Raa'bina Vahh

raa bii nah - gets the warriors to the peak of perfection


Sehatan / Penjagan (born into Penjagan and adds Sehatan training around age 24)

Gender/Age/Lifespan Female / call her 30, go ahead, it's false but it's what she says / immortal
Born Year / LAZ 10641 / Tana/Difar/Ablan
Breeding Natural B6i - not natural parents to say the least, but no engineered assistance, and they both rank as 6th Degree bred on the genetic charts even if they're not technically designed (actually dad is, but-)
^Icarus treated
Fertility Normal + strongly fertile with human-style genes present in her line
Parents / Family

Mother Baeris Kshau - yes, that Baeris Kshau even if she existed on Zekira already she came TO the place, definitely the same one who runs the Healing Den

Father Raa'nach Vahh - cloned from Kallah Vahh, not his 'son' by any stretch (note that this complicates titles as they still don't have words for 'cloned but not similar')

Zekiran Half-Brother (-uncle? -cousin?)(mother shared) Gryphon Vahh; (father shared) Tsah'nach-mah, Xkah'shuu Vahh, Maalach, Maa'raas (+others?)
Non-Zekiran siblings on mother's side include (With S'tel) Sebra, Rael, Lars, Bali, Tessrabia; (With Kalkin/Vanya) Kaeleb, Baelin, Kali, (+others); (With Bart Wheeler) Rowena, Bentley, Renee (+others)

She is part of a very large family indeed, though because her mother is certainly a multidimensional person, Raa'bina has relatives cast far and wide

Bred To / Offspring 10683 - with Myrth / son Nyr'raa Vahh (Myrth was born the same year as Raa'bina, they would have known each other amonog the Vahh clan because Myrth is very closely tied to it as well)
Int - 92
App - 87
Edu - 89^
Cha - 88
Str - 100
Soc - 74
Hea - 75
Agg - 100
Agi - 100 / 110m
San - 55
Rea - 100
Cou - 89
Sensory Mods
Psionic Senses 200
Movement Mods
Priority 300^
Body Type

Land - 1235

Estates often also include huge amounts
of land as well as
outbuildings and servant quarters

See also map below

Land/Area/Zone Amount, Use
T/D/Ablan 8/Estate - wood + glass, lovely trees
56/Clinic - herbal and plant production, emergency service
T/D/J'ren 2/Home - you try sleeping above a club
43/Clinic - quite busy, thanks to...
111/Vent Nightclub - dad's place is so fun and loud
T/I/Buuiya Island 1/Dorm - you try sleeping on an explosives range
22/Clinic - because it's an explosive testing island
C/A/Lantu 45/Estate - mainly budak housing, thick stone
45/Clinic - mines are difficult and dangerous
362/Mine - and very, very profitable
C/A/Watek 81/Estate - wilderness, birds, maybe dragons...
289/Resort - casino, racing, the works
K/L/Ski'nahket 8/Home - not in the main Mesa facility
60/Lab - not even a healing clinic, it's portals!
Z/S/Nofa 61/Estate - dad's neighborhood covered in snow
41/Clinic - dad's neighborhood with frostbite
Bayaran 12 - working mainly in clinics for paperwork and non-skilled or non-powered labor
Budak 82 - around half of these work in the Lantu mines, these are often stone-, crystal-, and metal-tuned to get the most out of the refinery; the rest spread out among estates and clinics for upkeep, personal services, cooking, valet, etc, those working in homes are rarely powered
Savings 344kc - overhead for so many Holds requires quite a lot of money, as well as paid staff wages; if most of her Kaumburuh or Tuantana were unpaid it'd be three times that filling her bank account
Profession / kc per year

Specializing in mining tuned Budak as a Penjagan / 18kc/year / 16 years

Emrgency Surgery as Sehatan / 40kc/year / 10 years

Genetic Purity
Power Rank

23* / PR 2

*Icarus treatments, as well as having a father that was created with it in mind, mean a considerably lower GP (33 down to 23), also adds to movement speed and downloads for most Sehatan and Healing skills, freeing up practical experience for other skills


Invasive Psionics - human telepathy, mental stun, pause person, insert-and-delete memory; this is an entire suite of powers that often come together as a Vahh descendant; she is significantly better with memory deletion and mind stun than most


Genrehop - self-only to specific locations (Healing Den, Xen, Zekira/WoZ)
Sense and Control Ravens and Flitters

Special Strong Human Senses - empathy, dreams, personal history; these operate at significantly better levels, affecting even PR 1 and 0 individuals, and work at greater distance with more detailed results than any Major or Minor versions would
Physical Mutations / Social Disadvantages

