Name: Raven Lane, Shaa'lih Vahh, She Sings the Mystery's Spirit

Gender: Female, Straight

Age/DOB: appears early 20s / 2026, conceived in 1958 and held in stasis unknowingly when Lane removed Rhea from Rapture* note below in History RY0

Origin: Repurposed Earth, Rapture Facility, Vortal Storage, born in Black Mesa; Resides in Rapture primarily, and has a suite in Lane's Mansion as well as in other parts of the Rookery.

Family: Mother Rhea Mercer, father Keenan Lane (Repurposed versions); raised by Rookery Rhea* (*differs slightly from canon Repurposed, where she is raised by Keenan alone), full brother Kendrick; numerous Vahh clan siblings and relatives

Other: Among different realities, she is a heroine in Paragon along with her father and cousins, but this is not that version

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 130* Icarus process lightens overall weight and increased strength, she is extremely attractively curvy

Hair: Black, normally loosely wooly and kinked, but tends to have it straightened and styled as shown; distinct widows peak

Eyes: Vibrantly teal, a rich shade mirrored in her visible powers

Appearance: Medium brown skin, very pretty and takes after her mother (according to Keenan: thankfully) in her facial features, thick lips and intelligent eyes; loves dressing well and showing off her shape; like her mother also has a beautiful singing voice, and does in fact sing when given the opportunity

Icarus Processing: Yes, at age 3, Rhea and Keenan allowed Melissa to push the issue - knowing that Rhea is only marginally Vortal, and having seen the benefits of boosting 'normal' people, Raven's processing included a bit of strength and fitness, but also opened Raven to a much wider variety of Vortal powers, increased her range and endurance for using them, and probably caused her powers to be 'visible' to normal people

