Images contain artistic nudity ** Also note mature subject matter, suicide, drug use

Candidate at Nidus Aven

Ramon Arryanto
Gender: Male, he/him, straight
Age at Search: 17 (Paniya)
Height/Build: 5'11" / 150, sturdy and lean but would prefer to weigh more and have a bit more padding, as he's 'done' with the gang-member hard times
Hair: black, quite shiny, stiff, and usually cut as a flat-top though he's growing it out a bit more
Eyes: dark brown, usually under worried brows
Appearance: lightly tanned skin with several sets of scars from gang era fights, and a few from accidental fights had with other Trippers

Personality: Worried, depressed, and generally hesitant, but with support and constant reminders from the people who care for him, Ramon has begun to show a new curiosity and depth. Always poetic and at least intending to be gentle and caring, Ramon will not hesitate to help his friends at this point, though in the past he was riddled with either doubt or impulsive behavior. He has always had a quirky sense of humor, and is a 'night owl' not merely because one of his Primes is in fact a night-flying owl...

Skills: while he doesn't like to admit it, his survival with gangs in the past has led to him being a fierce fighter, plays dirty, and goes for the kill even if he doesn't fully intend to do so. Quick on his feet, and he is able to discern exits from locations, or their entry points, again thanks to his gang years. He is a music lover and though he doesn't play an instrument, he has composed numerous songs, posing as poetry, which some local Snow Rising musicians have picked up for performances. He is exceptional at stealth, when he needs to be, but prefers simply walking into a place, and walking out with pockets full of ilicit goods...


Above: Original, shown with full Quetzal shape

Below: Bad times, good times


Triptych Character

Ramon Arryanto

Prime One

Horned Owl / Night Vision, Flight

Prime Two

Jaguar / Stealth, Attack

Prime Three

Quetzal / Endurance, Patience
** Had only known that no normal boa or python was the brown and red coloration, and assumed that his Triptych form adopted the lighter feathers from the owl


45% shift ability, which is hindered tremendously by his prior drug use and depression
In full shift is completely silent, best at night, and can fly, slither, or prowl equally well

(Shown with incomplete Quetzal form, since he did not actually achieve this shape until well after arriving to Snow Rising)

Sad eyes look back at me when I see myself in the mirror. What have I done? It if hadn't been for Rita and Angela I'd be dead now.

I don't know, maybe that's not such a great loss.

Sometimes the pain is so bad I nearly go back to the rocks, but I know which is worse. Madre Dios, how can I live with this pain?

When I am soaring with Rita, sometimes she'll come with me at night because the light's too bright for my owl-eyes, she reminds me how freedom is better than any fucking damn rocks. I know she doesn't love me the way she loves David, she is like the sister I needed so long ago.

Half the time I write -- it turns into a suicide note. I don't want to do that this time.

Downstairs right now the Phoenix boys are messing with Diva and Caroline, I can hear them pretending to shake Diva down for the stuff she steals. I used to steal to buy my crack, but I don't need to any more. She steals ‘cause she's a klepto, not because she wants to.

Drake in the next bedroom slithers around like a snake in a pit, I wonder what he's thinking. I know he thinks I'm a stupid mexican halfbreed, but hell, maybe I am. Maybe because I left home when I was 11 I screwed up my whole life, I know it's why I got into the Redsides. Least I didn't get the tattoos when they offered. I get enough strange skin when I shift.

I don't like doing the panther-cat any more. Not since what I did to Rita with it. And the snake is like Satan anyway. So I am left with the owl flying at night, and the monster I become when I change into all three.

Music at night is beating wings
Drowning out my pain
Satin flesh and needle sharp stings
Who needs to cry
Tears fall in rain