Minor - Carries Human hair genes and fertility, this allows her to be able to easily breed with most folks

Major - Icarus treatments, affect GP/PR, Movement Priority (starts acting long before others), and skill downloads governing healing techniques; note that this processing also may affect physical traits, her Manual Dexterity is more precise than overall Agility; this feature also breeds true and may cause future generations to be considerably more powerful

Special - Strong Regeneration - heals from 48 points of damage (enough to kill most people outright) within an hour of rest, and anything under 8 points can literally be seen fixing itself
Damage Resistance - 24 points of any damage including elemental or weapons, though cannot change the effects of poisons or inhaled gasses she takes virtually no damage from them


Regeneration is strong enough that she has trouble enjoying the fun pain of a bar brawl, but also enough that she was warned not to attempt to give natural birth, since her body would interfere with it enough to kill the child

Genrehopping to other locations, even if she has been taken to them by grandpa Vahh, may cause her to fall into a brief but deep healing coma, where she must recover her energy before doing anything else

Skills (5 = normal/adequate, 15 = typical professional, 30 = truly stellar professional level of medicine)
Basics Literacy 5
Math 5
Personal 6
Land/Area 5
Status Command 10
Office Work 5
Style 10
Events Organization 15
Law /Hard Stock 10
Law / Land 5
Law / Health 15
Politics /Avoid 10
Professional / Sehatan

*note that most of these skills were downloaded from mind scans and implanted, reinforced over time and practice, and do not count against her EDU score for math purposes

Advanced Anatomy /Humanoid 25
Advanced Biology /Humanoid 15
Condition Recognition /Injury 20
Condition Recognition /Disease 5
Condition Recognition /Poison 15
Condition Recognition /Parasite 10
Triage /Group 5
Triage /Single Person 10
Triage /Barfight 10
Tool Use /Surgical 15
Tool Use /Herbs 10
Tool Use /Improvised 10
Bedside Manner /Combatant 10
Bedside Manner /Confused 5
Patient Transportation /10

Personal Skills Flitters and Ravens /Training 10
Flitters and Ravens /Care 5
Combat /Hand to Hand 10
Combat /Quick and Dirty 15
Combat /Improvised Weaponry 10
Barter 5
Dancing /Dirty 10
Ride /Flighted 10
Ride /Ground 5
Navigate /Aerial 5
Power Use Telepathy, Empathy, Dreaming /Range 10
Pause Person /Range 10 /Duration 5 /Force 5
Control Flitters /Range 15
Genrehop /Recovery 5
Mental Stun /Range 5 /Accuracy 5 /Force 10
Memory, History /Accuracy 5 /Force 15
Dragon none yet
Bonded at  

Truly showing off that her mother is still a Sanger even with a Kshau name - Raa'bina loves both hurting people AND stitching them back together!

Tall, strong, though looks much leaner and is considerably lighter-weight thanks to the Icarus treatment strengthening her bones and joints. People underestimate her in a fight, and she absolutely will ruin your day if she has to punch your face. Will punch your face for the lulz. Has long, straight, very dark brown hair, with a streak of graphite black next to her widows peak. Eyes are brightly green in tone, unlike most Sanger types, much greener than even her father's, but with the intensity of Baeris's color. She can easily pass as Human, but she most definitely is not. She's not even Zekiran, honestly, but who's counting? Her voice is husky like her mother's, and she enjoys casual fashion more than big annoying dresses or stunt-hair.

That Aggression comes in the form of a non-stop energy and in-your-face action. You won't know whether she's approaching you to ask where you got that bruise and did you need it patched up, or to create a bruise that she'll wind up patching up. Even her close friends handle her at arms length because she's rather volatile. However she won't (permanently) hurt her friends or allies, and if she pledges that she'll protect something or someone, she absolutely will do that to the hilt.

She takes strongly after her mother Baeris in many ways including her love of science and medicine. However, she prefers Zekira to the Healing Den, saying she enjoys the open skies and doesn't get weirdly dizzy like when the Den moves around. Thus if she finds a dragon she will put effort into keeping it on Zekira likely at the Watek resort area and no you cannot touch it and no you cannot ride it, but you might get eaten - yes she'll lie about that to keep people from getting grabby, even with her birds and small pet creatures. Her ravens are straight from Vahh himself, anyone gifted with either the ability to command them or the inclination to enjoy their company 'gets a flock' - these birds are intensly intelligent and have a communal hive-mind, and are very likely not even from Zekira, like Vahh himself. She collects flitter eggs on her trips back to the Healing Den, and likes hatching them to train up and pester unwanted visitors to her Holds. The ravens actually keep tabs on which of them have then bred on their own, and alert her when they're going to hatch so she can collect subsequent generations.

