Name: Geoff Fettel, Tsah-nach'mah, he sees the path, Pointman

Gender: Male, Straight

Age/DOB: **/ 8.21.95 *approximately 30

Origin: Repurposed Earth, Armacham-Aperture Enrichment Center, Fairport Alabama

Family: mother Alma Wade (plus spliced), father Wilson Carver (plus spliced); brother Paxton (share 'four of six' splice parents according to Melissa's analysis); 'grandfather' Keenan Lane; some number of extended and pseudo relatives through the Origin project; has both sired and spliced offspring with girlfriend Alyx Vance (son Vance Fettel), and Melissa (son Menelaus)

Other: former girlfriend Isabella Wong; Is considered the leader of the Resistance forces in terms of mobilization and offense/defense. With the Rookery, he is considered the main Scout and a Wingleader.

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 190* muscular and clearly strong but not bulky, Icarus process reduced weight

Hair: Black-brown, straight, usually messy and shaggy, longish but rarely longer than the base of his neck, and often unwashed, distinct widows peak; has a full but short beard and only keeps it 'nice' when Alyx or someone else insists he clean up

Eyes: Dark blue, usually squinty, piercing

Appearance: fair skinned veering toward 'swarthy', more than average body hair, sharply pointed nose and deeply furrowed brow, grumpy looking, is often covered in dust and grime, is almost never seen in anything other than protective armor or gear fit for exploration; voice is deep and gritty and he rarely speaks unless it's necessary

Genetic Abilities: As with his primary sire Wilson, Geoff's strength, endurance, speed, and agility have been boosted tremendously from normal human; speed is up to 5x normal, strength is at least 5x, and he is seemingly inexhaustable while running or exerting strength. Geoff's abilities have been honed over a lifetime of survival; has a standard array of Empathy, Telepathy, and Vortal Senses, but they are nowhere near as strong as most, being short ranged and somewhat weak - with an exception: he and his brother Paxton share an incredibly intimate bond, and even when Paxton is extremely distant or even off-world, Geoff can sense him. This sense is important to note, as he is, conversely, completely resistant to Alma Wade's incredible power. He shielded Paxton when they were quite young, from Alma, though that 'nest' ended when Paxton was about to destroy him from the inside; He cannot exert any control over Paxton, but he often directly and thoroughly conveys his opinions. Even as an adult, Geoff's mind remains completely invisible to Alma, and this only makes her more angry...

Image Credits: Icon/City of Heroes / Azaleas Dolls / DollDivine Harry Potter / tektek / Monolith

Icarus Processing: Yes at age 3, boosted all normally occurring physical abilities to an extreme amount, focused Vortal powers but did not increase their useful value.
Skills or Profession: intended as a military or paramilitary scout, "Pointman" serves as a good description of his abilities. He had constant downloads and training with his brother Paxton as well as others before the Events, reinforcing his abilities with weaponry both improvised or existing, stealth, tactics, brute force measures, combat of literally all types including explosives and demolitions. He is more used to going alone into a situation, because frankly others would just get in the way - he prefers to clear the way for those others, rather than lead a group into a spot. He is an absolutely precise and deadly shot with a sniper rifle, equally deadly particularly at close range with thrown weaponry or items (mostly due to his tremendous strength - he can throw a baseball sized object at absolutely lethal speed). Adept with infiltration and stealth, he can assess a location with a quick sweep and glance, and can spot likely enemy hiding spots with ease. Because he is effectively able to remain still or blend in with the dusty ruins, he has been known to wait for days directly next to a Combine outpost without being discovered. After the Events, all of the training that he and Paxton were put through got a workout, but also others that grew by their nature: he mitigates damage that his brother might incur, distracts or taunts enemies while others are getting away. He served as the leader of their entire group whenever Paxton was 'away', and all of the 'Kids' from the Enrichment Center look to him for leadership in combat or dangerous times.
Personality: Geoff is, by his own admission, lacking in social skills. He is often awkward or hesitant in more casual settings due to his training and repetitive download sessions in early life, and prefers the company of military or hardy types to any normal people. He is gruff, quiet, occasionally 'silent' which is by far more menacing. Stoic, with the occasional outburst and physical temper - he has learned to control this and focus any anger he might have into combating the Combine or wildlife nearby, rather than endangering anyone he might hurt with a punch. He can, in fact, punch through concrete. Though he seems like he would be best off alone or at the head of an infiltration team, he does still enjoy some company, and prefers a quiet one-on-one with someone he has interest in for whatever reason, be it Alyx and her odd wit and confusing technical babble, Mars and her guns-guns-guns enthusiasm, or Becket who has seem the same kinds of combat as he. He enjoys a good tall-tale, and though he doesn't look it (and rarely acts it) Geoff is actually quite a bit smarter than average, and can understand a moderate amount of that highly technical 'stuff' - enough to smile and nod when he's lost. When he displays his sense of humor, it's often in the form of snark and sarcasm, but he also has been known to pull off extraordinarily funny one-liners and 'did he really just say that' gags. He knows that he has much more in common physically with Wilson than he does with any other donor parent, and also knows that Wilson has a bit of a jealousy issue with him. They are on par with one another for their physical skills - Wilson is stronger and slightly faster, but Geoff doesn't have any trouble controlling his strength: a feature which Wilson almost completely lacks. Over time, Wilson has come to accept this, and even asked for advice - in private - to help him get over this deadly problem. And while Paxton would (and has) balk at this, Geoff is accommodating, though not particularly patient.