Image Credits: City of Heroes/Icon / Rinmaru Games Megachibi

Genetic Abilities: As the daughter of Keenan Lane, she has a number of his abilities in slightly weaker form, but they're all still quite a bit stronger than most of the Pantheon. She is an incredibly adept mentalist, easily able to pry secrets from minds, detect emotions, and communicate at great distances. She tends not to overtly alter people's emotional state but she can do so if needed, though not from extremes. Raven is however able and apt to 'stun' minds, putting them in a kind of feedback loop until she wants to deal with them. She can do this at a pretty decent range, almost 100 meters, and the effect when close by can be remarkably powerful. She is able to view Vortal auras and sense power use, and with a bit of her genetic sense added, she has proven to be an appropriate understudy to both Rhea and Melissa for pairing people up and mixing genes in the lab. But her more ecclectic abilities are those that her father has had to help her master: she can teleport and genre-hop, moving from one dimension into the next, and she can put people into a time-frozen state. So far she does not have the ability to produce a Vortal 'location', but she is able to move into Keenan's, Kendrick's, Wilson's, or even Paxton's Sanctuary with her genre-portals, and there can 'store' these time-paused individuals. She can only do this to one at a time, but with practice will likely be able to do all of these things with ease. Her teleportation is exhausting, but she can move herself to specific locations she's memorized without difficulty, and in combat can zip around behind enemies or out of harms way. That's not saying that this version of Raven is allowed into combat. (The horrified look on Keenan's face is obvious...)
Skills or Profession: With implanted skill sets for basic literacy, maths, language, and history, Raven has added to this from a young age into her adulthood with practical experience in the labs of both Black Mesa and Rapture. To Keenan's dismay, she does like working down under the sea with 'her' mother, Rhea, and would eagerly head over to the Repurposed Enrichment Center if needed, to get access to even more advanced equipment. She is quite adept at using almost all forms of lab machinery, tools, and medical supplies. She has a deep understanding of genetics and organic chemistry, as well as pushing into Vortal experimentation - the "plasmids" that her mother(s) worked on in Rapture seem to be quite akin to the Antlion Extract's physical effects, and she wants to somehow learn more about both of these things. In addition to her practical knowledge and medical expertise, Raven is like her mother(s) a wonderfully talented singer and fashion diva, though she will take whatever she can get in terms of backup musicians and clothing.
Personality: Raven is a studious, thorough, and detail-oriented woman. She knows how to separate work from play, however, and does both with gusto. She has been known to hum to herself while working, but hardly ever just breaks off from singing on a stage to rush off and mix something up in a lab. ("hardly ever"...) She has few close friends, but those she cares for truly love her back. It's hard for people to avoid just falling for her, but she rarely mirrors their feelings beyond physical attraction. She is surprisingly aggressive in that regard, however, and there will likely be some children among the Pantheon because of it.
Events or History: Had Keenan Lane - in any dimension - realized that the woman he'd fallen for in Rapture had been 3 months pregnant when he whisked her away into temporal, Vortal storage, things might have gone very differently. In the Repurposed Earth dimension, this went unknown for more than 60 years, until the time when Keenan had to open up his vaults and allow those still frozen in time out - just in case he didn't make it through his Convocation's judgement on him. Rhea Mercer in the Repurposed dimension balked at remaining with Keenan, though she did accept the fact that she would be giving birth to his child. After that event... her memories were wiped, and she was placed far away to begin her life there anew. This left him with a tough decision - how best to raise this child he'd never even expected to have? Had he known, he would have been far more assertive in keeping Rhea safe, removing her from Rapture, but also things would never have gone the way they did in canon Repurposed. He's thought about that every time he looks at this beautiful daughter of his.
In Rookery Earth, however, while Rhea was put into Vortal storage by her Keenan, she had actually lost that pregnancy shortly before being put on hold.
Thus the arrival to Rookery Earth was in so many ways, fortuitous for them both. 'Her' Keenan ... might have been a touch jealous of this other arrival, his doppelganger who was very much opposite him in so many ways. But then, he too had been in love with this world's Rhea, and wanted to do at least some right by her. Releasing his Rhea into the other man's care, and subsequently renovating Rookery Earth's Rapture facility for her, he went his way and has perhaps watched distantly. What he would see, is a pair of disparate individuals from different universes, getting along so much better than they had with their common-world counterparts. Rhea instantly knew that she needed to help him raise this little adorable child - it was 'hers' as much as she could be, save for that little 'from another dimension's version of herself' bit. To Raven as a grown woman, this has never even slightly mattered - she knows that her birth mother left and wanted nothing to do with Keenan, and thus she appreciates the one who did raise her even more. *In this timeline, Raven was around 3 months old when the Rookery was started.
As a toddler, Raven was prone to dig through her daddy's dresser - the adorable little child in the image was quite fond of that one drawer with the ties. And to Wilson's dismay, she still likes putting purple ties with grey blue suits...
When she was three, the typical age for Icarus treatments, Melissa had already arranged for her to be processed - and this time it worked absolutely flawlessly. Keenan however was on hand to personally oversee the removal of her memories, because he knew she would not like those one bit. The timeline of events after this is a little muddy: Raven is a later-teen in the Rookery universe, but didn't necessarily go through the aging process. Maybe she did. Just... not here. More than likely in a time-sequestered Vortal construct, where Keenan, Rhea, and she could truly bond as a 'family' for a lengthy time, unhindered by war, Combine intrusion, or weird events that might occur to screw it all up. She was joined in that construct by her brother Kendrick when she was 5.
With the dragons, Raven feels that she will be able to go anywhere, and do anything at all. She isn't wrong. Her suite in Rapture used to be owned by a singer named Culpepper there, and she has cleaned up a lot of the collections that were made of photographs and recordings, listening to the local music; she participates with her mother and half-sister Siren, and Liesell, as a member of The Rookettes, a singing group entertaining people post-RY7 down in Rapture.