As a Penjagan she has a lot of land holds, and because of that she also has a lot of Budak. Unlike Atasan who pay off Bayaran debts, Penjagan take slave ownership seriously, and though she has a smattering of indentured Bayaran, her focus is on Budak. She doesn't do a lot of buying and selling of her servants, preferring to keep them on hand in one form or another in a variety of locales. If they become too infirm or unable to work the mine in Lantu, she'll happily have them retrained for other duties more suitable. In this fashion, she's well-liked by most of her Budak, even those who have never known anything other than a life of mining toil. She's gracious and helpful to them, which is more than a lot in her Status can say.

Spends the least amount of time at Buuiya Island, but does some of the most intense healing there thanks to it being literally the "island of hard fire". Her little dorm is situated right next to the medical facilities, though she is not the only one working there. Her brothers Maa'raas and Maa'lach have much bigger investments here, for explosives and weapons testing. Why do they need to be testing weapons - when ballistic weaponry is all but unheard of on Zekira? Ask Alabaster, they're the only competition and they aren't talking either.

The isolated and very far north Stetil zone of Nofa is where Raa'nach has his extremely pretty wood and glass homestead, set among the snow and frozen-over Nofa Bay properties. Raa'bina does enjoy this area for some inexplicable reason and Holds quite a lovely expansive 'estate' - it's a full neighborhood really, not as overtly 'one person owns this' as Raa'nach's but still it's very comfy. Outside those homes and planned streets, however, the place is still hellishly cold at least half the year, and her clinic there treats mainly frostbite and similar issues. When the bay is not frozen over, they tend to treat fishing and drowning accidents.

Ablan is her traditional 'family home' with a very nice structure overlooking the shared cherry orchard and vinyards in the distance. She keeps track of many plants here, legally most of them are covered as health care, some of them can be used (misused?) as poisons, and others she's classified as 'research for antitoxins' but they're definitely poisons. Notably, she tastes everything in this greenhouse, and though she does get sick, she doesn't and cannot die from them. She'll test those effects out to make sure of potency or specific effects. It's SCIENCE.

About as far from the idyllic cherry orchards on Tana as you can get, the harsh scrub and dune deserts around Ski'nahket in Kiran/Le'ret keep her occupied with training small animals and birds thanks to Grampa Vahh. Her homestead isn't situated very close to the mesa facility itself, she likes to look at it from afar, and has a small pond 'oasis' with a cabin or two that are set up for emergencies hooked up beside crazy auntie Muu'nach's escape tunnel system. (Yes, there is a system of tunnels running under the surface from several labs at the mesa, leading to this nice hilly and lightly wooded area, Muu'nach sensibly had them built when they started using her explosives.) The lab that Raa'bina has equipment and office space in is part of the extensive offworld portal testing sector, and though she does have a bit of emergency health care supplies there, she doesn't specifically sit around waiting for someone to come back through a portal with injuries - there are a dozen more qualified people within spitting distance. She's more interested in the portals themselves, though she doesn't have any particular training or engineering knowledge of them. Raa'bina however does help make sure that people going through them from Zekira to 'wherever' are healthy and fit, lacking any parasites, or otherwise not going to have weird reactions with whatever they encounter.

The Lantu mines are considered among the most valuable for their metal ores and strong crystal formations. She doesn't Hold any of the refinery or sales structures, that's not her problem. Keeping the people who work those mines healthy - that's her business and she does it well. While some less sensible or scrupulous Pemilik or Penjagan (both slave owner status, one much richer than the other) will simply throw 'more' Budak at mines or fields and cycle through them quickly as they either die or are too injured to work, Raa'bina tends to their injuries personally and carefully. Never - EVER - let it be said that she's anything but compassionate about her Budak. She wants them to have rewarding lives, and refuses to push them the way others might. They work the same shifts as paid Kaumburuh, and honestly: have better accommodations when they get off shift. Because she is heavily empathic she knows when someone is distressed, and her Budak know that they can come to her with problems even if they're not 'a broken hand'. She will physically defend her servants from harm, knowing that she can tolerate a tremendous amount of potential damage, while they generally speaking cannot. The Lantu estate is built in a severe stone and steel style, if 'style' is the right word, it does greatly resemble the northern European 'brutalist' architecture on Earth. However ugly it might look on the outside, the place is huge and self sufficient, and the dorms for Budak could easily be rented out to tourists (though she doesn't do that, because ugh, paperwork).

