a chatterbox even if she spoke in frequencies that Humans could hear. She's quite happy to slink around the Mesa or the EC, running through the ruins at night, or bouncing around on Xen with her rider. It's extremely hard to sneak up on her, given that she can detect not only large footfalls, but Vortal energies - the only things that tend to surprise her are mechanical flying devices such as Scanners or drones, as she has trouble distinguishing their noise.