Triptych Character Listing
Found here are the current list of the Triptych known by Polygen (and created for the comic book/novelization/web sites). Included is information about each character and a link to their own page. Each linked page has an image and 'personal writing' sample describing their personalities. The images include nudity - they are after all Polygen 'stat sheets' and as such may see more than just clothing.

Each character has a different potential and background, as well as their own Primes and mix of Triptych features. Anyone can become a Tripper - just choose up some Primes and get moving! (To submit a new Tripper, please visit the copyright page for an email link!)

Shifts = the ability to shift rapidly or completely between Primes or into Triptych shape. At around 10%, the ability is almost like an adaptation and may take an hour or more. At 50%, the Tripper can control certain aspects completely, but still requires about 1 minute to shift completely. At 100% the Tripper can shift parts or fully at any time, literally instantly.

Main Ability = given Prime abilities, what gets used most.

Alskyr = Character has been modified for the context of Alskyran dragon bonding. Ignore most off-world info, personalities and abilities are similar if not the same. These characters have been moved again 4.24.23

Name Gender/Age Ht/Wt Prime 1 Prime 2 Prime 3 Shifts Main Ability
Rita Tull* Female/20s 5'8/145 Lanner Falcon Albino Cheetah White Pegasus VIEW 100% Speed
David Rhein* Male/26 6'3/170 Golden Eagle Golden Lion Gryphon - gold VIEW 85% Intelligence
Dane Rhein* Male/26 - clone 6'3/165 Striped Seahorse Octopus Kraken VIEW 85% Intelligence
Drake Stazzio* Male/23 5'10/160 Adder Monitor Drake - black VIEW 65% Poison
Ramon Arryanto Male/19 5'11/150 Horned Owl Jaguar Quetzel VIEW 45% Stealth
Angela Corsair Female/23 5'10/155 Ermine - white Great Heron Unicorn - white VIEW 65% Healing
Tracy Downing Female/22 5'6/140 Little Black Bat Ringtail Lemur Okapi VIEW 75% Stealth
Wade Harton Male/25 6'1/180 Anhinga Bengal Tiger Black Elk 70% Size
Alexander Smith Male/14 - clone 5'6/110 Woodpecker Red Panda Phoenix - red 50% Flame
Anthony Smith Male/14 - clone 5'6/115 Roadrunner Coyote Phoenix - orange 90% Health, Flash
Andrew Smith Male/14 - clone 5'6/105 Goldfinch Puma Phoenix - yellow 75% Laser
Diva laFontaine* Female/17 5'1/95 Sandpiper Red Fox Welch Pony VIEW 80% Endurance
Caroline Walters* Female/16 5'8/100 Kangaroo Rat Grackle Oryx VIEW 25% Desert Survival
Dean Rhein Male/60s 6'4/180 Striped Seahorse Lionfish Hippocampus VIEW 90% Water Survival
Damian Rhein Male/26 - clone 6'3/190 Verreaux Eagle Black Lion Gryphon - Black 80% Sight
Wolf in the Moon Male/30s 6'1/190 Grey Squirrel WhiteNecked Raven Grey Wolf VIEW 85% Stealth
Vance Aames Male/30s 6'4/225 Hornbill Black Rhino Humpback Whale 90% Size, Water
Jason Dawbert Male/28 5'10/150 Jackrabbit Jackalope Pronghorn 85% Agility
Delilah Aames Female/30 4'8/95 Deer Mouse House Wren Mouse Deer 80% Tiny Size
Sebastian Male/36 6'0/220 Razorbill Awk American Badger Spiny Dogfish Shark 90% Armor
Rigel Tull Female/20s - clone 5'8/140 Prarie Falcon Snow Leopard Fey Horse 85% Size/speed
Lex Rhein male/? ? Red Shouldered Hawk King Cheetah Shedubim (after grandmother's) ? Perception
Leia Rhein female/? ? Red Tailed Hawk Savannah Lion Sphynx - Golden ? Intelligence
Dian Rhein Female/60s 5'10/155 California Condor Swamp Cougar Shedubim (until death) ? Intelligence
Bear Male ? Raccoon Alligator Grizzly Bear ? ?
Kriega Female ? Ferret Bustard Chamois Goat ? ?
Koriel Female ? Ringtail Bird of Paradise Red Deer ? ?
Franchesca Female ? Flying Squirrel Broad Winged Hawk Palomino ? ?
Eyes Above Male ? Arctic Fox Snowy Owl Polar Bear ? Snow Survival
Taliph Female ? Cobra Mongoose Indian Elephant ? Wisdom
Ed Carter Male/30s 6'2/200 House Mouse Black Cat Manticore ? ?
Kara Miller* Female/19 5'6/130 Muntjak Bald Eagle Leopard VIEW 60% ?
Michelle Miller* Female/20 5'8/135 Tortoise Spider Monkey Lion VIEW 45% ?
Angel McKracken Female/20s 5'7/130 Mockingbird Collie Clydesdale VIEW 65% Size (and fluff)
Jason Ervin Male/19 5'9/140 Cheshire Cat Scarlet Ibis Red Deer 90% Speed
Pastor Dave Male/40s 6'2/165 Keeshund Harpy Eagle White Tiger 85% Impressive
Denica Jones Female/20s 5'4/110 Spotted Owl Caracara Phoenix - Violet 65% All Wings
Raven Jones Female/20s 5'5/120 Wood Turtle Lynx Holstein Horse 50% Armor
Leighan Smith Female/19 5'6/120 Black Cockatoo Colobus Monkey Black Panther 60% Leaping
Adiya Atkinson Female/7 ? Sparrow Calico Cat Shetland Pony ? Cuteness
Bryan Kenealley Male/40 6'1/180 Pygmy Falcon White Coral Snake Blue Dolphin 75% Swim/Fly
Micky Female/20s 5'/95 Kea Brown Goat Sumatran Tiger 70% Command
Rayne male/20s 6'/? Antilian Grackle Vervot monkey Sable Antelope ? Command
Dabrie female/20s 5'5"/? Sechuran Fox Plains Zebra Bengal Tiger ? Camo
Jakedau female/teens ? Orange Cat Copper Husky Copper Pegasus ? Dedication
Lucia Davies female/38 5'8" sandpiper lunataspis hawksbill turtle ? marine