Checkerboard Ball Pickup Collection Page

Look for your Discord / Online name, click your link, collect your dragons and see their info! Woo! Pickup pages will include links to candidates and sponsor pages as you get them up, and will be updated as needed. Hatching Collection pages are in progress but will be updated as story bits are added. Direct links to the .zip files are in /pix. (two have singlets spare from zip files Luna and SF)

Last update 11.30.22 - some numbers are new, adoptables have been cleaned from stuff I'm keeping

9.28.22 - finished uploads! Have at! 8.24.22 Split pickup below and added Events page to clean this area up and be more focused

See Also: Ball Rules, Checkerboard Dragon Stats, Hatching Story Hub, and the New Year's Eve(nt) Gift Bag randomizer

Participant pages are currently available!

Congratulations, we made it to ... 2022. ;) ((ahem, 2023))

Bug (20)
Dray (16)
JKat (7)
Kitsuneko (16)
Ktrenal (16)
Luna (1 currently)
Molly (4)^adding some later
Mystic (16)
Naeodin (19)
Neishai (23)
Nomi (16)
Phe (3)^adding some later
Retta (23) +(Added)
Shard (42+ not particularly complete sorry lol)
StarFyre (1 currently)
Trix (19)
Ty (16)^adding some later
Biscuit (Stephanie and Phil)
Noctua (waiting for adopts?)
(Yakima AU ONLY), all now available

Adoptable Dragon/Pairs/Groups (^has dragon assigned)

Information available for all of these including how they got here, and dollmaker art

No Space Between Us (6, aliens) Diamond Divas (4, girl-band)
Jude Julon (human gambler)  
Ocatyzh ahlYilden (chs zekiran) Dhatha (abodean elf)
Apricot (abodean elf) Meiya (abodean elf)
Flutterbat (abodean elf) Silverfall and Winterdark (elves via zekira)
Pack (elf via zekira) Hearthspark (elf via zekira)
Druqjey (lumin elf via zekira) Maeo (lumin elf via zekira)
Ucovu (jewel witch of dragondeep/zekira) Evheiv (jewel witch of dragondeep/zekira)
Rust Stripe (griff of dragondeep) Ice Claw (griff of dragondeep)
Green Void (griff of dragondeep) Red Dance (griff of dragondeep)
Riamak (bender via zekira) Sano (bender via zekira)
Fosha (bender via zekira) Xaexue (bender via zekira)
Aikolo (bender via zekira) Bamun (bender via zekira)
Shylea and Lynnaya (gelgelan of dragondeep) Collan (gelgelan of dragondeep)
Ariesaris (gelgelan of dragondeep)  
^Tathi and Andean (pernese couple) *** potentially others, I've got lots more..
These all will get their dragon bonds here as needed, I'm too close to done to bother unless someone asks for them!