Name: Algaebloom
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Large, 13' shoulder / 54' l / 110' ws(!!)
Colors: Algae Bloom, strong teal green sides and limbs, with darker green-blue belly and undertail, armor on legs and wing arms cycles aqua blue through yellowish green, wingsails mottled teal and blue-green with vibrant swirled markings in blue-green, green, aqua, yellow-green, similar colors found along sides in biolumenescent patches; back crest and fin cloudy slate pale blue; horns and claws pale slate, eyes green-blue
Features: Seawing purebred, four long wide set limbs with flat paw-claws and slight webbing, 5 and 4 claws with heel on back; two leathery wings with only thumb visible, but 4 internal fingers (varied from other Seawings), only thumb has long claw; body is scaled heavily, higher off ground than many, with higher hips than shoulder, very sinuous and built for swimming, with large overlapping scales on neck, vertical scales on body and belly, having inset patches for luminescence; tail is blunt and conical at end; head is wedge shaped, with external ears, small luminescent chin feelers, and short upturned segmented horns; body from head to tail has high-ridged crest fins, short chest adornment similar
Powers: Winged Flight and Swimming, with wings the size of hers, Algae is remarkably strong in both air and water. She does tire when flying, but can lift great weights, and take off from actually under the water, shooting upwards with a combination of her powerful body motion, and propelled wing beats. She is extremely acrobatic above and below the sea, and is quite the sight to behold with those markings. She's been known to lurk below the surface following a Combine patrol ship or aircraft, and suddenly spring from the water to tackle it and drag it down.
Water Depth/Cold Tolerance and Breathing, as with all Seawings, Algaebloom is able to breathe under water quite well, though she can still breathe air, her gills are situated just in front of her wider shoulder scales on her neck. She loves sliding around in thick seaweed or algae, as she blends in flawlessly and can slip into the air with ease to chase Combine. She tolerates cold and deep pressures though prefers unfrozen sea to the ice above, and Rapture's location has delightful volcanic and thermal vents where she spends a lot of time.
Coloration and Communication, like many deep-sea animals, Algae has luminescent patches which allow her to flash colors or sequences into the darkness, caught by those who understand her 'speech', or ignored to prey's peril. The patches on her limbs, wing arms, and tail all add to those found on her sides and face, but all of them can be manipulated consciously. Aside from that, she is keenly aware that her 'voice' is weird to surface dwellers - she speaks too low to be heard by most normal humans, but Vorts can understand her easily, and so can whales, apparently. She can 'screech' into audible range but it is difficult for her to do, so she just relies on Raven catching her thoughts - though she isn't as Vortally apt as, say, a Nightwing might be, Algae can still direct thoughts to her human friend or any other Vortal person around, and be clearly heard.
Booming Voice Weapon, Sluice Blast; Algae doesn't use this power often as such, except for hunting or destroying Combine ships. With a concentrated burst of breath and sound, she can quite literally vibrate a sea craft - or a fish, person, or weak structures - apart. Just, boom, done. Splat. She's been able to put huge holes into ships this way, but also has had to be quite careful what direction she's aimed, because she does not want to know what will happen to her Human's precious Rapture facility if she misses and hits that place. Aside from that, she can use this power on the surface but to lesser range or extent of damage. It's not a very precise power, under water she can aim it into about a 10 foot wide circle, but on land it's more or less an 'area of effect' about 20 meters away that smashes things in a cone shape. On land she prefers to use a more watery 'sluice' breath, which is pretty much what it sounds like: she picks up a gut full of seawater, and barfs it back up with great force. While this sounds somewhat comedic, its effect is amazingly strong, because not only can she heat this water internally, it has digestive juices in it too. It's a caustic blast of brine and whatever else has been gobbled up, she tries not to do this after she's actually eaten, because ew. And also, hungry again. Otherwise she hunts for food just using her wits and coloration, claws, and the fact that her head is bigger than many animals.
Parentage: Unknown, pure Seawings, likely at least one of them from a Royal line, though of a specific breed with those distinct internal wing fingers. Of note, she's super attracted to Turquoise's dragon Chemurth, who, while not clearly Seawing himself, could certainly 'pass', and their colors are quite complimentary. She does have offspring with Acropora, namely the royal-marked Dorado and **
Origin: adopted from Lemon-Enthusiast at Deviantart, with lines by MetaphysicalMonsters and bigger image lines by Owibyx, colored by Lethe
Other Info: Of the numerous dragons around Rapture, Algae seems to be the happiest and most at ease with their situation - she simply enjoys life, and wants to protect it. She fights with ferocity, but relaxes with style.