Events or History: Created as payment up front for Melissa, along with his brother Paxton, Geoff was spliced mainly out of Wilson Carver and Alma Wade, though others also were thrown in to vary their genes. He was a hoped-for project, but unfortunately was also considered something of a 'failure' in Harlan Wade's eyes - he wasn't the refined and highly telesthetic Keenan Lane Little Version that they'd been looking for... That came in the form of Paxton a year later. But useful to an extreme, since creating military-spec clones was already on Armacham's list of things to do, Geoff and Paxton served as their primary enticement for investors in their biological and cloning departments. Even as a very young child, Geoff took orders well, remembered his goals, and went along with any of the horrible things that their keepers put them through. He also had a secret: he knew that Alma was gunning - psychically - for his little brother. Even before Paxton was born, he felt the essence that would become Paxton in need of protection, and that has always been his primary goal. Even if he'd never had downloaded skills, Geoff would have grown up protective and strong willed.

With a 'nest' built for his brother, Geoff protected Paxton for several years, but even then, Alma managed to cause Paxton to lash out and become extremely dangerous even to Geoff. Geoff's mind eventually could no longer house his brother as Paxton grew stronger and the stakes became too high. He passed this duty along to Melissa, within whom Paxton's Sanctuary was fully realized. With that burden lifted at least Vortally, Geoff was able to grow on his own - and display all the strength and skill that Armacham demanded. While he wasn't good enough psychically to do the things Paxton did, he was able to actually successfully fight numerous of Paxton's Replica soldiers at once, not just to a standstill but to their complete defeat. Shortly before the big push that would have 'sold' the Replica process and the Clone Commander program to a number of investors, the Synchronicity Events occurred.

When the bulk of the adults in the Enrichment Center were killed, leaving a few dozen children and teenagers to fend for themselves, Geoff took control of the situation exactly as his training had allowed. Paxton was unconscious for a week, no one else could possibly have led the bunch to safety. On a daily basis, Geoff and finally Pax would explore and defend, making sure that their friends and family were at last safe. He did relish the times - short as they were - when they weren't needed as defenders. But as their world was under siege again and again, Geoff's abilities have never not been given a workout. He and his brother orchestrated and pulled off the disabling of GLADOS and then later the full defense and reconstruction of the Enrichment Center after the Combine arrived years later. In the intervening time, he gained and lost his first love - Isabella - and later his more constant and dedicated partner Alyx.

He and Alyx make a tremendously good team in the field, for where he can't reach with his physical skills, she can open areas sealed by security systems or trapped electronics. Also, she likes it when he shows off...

Becoming an uncle with the birth of Paxton's daughter Darly was, in a word, weird, because it also thrust the rest of the 'family' back into his life. Wilson and Keenan are both quite proud of this their more physical descendant, and neither of them are anything less than impressed. With the arrival of the Rookery, Geoff is finally able to get his skills honed even more than they ever were.