Spends an unduly large amount of time in Raa'nach's nightclub The Vent - and has visited several versions of it on and off world. She might even pick a few fights just to get her business rolling, after all she is a specialist in emergency triage and runs several emergency clinics around the world. Probably enjoys The Vent at least as much as her father, and eagerly participates in investing to keep it running. That club is definitely one of the most popular in J'ren, and J'ren is known for its night life. It's also among the physically largest, and has been spotted on Twoarth in Crescent (near Carramba), Paragon City, and both Repurposed and Rookery Earths (and he's probably going to try expanding that to Vault Earth as well, she cannot wait!). Raa'bina's portion of the club does have medical equipment in it, they've had their share of brawls. It's one of the few places that people know they can let loose and simply pay to be healed up by the local Sehatan - instead of worrying about who's going to fund their hospital stay, and it's implicit when she walks the floor that someone is going to get into a fight and yes it's her, and no she doesn't need to worry about medical bills.

The Watek resort system is Grandpa Vahh's, built around a large well-stocked lake and mountains fit for hunting local wildlife, with dozens of cabins, inns, camp sites, casinos and betting parlours, plus a very big single resort complex. It also houses aviaries, breeding facilities, isolation wards for problem projects, and cozy private mansions like the one Raa'bina lives in. Her portion of the hillside has several large caverns containing bat-like creatures, natural crystal formations, and a water system that lets out into the lake proper several miles away. Some of the caverns are very, very well suited to dragon-sized inhabitants. Her shares in the resort include Steed racing and gambling halls, as well as a sword-dueling arena which she attends for fixing up the participants when they get a little too enthusiastic. This area can be rented out for 'formal duels' - as in, formal to the death of one of the participants - and she hires the more experienced lawyers of the Vahh clan to make sure that the paperwork is in order before even one person puts their hand on a sword. One of the Steed areas is fit for ground racing, not just flighted courses over the beautiful trees and lake, and jousting is becoming a fashionable trend there too.

** History and events **

At the age of 3 she was put into the Icarus facility in Curra/Mi'a/Zifan's Enrichment Center. This process boosted her genetically inherited features considerably. Thus, she grew up with keener psionic senses than many at her age. Her first powers to blossom were her empathy and dream-sensing, and she had to be trained to filter these things out of her waking reality. It was clear from an early age that she would be well suited to healing and health care, though there were a few years when folks at the EC wanted to keep her around for physical resistance testing.

Her mother's ability to move between dimensions - both with and without a dragon to help her - is bolstered tremendously by the Vahh side, so when she was around 12 she accidentally 'genrehopped' to the Healing Den. That was where and when she found her first flitter eggs, and smuggled them back with her even though Grandpa Vahh was not exactly on board with bringing more invasive wildlife to the planet. It was incidentally why he decided to throw some ravens at her, to keep their eye on those little lizards, and make sure that they don't spread across the planet.

She passed her Penjagan Status testing at the age of 15, given investment Budak that she assessed herself to prove that she could. She took to this easily and almost instantly doubled then tripled her value at dad's Lantu mines. She was also very interested in helping them out, because during a tour something fell and she managed to rescue two Budak thanks to her own regenerative properties. Their scrapes and bruises could have been much worse.

Over time, she was given skill downloads - not just during the Icarus processing, when the core of those skills were implanted in her growing brain. Those allowed her to enter the Sehatan classes and almost instantly pass them. Her reflexes and strength aid her in prompt treatment and life-saving tactics. She had more than enough money to invest in equipment and clinic space, and attracted others to tend emergency rooms. She'd been watching her mother work for years, and was able to emulate the motions, finally allowed to legally work on proper subjects.

Though she's not as good at it as Grandpa Vahh, she can 'pause' someone, it's actually not a mental power or a stun, it's literally putting someone in a temporal bubble. The world seems to grind to a halt for this person, though time passes normally for others and this person will appear just dazed. While she's holding them, it's easier for her to touch them and get their history and emotional state, as well as detect any untoward memories that need... tweaking. It's this ability that gets used more often than she'd like to admit, during those big brawls when some uppity Pemilik decides he doesn't want to pay for his broken nose, or doesn't want to pay for someone else's that he broke. Of course he did, of course he will - why would he ever have thought otherwise? Let's put that on his bar tab, and let's get that tab paid tonight, shall we? Of course.

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