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Candidate at Nidus Aven

** Note that they were originally on Paniya, that has been deprecated in favor of just being furries on their own Earth I guess. 4.24.23

Wade Harton
Gender: Male, he/him, straight
Age at Search: 20, Location (Paniya)
Height/Build: 6'1" / 180, burly, strong; he's known as 'Buck' because he is quite a big one when he's shifted
Hair: black, wooly, kept pretty short
Eyes: black, the deepest brown you could find and only visibly brown in bright light, quite expressive
Appearance: as a human, medium to dark brown skin with light body hair; usually smiling, and he can't gamble for shit because his face often gives away his mood

Personality: He's not just big and strong, Wade is certainly above average in the wits department, and uses his ability to solve physical puzzles to his advantage. He finds ways around things mentally as well but he is no great philosopher and prefers not to jump through mental hoops. He and Dave get along well.

Skills: (On Paniya - Wade is an expert hunter. His knowledge of animals and their habitat is unequalled among the group. His ability to camoflage himself and sneak up on prey can only be described as predatory, and he has the skins of several large beasts to prove that his ability doesn’t end with just being able to find prey! He has the rudiments of a tanning skill as well.) On other worlds, Wade has been waiting for something to change, anything that might help him figure out just who he is meant to be and where he's supposed to do it.

Triptych Character

Wade Harton


Prime One

Anhinga, fishing bird
Swim, Endurance, Flight

Prime Two

Bengal Tiger
Attack and Stealth

Prime Three

Black Elk
Speed, Courage


70% shift speed, can shift while flying
overall Triptych shape offers a massive size and substantial offensive and defensive traits

If I went to the bar last night, I'd remember, right? Besides, they usually kick me out at around 1 AM, and I didn't wake up in the park.

My name is Wade Harton, and I'm an alcholic. Seventeen years old and I've been drinking since I was twelve, since before I've been able to shift.

If I didn't know better, I might think the guys send me into a fight first on purpose. I remember playing some stupid dungeoncrawl game and we always sent the big fighter in first. It was a joke then. It's no joke now.

Not that I'm afraid to go anywhere first. Or start the fight, or finish it. I know there's always somebody backing me up, I'm pretty sure noone hates me that much.

Wha'ts to hate? My winning smile? My dashing good looks and fine ebony-mag-cover skin? Certainly not my Trip, it's about the best thing I've got going right now. There's a reason they call me Buck, buck, because you don't mess with the big ones. I guess it'd be pushing it if I was to suggest calling me ‘Top Buck', huh? Or the tiger. Or the cool diving bird. Really like being this way. I think I'm the only one.

David and I go way back, I mean not as far as Rita and Ramon go back, but I guess we've got about the same amount of history as they do. When he disappeared I went looking for him, and sure enough it was back to the labs to get his bro and -- heavy sigh -- Tracy. I was there at the gate when they needed me, and I guess we've been there for each other ever since. That's cool by me.

Diva I can't stand. She ought to have her head checked, or at least her fingers tied up or something. Girl is dangerous. Can't take her anywhere without getting into trouble.

And ever since Angela finally started using her Trip she's got mostly over that self-image problem of hers. Me, maybe I wish I had that ability but the drink takes me in every time. Wish I could go to more meetings, but David insists that I keep to myself more, like he insists the others stay close too. I know why, everyone does, but still.

One thing I really like is being able to fly with the rest -- we must look pretty bizarre from the ground -- all these wildly different birds swooping around and diving and stuff. We wind up flying into the forest and playing tag or like that, until the Phoenix bros start frying things with their wierd flame eyes. Those guys give me the creeps.

Listen to me. For all I know this could all be a really fine drunk vision. But I wake up in the morning and my hands make hooves when I think about it. Sometimes I wake up scared.

Sometimes I'm afraid I won't wake up at all.

I wish I had a chance to go to college, my dad always wanted that. If he knew how I wound up he'd probably shit a brick. Remembering my dad gives me some hope, I remember he hit the bottle pretty hard a lot too. Never hit me, though. Or mom. Broke his hand against the wall a couple times, nearly crashed the car into the house once. When I started changing I split.

I knew he couldn't take this. It'd probably drive him over the edge.

Speaking of the edge, there's a good club near here called the Edge, me and some of the others go there when Davie's not watching. Maybe he'd go too if we invited him. Or maybe if Rita did. It's about time David found someone like that.

Maybe Tracy will be that for me. Maybe she just wants me for my body. Big-ass surprize there, Buck.

One time, Andrew mentioned these guys he calls Persuers. I've seen them, I didn't tell him that, maybe I should. Kid needs a break. His brothers are both pretty hard on him, but then again he is pretty strange otherwise.



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