Name: Daa-ha'azh Gruh'oon-min, the stealthy color of strong midnight flight; Nightflight (dah HAJ groo OON mihn)
Gender: Male
Size/Shoulder/Length: medium-large (bulky, not tall) / 11' shoulder / 45' l / 90' ws
Colors: Green, mottled from medium belly to deep along limbs and side of neck, to blue-green along back and wing fingers; brilliant green neon biolume spots, 'night sky' violet black and blue/greens spotted with 'stars' on neck frill, webbing, and wingsails, black tongue, nearly-black horns and claws, golden to red eyes; all colors subject to shifting except wingsails/webbing.
Features: Night-Sea-Rain, a huge build that looks like it could be ungainly but he's anything but; four legs with 5 heavy clawed foretoes, 4 rear, and a low heel claw on rear. Thick scaled hide with heavy armor on back and sides, limbs, and flexible hide on belly/neck. Strong face armor, backswept slender horns, neck frill behind external ears; four-fingered leather wings with elbow strut and wrist thumb, all bearing heavy claws (notably he does not have webbed feet). Long and manipulative but not prehensile tail; webbed spines from back of head to tail end as well as on center of chest from base of neck to pelvis. Note that he does have gills, though rarely put to use, which are hidden under his neck armor. Venom produced from jets behind teeth, not inside them, and is contained in saliva.
Powers: Verbal Speech (English, Vort-speaks this flawlessly, draconic), a tremendously deep and rumbling sound much more like thunder or subsonic vibration prefaces Nightflight's words; Vortal speech - is able to commune Vortally using Flux Shifting usually with Vorts present but can do so through any gifted Vortal power user; Luminescent Communication - with the coloration he can produce in the spots along his sides, as well as overall coloration, Nightflight is able to visibly flash to convey a limited amount of warnings or information, it does require knowledge of the patterns and intensity, coloration, and frequency of flashing to understand what he means with these, though he rarely does this without some form of other conveyance such as Flux at the same time. Nightflight also can use a strong empathy with his bond, as well as other dragons, or even Vorts. He cannot convey true telepathy with non-Vortal subjects such as normal Humans, and his range for communication to powered ones (without Flux-Shifting) is rather short at less than 100 meters.
Winged Flight - with such a massive keel, it's no wonder that an 'ungainly looking' grounded Nightflight could fly as well as he does. Every part of his flight is strong, from taking off with a powerful leg boost, to soaring for hours on end, even 'flying' underwater or in low-gravity conditions, and pinpoint turning or aerial acrobatics. He knows that Geoff will stay on regardless, and thus when they fly together he doesn't limit his time upside down or going into vertical dives. He prefers to fly at night, for obvious reasons. Venom production - with modified saliva from both his Night and Rain heritage Nightflight can ... well, drool to extreme effect. He can use his saliva to dissolve prey, or focus it into a jet which is deadly to living things and extremely caustic to anything else. While it cannot burn through inorganic material, it will linger for a very long time in the form of a dark, tar-like patch, that can burn not-insignificantly on touch even after a year or so. Eyes have exceptional dark-vision and he can see in near absolute darkness - be it space, inside a very large cavern, or under deep water. Can swim down to several thousand meters with ease and 'breathe' under water holding his breath or with the use of gills. When under water he cannot use his venom, but his bioluminescence is considerably prettier. Prophesy - not as such, but Nightflight can predict very short-term events such as in a battle or to warn those in his immediate area of danger. He doesn't control this in any way, it's entirely automatic, and, so he says, more than a little annoying at times.
Parentage: Night-Sea-Rainwing; Parents are Night-Rain and Sea-Rain, so a disproportionate amount of Rainwing is present, but shows up mainly in the form of his venom and coloration. While some Nightwing dragons were off laying eggs in the rainforest to regain their possible powers, Nightflight was actually not even laid on that planet - and had exposure to not just moons... this has had a profound effect on his psychic and Vortal power.
Origin: adopted from Moonshimmer981 at Deviantart, lineart by Joy Ang
Other Info: coming as he did straight from Xen and not from the other 'wing homeworld, Nightflight was a 'teenager' and had not yet achieved his adult size or power when he met up with Geoff. They didn't even really talk anything over - they just kind of clicked, and literally showed up at the Rookery together like it was nothing special. They both have a very casual and calm attitude, and are entirely at ease with each other. The fact that Geoff is almost as strong as Nightflight physically, doesn't hurt... Geoff has been known to sit between Nightflight's horns, legs tucked behind the frills, but equally seen to sit (somewhat uncomfortably) between shoulders/wings, and dangle from forelimb or tail... he doesn't care, it's not like he's going to get too hurt if he falls even from a decent height. Nightflight will soar overhead and drop Geoff off at a good spot, and continue to wait in the sky for any activity. Wordless and instant communication allows them to function as one, almost as well as Paxton and his Replicas in fact. Perhaps Geoff was just waiting for such a bond to let his own abilities shine.